Invitation To: East Prospect Community From: Zion United Methodist Church – East Prospect Re: Memorial Day Celebration – sunday, may 24, 2015

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To: East Prospect Community

From: Zion United Methodist Church – East Prospect

Re: Memorial Day Celebration – SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015

East Prospect is planning its annual Memorial Day Parade and Community Social. The parade will begin at 6 p.m. Following the parade there will be a Military/Veterans Ceremony at Riverside Cemetery located on North Main Street in East Prospect Borough. Following the CEREMONY there will be a Community Social. The location of the Community Social will be in the parking lot of Zion United Methodist Church on the square in East Prospect.

The Community Social is an effort to get our community to gather and socialize, pay tribute to our military personnel and veterans, as well as spotlight various organizations located in the area. Several organizations have already signed up – Susquehanna Bank (kids game), Lions Club (ice cream). All organizations are welcome to provide information about their organization. This is a FREE event, so we do not charge for anything provided. This year the Parade Committee will be providing a group called The Manhattan Dolls ( for a show/concert during the social.
If you are a veteran, we would love to see you participate in the parade… we can find a vehicle for you to ride through the parade.
We are still in the planning stages and would like to invite area churches and organizations to become involved. There are numerous ways to become involved, such as:
Providing food items (i.e. sponsor a water station, cotton candy, fruit, desserts)

Provide novelty items as game prizes

Provide and/or staff a game or activity

Help to set up chairs/tables or tear down/put away

Help to set up flags/decorations along parade route

Assist in parking or giving directions

Help to serve food

Monetary donations towards the parade and/or social activities

Provide a float or marching unit for the parade

OR any other ideas you may have ….

If your organization would be interested as a group in helping or if you know of any individuals that are interested in assisting, or if you need more information, please contact Lindy Holzer at 252-2986 or

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