Your Student Grant application via Student Universal Support Ireland (susi) What is susi?

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Your Student Grant application via Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

What is SUSI?

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the single awarding authority for all student grant applications since the 2012/13 academic year.

If you are a new student or changing course in September 2013, you should apply to SUSI through

Who should apply to SUSI?

The following students should submit an online application to SUSI:

  • a student who completed the Leaving Certificate in 2013;

  • a student who never previously pursued a Post Leaving Certificate course (PLC), an approved undergraduate course or an approved postgraduate course;

  • a student who completed an approved course in 2012-13, or a previous academic year, and hopes to pursue a further course in 2013-14, including those pursuing an “add-on” course in 2013-14;

  • a student who attended but did not complete a course in 2012-13, or a previous academic year, and hopes to pursue an approved course in 2013-14.

How do you apply?

It is an online application, and you can make your application via, with a closing deadline of August 1st 2013.

An online tutorial regarding completing your online SUSI application can be viewed at

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed under a number of criteria:

  • What type of student you are – dependent / independent mature or non mature student

  • Your residency status

  • Your Nationality and related status

  • Your reckonable income, based on your situation in relation to the above criteria

What is the SUSI application and assessment procedure?

  • Register to make an application on

  • Submit your online application once you have completed the relevant sections

  • Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt of application

  • Your application will be initially assessed by SUSI

  • A personalised SUSI document pack will be sent to you requesting relevant supporting documents

  • You return the declaration form and copies of the requested documents at the same time to SUSI

  • These documents will be assessed and if in order, SUSI will advise you if you are provisionally awarded for a student grant for the 2013-14 academic year.

What information and/or documentation will you need when making your online SUSI application?

What documentation will you need when making your SUSI application?

Tips from the Budgetary Advisor

  • Take your time making your online SUSI application – ensure that all information provided is factually correct and that you can verify with relevant documentation, if requested

  • Complete with your parents/guardians, if you are unsure of details

  • Source relevant documentation early

  • Ensure you keep copies of all documentation you send to SUSI

  • Contact SUSI if you have any queries

All information on completing your SUSI application can be viewed at: or or check out SUSI on Facebook

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