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20. Choose the best answer.

My registration for fall classes ... because I had lost my

course card and had to wait for the second course.

A) were prolonged B) was prolonged

C) was prolonging D) prolonged
Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each

question below (21-24).

Delia and Jim are a young, married couple. They live in a

small, cheap flat in New York City in the early 1900s. They

are very much in love.

It is Christmas Eve. Delia wants to buy a Christmas present

for Jim, but she has only got $1.87. She does not think this is

enough to buy him the kind of present he deserves. So she

decides to sell the thing she is most proud of - her beautiful,

long brown hair - in order to raise the money she needs.

Delia is paid $20 for the hair. This is enough for her to buy

a special chain for Jim's most prized possession - a watch

that was given to him by his father.

Delia goes home to wait for Jim to come back from work.

She washes her hair and worries that Jim won't like it now

that it's so short. She sits at the kitchen table with Jim's

Christmas present in her hand and waits for him to come


But when Jim arrived she finds that he too has decided to

make a sacrifice in order to buy her a special present (a

comb for her hair).

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