What can cause problems in prople`sb mouths ?

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13 . nutritional counselling
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Exercise 1

  1. What can cause problems in prople`sb mouths ?

Answer – Unhealthy diet , too much sugar intake , eating fast foods and do not cleaning teeth regularly can lead to problems in people`s oral cavity.

  1. What foods and snacks can dentists recommend to people ?

Answer – Firt of all they can recommend home made foods , vegetables , sugar – free drinks , yoghurt , plain nuts and cheese in order to keep oral cavity healthy.

Exercise 2

1) What is the excerpt mostly about?

Answer - C. how dentists should communicate with patients about diet

2 ) What is baby bottle syndrome?

Answer - D. tooth decay from excessive exposure to sugary liquids

3. Which of the following is NOT an informal approach to nutritional counseling?

Answer - D. encouraging a patient to keep a food diary

Exercise 3

1 ) food diary - F. a record of everything eaten over a period of time

2) nutrition - D. the scientific study of food and mineral intake.

3) visual aid - A. something that you can see which assists learning

4) baby bottle syndrome - B . tooth decay due to prolonged exposure to sugary liquids.

5) nutrient deficiency disease - C. insufficient nutrients due to a poor diet

6) diet - E. the foods that someone normally eats

Exercise 4

1) The reason why people eat a lot of sugary foods is partly due to our society habits. CULTURAL

2) Eating too much food which is high in sugars and fats is bad for people's teeth. JUNK FOOD

3) The man couldn't remember what he ate for breakfast yesterday! RECALL

4)The dentist referred the woman to an expert in food intake about her eating disorder. DIETICIAN

5) Due to his religion, there are certain rules and limits as to what meats John can eat. RESTRICTIONS

6) Water is better for teeth than other cold drinks that usually contain sugar. SOFT DRINKS

7) Many people do not have a healthy diet for money and income reasons. FINANCIAL

Exercise 6

1 - F- The woman needs treatment for dental caries.

2 -F- The visual aid shows healthy foods.

3 -F- The man asks her to complete a food diary.

Exercise 7

Dentist:. Let me just get one of my 1 . visual aid here we are. Can you look at these pictures and tell me which foods you eat regularly?

Patient:. Er, okay. Well, I don't drink milk. I don't like it. I don't eat yoghurt either. And I never eat raw carrot.

Dentist:. Okay, and can you 2. recall what you ate yesterday?

Patient: I had chocolate muffins and juice for breakfast. For lunch, I had a burger and for dinner I had pizza. And I had candy and chips for snacks.

Dentist: I see. Well, the problem is, your 3. diet is preventing you from having healthy teeth.

Patient:. Really?

Dentist: Yes. I'm quite certain. You're consuming 4. too much sugar

Patient: Oh, I see. Dentist: I'm going to give you a 5. brochure It will tell you the best foods for your teeth.

Patient: Okay thanks. Dentist: If you find it hard to keep to a healthy diet, I can refer to you a 6. dietician She'll give you ways to stay on track
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