Work Clubs in the Plymouth Area

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Acacia Training


** Open to everyone

Acacia Training, 10, Sawrey Street, Millbay,Plymouth. PL1 3LA

Sessions every Tuesday 9.30am -11.30 (must arrive for 9.30am)

Telephone: 01752 505018 or 670811

Access for All Workclub


** Open to everyone

Open Doors and Colebrook Housing, Onward House, 55 Greenbank Road, Plymouth

Session every Friday from 1pm to 4pm

Telephone 01752 205210

Barne Barton Workclub

Barne Barton

** Open to everyone living in Barne Barton, St Budeaux

Tamar View Community Resource Centre

Miers Close St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 1DJ

Sessions every Tuesday from 9-11.30am

Telephone 01752 365904

Crownhill Library


** Open to everyone

Cross Park Road, Crownhill PL5 1DJ 5AN

Sessions every fortnight starting 4 April on a Thursday from 10am -1pm

Telephone Sue Mills 01752 306248

Eat That Frog


** Open to everyone

The Foyer, 12-14 Octagon Street, Plymouth. PL1 1TU

Sessions every Mon 10 - 3pm

Telephone: 01752 261514

EET Youth Work Club at Efford library


** Open to 13- 24 year olds

19 Torridge Way, Plymouth. PL3 6JQ

Sessions every Thursday during term time starting 2 May from 3.30-5pm

Telephone: Jenna LeGassick 01752 261514

Hamoaze House


** For anyone affected by substance misuse and engaged with their GP or treatment provider**

Mount Wise, Devonport, Plymouth PL1 4JQ

Session every Wednesday 1.00 – 2.00pm

Please contact anyone in the Adult Treatment Team on 01752 566100 (Mel or Barry).

Ivybridge Work Club


** Open to everyone

IT Suite, Ivybridge Library, The Watermark, Erme Court, Ivybridge

Session every Friday from 10am – 12noon

Telephone: 01752 893140

Mind - Back to Work


** Open to anyone effected by mental ill health

8 Woodside, Greenbank, PL4 8QE

Series of workshops over 8 weeks. sessions are every Monday from 11am -2pm

Telephone Mark Gilbert on 01752 512280 .

North Prospect Community Learning


** Open to everyone

North Prospect Community Centre, Foliot Road, North Prospect, Plymouth PL2 2JS Session every Wednesday from 1- 3pm

Telephone: Chris Healey 01752 551862

Oasis Project


** Open to everyone

Crown Centre, 28 Manor Street, Stonehouse Plymouth PL1 1TW

Sessions every Friday from 1 pm - 4pm

Telephone: 01752 254981

PACE – City College


** Open to everyone

Pace Centre, 15-17 Union Street, Plymouth

Session every Wednesday 9 - 1 pm

Telephone Mike Jones 01752 305831

Plymouth 50+


** Open to anyone 50+

Age UK Plymouth

The William Venton Centre, 8 Memory Lane (Far end of the Broadway car park) Plymstock, PL9 9GH

Sessions every Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00 Telephone Nigel Backhouse 01752 256020

Stoke Damerel


** Open to everyone

Stoke Damerel Community College, Paradise Road, Stoke, Plymouth. PLI 5QL

Session every Wednesday 9 – 11.30

Telephone Arlene McLaughlin 01752 284108

St Aubyn’s Work Club

Devonport Library

** Open to everyone

Chapel Street, Devonport. PL1 4DP

Session every Wednesday 9 - 1 pm

Telephone Kate Konrad 01752 306535

Whitleigh Work Club


** Open to everyone

Pace Centre, 15-17 Union Street, Plymouth

Session every Tuesday 9 – 11.30am

Telephone Martyn Coles 01752 767534

Tavistock Work Club


** Open to everyone,

Meeting Room, Tavistock Library, The Quay, Plymouth Road, Tavistock. PL19 8AB

Session every Tuesday 2 – 4pm

Telephone: 01822 612218

Tomorrow’s People –Workroute


**Open To Everyone

Jan Cutting Healthy Living Centre, Scott Business Park, Beacon Park, Plymouth.PL2 2PQ. Booked 1-2-1 sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Telephone 01752 313069



** Open to any 25+ Job Ready professional, executive or ex-graduate

Virtual Work club to help with CV marketing to employers, CV publishing in the hidden workplace, Executive Coaching, Interview preparation. Career Assessment

JCP Adviser to call WorkLife whilst customer is with them 0800 954 0246

50+ Workclub

Old Tree Court Jobzone

** Open to anyone 50+

Old Tree Court Jobzone

Sessions every Thursday 9am -10.20am

Ask your advisor for details and referral

Created 4 April 2013

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