William C. Weber

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William C. Weber

3824 Huntington Avenue

St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Thirty-five years’ experience in land use and transportation planning, zoning, comprehensive and strategic planning, commercial and industrial revitalization, neighborhood revitalization, park systems and environmental analysis. Coordinated and led teams of city planners, landscape architects, transportation planners, engineers and economic development professionals. Helped resolve problems and build consensus in controversial situations.

  • Land use and urban design, including transit-supportive development

  • Redevelopment and small area plans

  • Comprehensive planning

  • Development Regulations

  • Public presentations

  • Consensus building

  • Project management


Comprehensive City Plans

Prepared more than two dozen comprehensive plans for cities up to 200,000 population in eight states. Created an innovative, effective and award-winning method for public involvement and decision-making that combines strategic and comprehensive planning; and led community leaders to consensus in complex and controversial situations.

Client include Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Shakopee, Hopkins, Savage, Maplewood, St. Anthony (1979 and 1987), Brooklyn Center, Hutchinson, New Ulm, Oakdale, Milaca, Hastings, Vadnais Heights, Waconia, Wyoming and Breezy Point, Minnesota; Green Bay, La Crosse, Eau Claire (1992, 2005 and 2015) and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; Springfield, Missouri; Ankeny and Clive, Iowa; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Roswell, New Mexico; Thornton, Colorado; Green River and Rock Springs, Wyoming; and North Chicago, Illinois.

Created district plans for the final growth area of Brooklyn Park (4,000 acres) and southeastern Springfield, Missouri (six square miles). Prepared fringe growth management plans in the five townships adjacent to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Transportation-Related Land Use and Urban Design

Prepared station neighborhood plans and design guidelines for the:

  • Raleigh-Durham regional rail system

  • Chapel Hill to Durham LRT system

  • Cincinnati LRT system

  • Southeast Wisconsin LRT system

  • Twin Cities’ Northstar commuter rail system.

Prepared the Land Use element of the Federal Transit Administration New Starts application for the Northstar Corridor.

Managed the Lincoln, Nebraska, Transit and Land Use Plan.

Conducted community development planning for the I-494 Reconstruction Design and EIS, the TH 169 Alignment and EIS, the Southeastern Wisconsin LRT Comprehensive Plan, the Hennepin County Comprehensive LRT System Plan and EIS, the TH 14-52 Alignment and EIS, the TH 252-610 Alignment and EIS, and 79th-80th Street in Bloomington.

Transportation System Plans

Supervised or directly prepared the transportation element of more than thirty comprehensive city plans.

County and Rural Land Use Plans

Prepared innovative and functional approaches to urban fringe growth (a major career emphasis), agricultural preservation and rural residential development.

Drafted land use plans for ten counties including Anoka, Benton, McLeod, Renville, Sherburne, Washington and Stearns Counties, Minnesota; Pierce County, Wisconsin; Sweetwater County, Wyoming; and Chaves County, New Mexico.

Prepared the initial draft of the Rural Area policies for the Metropolitan Council 2030 Regional Development Framework.

Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

Completely re-wrote the zoning ordinances for Waseca, Minnesota, and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Amended zoning ordinances for the cities of Vadnais Heights, Oakdale, Richfield, Northfield, Brooklyn Center, Hutchinson, Lilydale and Wyoming, Minnesota; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Roswell, New Mexico; and Thornton, Colorado. Prepared amendments to subdivision ordinances in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Roswell, New Mexico. Wrote an entirely new sign ordinance for Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.

Led the complete redrafting of the Sherburne County Zoning Ordinance. Rewrote portions of the zoning ordinances for McLeod and Renville Counties. Drafted a rural clustered housing ordinance in Greene County, Missouri.

Urban Design Guidelines

Crafted text and graphics for urban design guidelines for downtowns, redevelopment districts, city-wide plans and private land development. Clients include the Cities of Eau Claire, St. Paul, Arden Hills, Hastings, Brooklyn Park, Clive, Iowa, and Springfield, Missouri.

Created and cataloged a collection of 7,500 digital photos of buildings, public spaces and streetscapes with which to illustrate urban design guidelines and communicate ideas.

Downtown and District Revitalization Plans

Managed revitalization plans for downtowns in Springfield, Missouri; Champaign, Illinois; Stillwater, Northfield and Rosemount, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin; the Minneapolis Upper Mississippi River Corridor Master Plan; the Crystal Bass Lake Road Redevelopment Plan; the St. Paul Central Riverfront Plan, Arden Hills CR E, Westgate Business Park; the Eau Claire Medical and Educational District, the Eau Claire West Riverside District, the Wooddale-Valley View District of Edina, and the Highway 7, Highway 61 and Brooklyn Boulevard Corridor Plans.

Neighborhood Plans

Prepared neighborhood revitalization plans for the Loring Park, St. Anthony West, Willard Homewood, Phillips and Whittier Neighborhoods (Minneapolis), the West Riverside District (Eau Claire), and the Perdue Square Neighborhood (Pontiac, Michigan).

Led the Eau Claire community through an intensive process of research, outside speakers and decision-making that resulted in establshing a locally-capitalized neighborhood development corporation, among other initiatives.

Park Systems

Managed citywide park system plans in Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Green Bay and Superior, Wisconsin, Springfield, Missouri, and Vadnais Heights and Oakdale, Minnesota. Helped prepare plans for Lake Minnetonka Regional Park, the Upper Mississippi River parkway extension, the 1200 square mile bi-state open space and greenways network in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and the greenways network for the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Bicycle Networks and Corridors

Designed a route linking downtown Milwaukee to the Bay View Neighborhood through the Port of Milwaukee; the 5.6-mile East River Bikeway in Manhattan, New York; a greenways system plan for the St. Louis metropolitan area; the eight-mile Mississippi River Heritage Trail through Dubuque, Iowa; and system plans for Oakdale and Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, and Eau Claire and Superior, Wisconsin.

River Corridors

Prepared the Eau Claire Waterways Plan, the Mississippi River Critical Area Plans for Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center, and played a key role in Above the Falls: The Upper Mississippi River Corridor Master Plan.

Housing & Community Development Assistance

Housing and community development assistance plans by Mr. Weber include two Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategies, a Consolidated Strategy and Plan, a CDBG Plan for Eau Claire, WI., and a Comprehensive Housing Plan for Willmar, MN.

Natural Resources

Directed ecologists in preparing the natural resource analysis and policies for several major comprehensive plans. Wrote local regulations for the protection of wetlands, floodplains, shorelands and cultural resources.

Utilities Systems

Directed the utilities chapter of comprehensive plans. Coordinated utilities staging plans with land use and roadway plans. Managed a regional sewer interceptor plan in Lino Lakes for the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission.

Environmental Documents

Managed or assisted in the preparation of environmental impact statements for I-494, TH 610-252, Minneapolis West River Parkway, TH 14-52 in Rochester, 79th-80th Street in Bloomington, the Savage Fen and Eagle Creek in Savage, Minnesota, a Hennepin County sanitary landfill search, and a 150-acre office park. Managed numerous EAWs for residential and multiple-use developments.

Land Development Process

Directed the design, environmental review and approvals process for a 150-acre multiple-use project in Brooklyn Park consisting of 1.9 million square feet of office space, 100,000 square feet of retail space and 950 housing units.

Facilitated the entitlements process for a 250-acre residential PUD in Maple Grove for Town & Country Homes, a 200-acre residential PUD in Maple Grove for D.R. Horton, a 225 acre residential PUD in Buffalo for Edina Development Corporation.

Municipal Development Administration and Application Review

Served as the consulting city planner from 1978 to 1992, and currently, for the City of Vadnais Heights and from 1980 to 1983 for the City of Oakdale. Reviewed all applications for rezoning, land subdivision and commercial or multiple-family residential site plan approval; negotiated changes with applicants; prepared and delivered recommendations to the Planning Commissions and City Councils. Drafted ordinance amendments. Prepared the comprehensive plan. Communicated with elected and appointed officials.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Development potential after taking land for a road right-of-way taking, 2011

  • Highest and best use of land taken, 2008

  • Municipal annexation, 2008

  • Highest and best use of land taken, 2007

  • Proposed detachment and annexation of land, 2006

  • Development potential after taking land for a road right-of-way, 1998

  • Municipal annexation, 1994

  • Municipal annexation, 1990

Public Participation and Communication

Helped build consensus and resolve differences about planning and growth management issues. Prepared and delivered public presentations to elected and appointed officials, members of the public and other interest groups. Led team efforts to build public consensus on difficult policy issues through group discussion, individual consultation, newsletters, focus groups and key-person interviews, nominal-group and similar brainstorming processes, Web sites, project reports, and maps or other graphics. Designed, administered, and analyzed community opinion surveys.


Weber Community Planning

Owner and Principal 2010 to present

McCombs Frank Roos Associates

Director of Community Planning 2004 to 2010

SRF Consulting Group

Director of Community Planning 2003

  • Conducted several major community planning projects.

  • Provided land use planning to for transit planning projects

URS Corporation / BRW, Inc.

Director of Community Planning 1983 to 2003

  • Managed land use and community development consulting assignments with total annual fees in excess of $750,000.

  • Managed and mentored a professional team promoting success and growth.

  • Co-developed marketing strategy that built firm recognition, image and sales.

  • Pioneered geographic and service markets, increasing staff, revenues
    and opportunities.

  • Prepared numerous sales proposals and interviews (fees to
    $1 million annually).


University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Michigan State University

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Certificate in Real Estate Development, The National Development Council

  • Coursework in Real Estate Finance, University of Minnesota Extension Service

  • Minnesota Real Estate Sales License (inactive).


  • Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association: Outstanding Project Implementation award for the Eau Claire growth management strategy and inter-governmental agreements, 2015.

  • Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association: Outstanding Planning Project award for the North Riverside District Plan, 2012.

  • Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association: Outstanding Planning Project award for the Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan, 2006.

  • Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association: Outstanding Planning Project award for the Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan, 1993.

  • Minnesota Chapter of the American Planning Association: Outstanding Planning Project award for Maple Grove Land Use Plan, 1998

  • Metropolitan Council: Commendations for Maple Grove Land Use Plan, 1998, and Minnetonka Comprehensive Plan, 1998.


  • APA Minnesota Conferences: 1987, 1992, 1997, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2011

  • APA Upper Midwest Regional Conference: 1995, 2000, 2001, 2013

  • Railvolution National Conference: 1999 and 2001

  • International Pro Bike / Pro Walk Conference: 1998

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