Utilization of Performance Enhancing Drug (peds) Should Not be Permitted in Sports

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Utilization of Performance Enhancing Drug (PEDs) Should Not be Permitted in Sports
(ULAB 2122)

Muhammad aldo assaqqaf (A16KT4011)

Ridho Widayanto Liwanra (A16KT4008)

Utilization of Performance Enhancing Drug (PEDs) Should Not be Permitted in Sports

Muhammad Aldo Assaqqaf (A16KT4011)
Ridho Widayanto Liwanra (A16KT4008)


Performance Enhancing Drugs are substance that are used to increase any form of activity performance in humans. PEDs could transform the human body physically and alter the biological function. For over the years, the consumption of performance enhancing drugs in sports increases dramatically. Many people are highly ambitious to win a tournament in various ways. They will attempt to get an advantage over their rival to be a champion by using it. Furthermore, because of the advance in modern pharmacology, many athletes have started consume PEDs as their stimulant or catalyst which is a non healthy way in order to improve their strength and overcome fatigue.

A number of famous athletes have admitted using this growth hormone. Identification its mishandle has been challenging and the lack of an effective test before the competition obviously triggering its abuse. Close by the advantages, came the threats and following a few fatalities, a code to boycott execution upgrading drugs was step by step created (Holt Richard, 2009).

We strongly stand on our opinion that The Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) consumption should be stopped. First, if we talk about sports, consume this kind of substance obviously couldn’t be called ‘sportive’ in order to upgrade athlete’s ability. The natural ways and logic ways to improve our abilities are to train harder, and always consistent with our training. Second, physical condition, excessive consumption will damage the healthiness of the human body and also overdose. Our body will quickly reacts improperly, which is give sudden side effects to it. This substance is extremely dangerous even though provides any advantages.

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