1 Each Game will consist of 2-20 minute halves

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The East Butler Foundation would like to invite its Alumni to participate in a fundraiser men’s basketball tournament. The tournament has been set up to welcome back past East Butler graduates to enjoy competitive basketball with former classmates while raising money for various beneficial needs. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the East Butler Foundation.

The tournament will be played April 8th -10th, 2011. The double elimination tournament will consist of teams of graduating students. The goal is to group classes together that may have played with each other in the past. The tournament will be arranged so competition will be between similar graduation dates. For example 2009 has enough players to be their own team whereas it may take the classes of 2008 to 2006 to make a team and so on. The tournament bracket would be arranged to make competition equal among age groups. The class of 2009 would play the class of 2008-2006 and so on down the list.
Normal basketball rules will apply with exceptions listed below. You are encouraged to reserve a spot by contacting Matt Buresh by email @ MLBURESH@CABLEONE.NET or by phone @ 402-369-1601. Please have all your team player’s names and graduation dates available. The goal is to ensure each team has enough players. It will require flexibility by all as we may have to juggle team alignments to ensure all can participate. If you wish to participate but do not have a team to play on be sure to call anyway we’ll find you a team to play on.




1) Each Game will consist of 2-20 minute halves

(Running clock unless shooting free throws or on dead balls inside of 5 minutes)
2) Each team will receive 3 timeouts per half.
3) Substitutions on dead balls only.
4) Overtime will consist of one 3 minute period. This will continue until a winner is determined.
5) Any player receiving a technical foul will be forced to sit out the rest of the game. 2 technical fouls will result in the player’s ejection from the remainder of the tournament.
6) No drugs or alcohol will be permitted
Side Notes:

  • Registration fee will be $25 per player. This fee must be paid before the tournament begins. All participants must pay, register, and sign a waiver before playing in any games.

  • Officials- Once you are done playing your game, your team must supply two players, one to officiate, and one to keep scoreboard or scorebook for the next game.

  • This tournament is set up to be fun, and competitive, and as a fundraiser for the East Butler Foundation. Players should act respectful to each other and to the refs and keep this event positive.

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