Week of: Sept. 30- oct 6, 2016 Scrumptious Nibbles

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Week of:

Sept. 30- Oct 6, 2016

Scrumptious Nibbles

of the Big Apple

Enjoy these events yourself & share them with friends, family and visitors


FREE Events



Arts, Culture & Fun: Doodle to Da Beat

Hunts Point Hustle 5K

This art workshop will help you learn how to distress from everyday life pressure through doodling. No prior knowledge of drawing is needed. Beginners are welcome. Supplies will be provided. Feel empowered to create your own art style using simple art tools and vibrant neon paint to complete your doodle art masterpiece. Doodle away while we turn up the volume of syncopated sacred drum and afro beat house music which acts like an eco-friendly “mind detergent” to disintegrate excess brain clutter. Barbara Russell: Ms. B. The Doodle Queen, has been sharing her doodle art style worldwide under the Harlem Arts Alliance.
Reservations required. See link below.
Location: Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center; 3225 Reservoir Oval E; Bronx

When: Sat., October 1st 1:00-3:00 pm

For More Information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/arts-culture-fun-presents-make-your-mark-doodle-to-dabeat-bronx-tickets-27676289527

The Hustle is Sustainable South Bronx’s premier community engagement event. It’s more than just a race: it connects runners and walkers with the South Bronx Greenway, a network of green streets, bike lanes, and waterfront parks.

Location: Begins and ends at Hunts Point Riverside Park in the Bronx (Lafayette Ave & Edgewater Rd)

When: Sat., Oct 1st 10:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $30 registration fee (Discount for Bronx residents)

For More Information: http://www.ssbx.org/hustle/


Opening Reception: Life of an American Ruin: Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion


In the first exhibition devoted exclusively to Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion, The City Reliquary Museum explores the importance of ruins in the modern age and the Pavilion as a site for personal inspiration, contemplation, and collective memory.
The opening reception will include a screening of the documentary Modern Ruin at 7:30 PM followed by a Q&A with its creator, Matthew Silva. Beverages available by suggested donation, with beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery.
Location: The City Reliquary Museum

370 Metropolitan Ave.; Brooklyn

When: Fri., Oct 1st 7:00-10:00 pm

For More Information: http://www.cityreliquary.org/ruinatthereliquary/

Family Dinner is back in its new location – up the street and still plenty to eat! Join hosts Sean Bradley and Greg DeLucia for an evening of stories, stand-up and a whole lotta pasta. It’s just like dinner around the table with your family, only funnier and without the guilt trips – and now closer to the subway!

Location: The Experiment Comedy Gallery;

20 Broadway; Brooklyn

When: Fri, Sept 30th 7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

(and every last Friday of the month)

Cost: $5

For More Information: http://brokelyn.com/event/family-dinner-a-night-of-stories-stand-up-and-pasta/2016-09-30/


MSM Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra

Park Avenue Armory - Tour



Kyle Zerna (BM '09), Timpani & Percussion
Click here for more information on Kyle Zerna:


Location: Manhattan School of Music; Neidorff-Karpati Hall; 120 Claremont Ave; Manhattan

When: Friday, Sept 30th 7:30-9:30 pm

For More Information: http://mastercalendar.msmnyc.edu/EventDetails.aspx?data=hHr80o3M7J50%2bc7oBbRgBVmKZ%2fgJ1adfYBCaFsC233rwrvKP2g9KYddkNmMwlXcu

Visitors are welcome to take a guided tour of the Park Avenue Armory with one of our staff and view the unique qualities of this landmark building, from the soaring 55,000 square foot Drill Hall to the extraordinary interiors by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Stanford White, Candace Wheeler, Herter Brothers and others.

… tour explores the first floor period rooms, views the drill hall and visits some of the second floor areas not normally on view to the public. The Armory’s military and social history, new artistic programming, restoration and renovation plans, and the building’s future as a new New York City cultural institution will all be discussed. There are approximately 50 steps during the tour – there is also an elevator available.

Location: Park Avenue Armory; 643 Park Ave. (Between 66th & 67th Sts); Manhattan

When: Friday, Sept. 30th at 10:00am

Cost: $15

For More Information: http://www.armoryonpark.org/visitor_information/tour?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=16.09.06SeptemberNewsletter&utm_content=version_B


Fall Foliage Walk: Great Trees of Kissena Park

Exhibit - Hell Gate Bridge

With nearly 30,000 acres of public parkland, New York City is the perfect place for fall leaf-peeping. Let our Urban Park Ranger naturalists explain why leaves change colors and introduce you to the diversity of trees found in our urban forests. Be sure to bring your camera and prepare for the kaleidoscope of colors.
Location: In Kissena Park @ Rose Ave and Oak Ave; Queens

When: Sat., Oct 1st 1:00 – 2:30 pm

For More Information: https://www.nycgovparks.org/events/2016/10/01/fall-foliage-walk-great-trees-of-kissena-park

The Hell Gate Bridge is turning 100 years old. We are kicking off a year-long celebration of this remarkable feat of engineering. Dave “the Bridge Man” Frieder will talk about its construction.

Come early to see our new exhibit on this iconic bridge and beloved Astoria monument.

Special guest: Allan Renz, grandson of bridge builder Gustav Lindenthal!

Location: Greater Astoria Historical Societ; Lecture Hall;

When: Mon, Oct 3rd —

Exhibit 6:30pm / Lecture 7:00pm

Cost: $5

For More Information: http://astorialic.org/events.php?id=1174


Arts, Culture & Fun:

Benjamin Franklin


Outdoor Arts & Crafts Festival

The Conference House Association presents: Franklin: Printer/Writer, Scientist/Inventor, and Politician/Statesman
In this exhibition, meet Franklin the man: and his ideas and his achievements. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) had already signed The Declaration of Independence when he visited the Bentley Manor (now The Conference House) with John Adams and Edward Rutledge in 1776. There, they met with King George III's representative, Admiral Richard Lord Howe, in the only Peace Conference held during the American Revolution.
Location: Lenape Gallery at Conference House Park Visitor Center: 298 Satterlee Street, Staten Island

When: Mon-Sat. through Oct 15th 10am-4pm

For More Information: https://www.nycgovparks.org/events/2016/10/05/arts-culture-fun-franklin-printerwriter-scientistinventor-politicianstatesman

An Outdoor juried Arts & Crafts Festival with a Maritime Theme.

  • Retail Merchants

  • Food Vendors

  • Local musicians and band

  • Local writers & poets

  • Tour the historic site

A fun filled day of shopping, entertainment and educational experiences for adults and children of all ages.
Location: Promenade and Pier at Lighthouse Point next to the Staten Island Ferry, St. George, Staten Island (and in front of the National Lighthouse Museum). A 2 minute walk from the SI Ferry.

When: Sat., Oct. 1st 11:00am – 5:00pm

(Rain Date: Sun, Oct. 2nd)

Cost: $5.00 suggested donation for entrance

For More Information: http://lighthousemuseum.org/learn/educator-resources/

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