West River Head Start Community Grievance Procedure

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West River Head Start

Community Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of West River Head Start to provide an environment that is welcoming to children, families, and community members.

The following Grievance Procedure is provided as an avenue for the fair and expeditious processing of complaints toward the program. This procedure is not to be confused, or be in conflict, with grievance procedures pertaining to HIT employees.
Steps to be taken to settle the grievance at the lowest level possible:

  1. Within 10 working days, discuss the problem with the parties involved and offer suggestions for settling the grievance. It is suggested that the supervisor be present as a neutral third party.

  2. If the grievance isn’t settled in step 1, complete the Community Grievance Procedure Form (see attached) and submit it to the Vice President of WRHS within 20 working days. Include the following information:

    1. When - date(s) of the incident

    2. Who – identify the individual(s) and/or issue(s) involved

    3. What – describe the circumstances surrounding the grievance

    4. Why – reason(s) for the complaint

    5. Where – location of the occurrence

    6. Describe what action was taken in step one of this process to meet with the person, what suggestions were given to settle the grievance, what was the outcome, why wasn’t the outcome satisfactory?

  3. Within 10 working days of receiving the written report, the Vice President shall contact all persons involved with the grievance and set up a time to discuss the issue(s).

  4. At the time of the meeting, the information submitted in Step 2 will be reviewed. It is the intent that the issue should be resolved by this time.

  5. If the issue is unable to resolve the problem, then the issue will be brought before the Policy Council Grievance Subcommittee.

  6. The Policy Council Grievance Subcommittee shall have access to minutes that were kept during the meeting in step four and an account of what action has been taken to assist in resolving the grievance. Any individual(s) involved with the grievance may be required to attend a meeting of the Policy Council Grievance Subcommittee to express their views. The Grievance Committee will make a recommendation to Policy Council for resolution.

  7. Within 10 days of the Policy Council meeting in step 6, a written letter shall be sent to the aggrieved with the final decision and the recommendations. The final decision of the Policy Council shall be binding.

Community Grievance Procedure Form
Date of Incident: ______________________ Date of Complaint:____________
Individual/issue grievance is against: ________________________________
Grievance Information:

Describe the circumstances surrounding the grievance: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why – reason(s) for the grievance:


Where – location of the occurrence: ___________________________________
What were your suggestions for settling the grievance?


When you met with the person(s) to discuss settling the grievance, what was the outcome? What additional suggestions do you have for settling the grievance?


_______________________________ ____________________

Signature of Person Initiating Grievance Date

________________________________ ____________________

Signature of Employee from Step 1 Date

_________________________________ ____________________

Signature of Vice President Date

Revised November 2005

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