You will need: Seasonal changes Y1 Science Strand

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You will need: Seasonal changes Y1 Science Strand
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You will need to collect…

We will provide…


Topic books about the Sun. Access to internet

(optional) The Gift of the Sun: A Tale from South Africa by Dianne Stewart & Jude Daly, ISBN: 9781845077877

In Space: Sun by Chris Oxlade, ISBN: 9780750268356

The Sun by Martha E. H. Rustad, ISBN: 9781429628372

What is the Sun? by Wes Magee, p252 The Works KS1, ISBN: 9780330439473

Concept map

Facts about the Sun



Sunny days at different times of the year! Paints, crayons, card, collage materials. Access to internet

Hat design template


A clear sunny day! Large sheet of paper, lump of Plasticine™, pencil, chalk. Bright light in classroom. Access to internet

My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson, p9 The Works 7, ISBN: 9780330444248, Shadow Collector by Peter Dixon, p269 Read Me First , ISBN: 9780330413435, Sun and Shadow by Aileen Fisher, p261 Read Me First, ISBN: 9780330413435

Shadow poems

Word bank

Hand shadow ideas


Card, scissors, hole punch, tracing paper, coloured acetate sheets, glue, masking tape, split pins (if appropriate), bright light, screen (could be white sheet hung up). Black sugar paper/white paper cut out in shape of large postage stamps

Pictures of silhouettes and signs

Shadow puppet instructions


Digital camera. Access to internet

Seasons by Christina Rossetti, p83 The Works 3, ISBN: 9780330415781

A Picture of the Year: A First Look at Seasons by Paul Harrison & Claire Llewellyn, ISBN: 9780750258449

I Know That! Seasons by Claire Llewellyn, ISBN: 9780749688998

Skip Through the Seasons by Stella Blackstone & Maria Carluccio, ISBN: 9781905236701

Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator & Alison Jay, ISBN: 9781846862014

List of seasons

List of months

Birthday tally chart

Blank birthday pictogram


Trees in four seasons

Four seasons circle


Materials to make weather station (see website). Access to internet

The Months of the Year by Sara Coleridge, p97 The Works 7, ISBN: 9780330444248

The Months by Christina Rossetti, p98 The Works 7, ISBN: 9780330444248

Seasons by Anon, p127 Read Me 2, ISBN: 9780330391320


Blank map of UK

Weather symbols

Weather chart

Beaufort scale


Globe, torch, a sticker, two different coloured felt tip pens. Observations from previous sessions. Crayons, felt tip pens, paints, brushes and/or fabric pieces, scissors. Access to internet

Me in Summer, Winter

Me in Spring, Autumn

Weather maps


World map, globe. Access to internet

Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field, p292 Read Me 2, ISBN: 9780330391320

The Swallow by Christina Rossetti, p287 Read Me First, ISBN: 9780330413435

Pictures of North Pole, South Pole, Sahara Desert & Rainforest

Swallow Animated Tale

Animals & words from Swallow

Map of Swallow’s Journey



Books of Sun myths. Access to internet,29569,2046823,00.html

Sun myths

Myths about journey of Sun

Sentence to complete

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