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Read & choose the correct answer for (33-36)

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Read & choose the correct answer for (33-36).

According to recent medical research, sleeping more than

nine hours or jess than six hours a night can shorten your life

expectancy. Those who are likely to live longest are people

who regularly get seven or eight hours a night. A new survey

of 1,000 adults conducted by the Better Sleep Council found

that few people understand the important role sleep plays

normal daily brain functions and many people actually

reduce their brain power by getting too little sleep.

One in three adults admit that they do not get enough

sleep, and lack of sleep is leaving millions of people without

the energy to work as hard as they should. Although a large

number of people say that they need to be mentally alert

their work, over half of the people interviewed say that the

sleep just under seven hours a night during the week. On the

other hand, most of the people interviewed say that they

sleep more than seven hours a night at the weekend. This

suggests that a significant number of people try to catch u;

on their sleep at the weekend instead of getting enough sleep

during the week, when they most need it.

According to this survey, nearly half of the population

believe that the brain rests when the body sleeps. In fact,

the opposite is true. Sleep allows the brain to go to work,

filling and storing the day's events.

33. It’is clear from the text that the likelihood of living long

increased in people who ...

A) go to bed in time and do exercises to increase their brain


B) sleep seven or eight hours every night.

C) are always mentally alert in their work.

D) get up late at the weekend to reach, normal sleeping hours
34. According to the text, which of the following statements is


A) At night, when you are asleep, your brain is not active.

B) Little sleep effects badly on the fruitfulness of the work.

C) The majority of people do not get enough sleep on


D) More than 300 interviewees suffer from lack of sleep.
35. Which of the following words doesn't coincide with th’

word 'mentally'? ‘A) moral’y B) psychologically

C) physically D) spiritually
36. The author states that your brain is busy dealing with the

days events when you are...

A) asleep B) awake C) alert D) alone
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