Zero Conditional Structure

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Zero Conditional Structure

Use the simple present to form both parts of your sentences. Here’s the structure:



Simple Present,


Simple Present,modals


  • If you exercise, you feel better.

  • You feel better if you exercise

Both parts use a simple present structure. It would be the same with the third person:

  • When she exercises, she feels better.

  • She feels better when she exercises

Notice you can also use “when” at the beginning. Here are some more examples.

More Example Sentences:

  • If you heat ice, it melts.

  • Ice melts if you heat it.

  • If I go to bed late, I wake up late.

  • You pay higher income taxes when you earn more money.

  • When Dave works in the morning, he goes to bed early.


Negatives use do not, does not, am not, is not, or are not, just like the simple present.

  • If you do not exercise, you gain weight.

  • You need a pen when you take the test.

  • If I don’t study, I don’t do well on tests.

  • If you are not on time, you lose one mark.


Form questions just like you do in the simple present, by reversing the order.

  • Does ice melt if you heat it?

  • When do you wake up if you have to work?

  • If you have to work, when do you wake up?

Zero Conditional Uses

You normally see four main uses for the zero conditional. Here they are:

  1. Rules

  • If you take your cell phone into class, it must be turned off.

  • If you drink alcohol, don’t drive.

  • Do not use a calculator when you write the test.

  1. Scientific Facts and General Truths

  • If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils.

  • If you drop something, it falls.

  • When you combine oil and water, they do not mix.

  1. Cause and Effect

  • If you push the button, the volume increases.

  • If you close the door, it locks automatically.

  • The computer turns off when you disconnect the battery.

  1. Routine

  • I wear my boots when I work.

  • She uses glasses when she drives.

  • When I cook, I use olive oil.

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