User ann moderator workshop has entered the chat helene moderator: there she is

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*** User ann moderator workshop has entered the chat. ***

helene moderator: there she is

ann moderator workshop: Hi Sonia!

sonia: Am I the only one???...with you????

ann moderator workshop: great you are here!

ann moderator workshop: yes, for now!

helene moderator: no worries, more will come

sonia: ok...

ann moderator workshop: but I hope more people will come and join us!

sonia: so do i....

ann moderator workshop: so Sonia where are you from?

ann moderator workshop: and what do you do on inclusion?

sonia: well...i'm living in south Spain, working in a Gypsy's Association, but i'm from France...and my fathers are from Algeria....

ann moderator workshop: wau, multicultural background!

ann moderator workshop: we are starting here now. Can you see?

sonia: and 'm volunteer in an association who works with youth’ migrants....

*** User Boris has entered the chat. ***

sonia: where???

ann moderator workshop: on the site you should see the images of the room

ann moderator workshop: hi Boris!

ann moderator workshop: Welcome

Boris: Hello

ann moderator workshop: where are you from Boris?

sonia: i only can see 2 guys...

sonia: hi >Boris....

Boris: France

ann moderator workshop: strange! Because the room is packed with people!

sonia: Bonjour Boris...

ann moderator workshop: so you should see more than two...

sonia: now, they're 3...

Boris: I also see only three other people in the room

helene moderator: they will come soon, just some patience

sonia: i'm looking at the Van Wijn working that the good one???

Boris: the room list below the input line show 46 people in the lobby

ann moderator workshop: we are starting the round of introduction

*** User Pablo has entered the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: no we are in Desguin, so please select that room

Pablo: Hello.

ann moderator workshop: hello

sonia: ok, thanks

sonia: hello

ann moderator workshop: with which target group are you working?

ann moderator workshop: and in which actions of the youth program are you working?

ann moderator workshop: these are the questions asked to the participants

ann moderator workshop: so please tell me more about yourselves!
*** User sonia has entered the chat. ***

Boris: the broadcast is dead, I will try to reload

*** User Boris has left the chat. ***

*** User Boris has entered the chat. ***

sonia: the sound is so bad!!!!!

*** User sonia has left the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: sonia are you still here?

Boris: still dead

*** User sonia has entered the chat. ***

*** User sonia has left the chat. ***

*** User me has entered the chat. ***

*** User sonia has entered the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: people are trying to speak more clearly

ann moderator workshop: so hopefully that will help

sonia: ok, thanks

ann moderator workshop: hi me

Boris: ahh the broadcast works now

Boris: Hello me

me: it's me at the back

ann moderator workshop: ok!

ann moderator workshop: so, sonia and boris what is your experience with inclusion target groups?

Boris: I have no experience with it, but I'm interested in the topic

sonia: in the gypsy's association, we work meanly with excluded youngster

ann moderator workshop: Ok!

ann moderator workshop: so, more questions will come after the getting to know round!

sonia: we've have a project call Youth with answers...trying to pressure local politic to listen to them...

sonia: ok

ann moderator workshop: great! did that happen within the youth program?

sonia: yes

ann moderator workshop: which action?

sonia: the 3

ann moderator workshop: ok

sonia: do you know the Yes Forum???

ann moderator workshop: no, please explain me what it is

sonia: a European forum about youngster with fewer opportunities...

*** User Mel has entered the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: hi mel!

ann moderator workshop: so sonia you are active in this yes forum?

ann moderator workshop: what are you doing there?

sonia: yes

Mel: ئثس

sonia: young people more than me...

sonia: but the languages difficulties do that i HAVE TO BE THERE...FOR THE MOMENT....

ann moderator workshop: Mel, i can not read your answer...

Mel: yes

ann moderator workshop: OK! we can read you now mel

sonia: sorry, but i have to's time for lunch here...i'll be back in 30 minutes...

ann moderator workshop: we will now move into the practical experiences

ann moderator workshop: bye sonia

sonia: bye....

ann moderator workshop: what obstacles and challenges did you have in the youth program with your target group?

ann moderator workshop: that is the question of the discussion now!

ann moderator workshop: so please enlighten us

ann moderator workshop: and also the support you got

ann moderator workshop: Boris? Mel? Are you still here?

Boris: yes, I am

ann moderator workshop: Ok, what do you think about these questions?

Boris: the broadcast is very hard to understand

Boris: I don't know if the problem is on my end

me: I'm doing my best ;-)

ann moderator workshop: it is hard to get youngsters involved. Is that the same for you?

Boris: [far from an expert talking here] I think that youngsters generally run their life on a day-to-day basis

Boris: or at least have to deal with very short term issues most of the time

ann moderator workshop: and that makes it hard?

ann moderator workshop: do you get any support?

ann moderator workshop: from your national agency, salto, ...?

Boris: well, thinking mid- to long-term is already hard for people with a well grounded life
*** User Siranush has entered the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: hello!

Boris: hello Siranush

ann moderator workshop: where are you from?

Siranush: Hello Boris

Siranush: I am from Armenia

ann moderator workshop: Ok!

ann moderator workshop: so please tell us about your challenges and support for involving your inclusion target group?

ann moderator workshop: to get the discussion here going...

Siranush: our target group is school students and we are establishing internet computer centres in the schools, while involving youth to use new technologies

ann moderator workshop: please talk to us/me???

Siranush: during their classrooms, as well as conducting online and offline youth related projects

Siranush: such as it is already 5 years our students are being involved in international GYSD project

Siranush: one of the main challenges here in Armenia is make people to work on voluntary basis

Siranush: Am I the only person who talks?:)

ann moderator workshop: yes, you are

*** User adriana has entered the chat. ***

Siranush: great, anybody wants to join me?

helene moderator: that is ok, it is not a disease

ann moderator workshop: Boris and Mel are also here but they are quiet for the minute...

ann moderator workshop: hello adriana!

helene moderator: Ann, what are they talking about in the workshop?

adriana: Hi!

Siranush: do you have the small challenge in your countries? (to involve youth in voluntary works?

Siranush: same I mean

Boris: sorry, ann but as I said, I have really no experience with youth at risk, so I'm mostly listening right now

ann moderator workshop: Boris, that is fine!

Siranush: where are you from, Boris?

ann moderator workshop: do not feel obliged to talk!

Boris: I am from France

ann moderator workshop: we can be silent an concentrate on the live discussion too

ann moderator workshop: sorry, concentrate

Siranush: unfortunately I can not follow live discussion; I can see only chat space

ann moderator workshop: O, I will try to give some general remarks for reaction to you

Siranush: ok

ann moderator workshop: from the live discussion

*** User Siranush has left the chat. ***

ann moderator workshop: one of the challenges in France is that young people are afraid of mobility

ann moderator workshop: any reactions?

helene moderator: Mobility like moving to work abroad?

ann moderator workshop: yes! to whatever project outside your normal environment

helene moderator: What are the reasons to be frightened?

ann moderator workshop: it seems to be in their minds, they are afraid of the unknown, I suppose

helene moderator: The Youth programme is one of the tools used to make people less afraid of other countries and cultures

ann moderator workshop: indeed!

Boris: true but it's a vicious circle... if you take part in it, you obviously are less afraid than those who don't

ann moderator workshop: people are unable to pay the 30% travel costs. That is an obstacle

ann moderator workshop: getting the visa adds to that

helene moderator: And you guys, how is it in your countries? Would you be afraid of leaving your country?

ann moderator workshop: yes, Boris you are right but how to get out of this circle?

Boris: ...I don't like your question ;-)

ann moderator workshop: to hard???

ann moderator workshop: ;-)

Boris: hehe

ann moderator workshop: some people see the youth/international programs as luxury. Do you agree with this?

Boris: maybe mobility is too ambitious a first step and local projects that lessen the fear and inhibitions of young people would be a better start

Boris: (alcohol would work, but that's kind of expensive :-)

ann moderator workshop: Sounds good to me! What do the others think?

Boris: I agree with the luxury issues

Boris: mobility is always expensive

ann moderator workshop: and that was not an response to the alcohol proposal!

helene moderator: Well, probably, yes: you need time and money, not everything is included, even if the EU gives money for the projects

Boris: ann :-))

ann moderator workshop: but on the other hand the money is there so why not use it anyway?

helene moderator: if you need to work, you can't take days off just like that for a project

ann moderator workshop: should not every young person have the opportunity to go out ans see something of the world?

Boris: ann, it's optimistic, but yes

helene moderator: sure, it's just harder if you are far from information and other communication means

Boris: helene has a point

ann moderator workshop: absolutely!

ann moderator workshop: but if it is not a right but a luxury we will never get the disadvantaged involved, will we?

Boris: information on events is even less likely to reach young people at risk

ann moderator workshop: so what can we do?

helene moderator: there is a need for more cross-fertilization between the working world and the youth programme

Boris: that is true

Boris: involving money always works

ann moderator workshop: so the question in the live workshop is now what your Christmas list is regarding inclusion?

Boris: and businesses are much better at marketing (not blaming anyone, it's just a fact)

ann moderator workshop: what would make the obstacles go away?

*** User Susana has entered the chat. ***

Boris: hello Susana

ann moderator workshop: so let's just continue what we were talking about to make it less of luxury and more of a right!

Susana: Hello.

Mel: working at local level?

ann moderator workshop: hello

Boris: more readable in a different colour

ann moderator workshop: can you increase international mobility at local level an dif so how?

Boris: it is hard, actually nigh impossible without international ties

Mel: act locally, think globally

ann moderator workshop: good plan!

Boris: Errr, that’s easier, said than done

ann moderator workshop: so, how to do it practically?

Mel: why not?

Boris: even for the people organising, thinking globally means going for a large long-term plan with cooperation with other local agencies abroad

Mel: exchange experience

Boris: it basically needs some kind of umbrella organisation to centralize the actions

Mel: I used my experience working with street children i Russia back home in Syria

ann moderator workshop: so you need an international network to improve your work nationally/locally?

Boris: ann, if you want to think globally, I think so, yes

Mel: yes

ann moderator workshop: Have we found the magical solution here?

Boris: several already exist, but it's still a meritocracy: to reach the international level you have to get brownie points first at the local level

ann moderator workshop: brownie points????

Boris: sorry, recognition

Boris: credibility

ann moderator workshop: so the youth program is not for local organisations?

Boris: young people at risk are still stuck working at the local level though

*** User Susana has left the chat. ***

Mel: there is no way; we must work at local level with them

ann moderator workshop: so how can we get them internationally involved?

*** User Susana has entered the chat. ***

Boris: hard, hard

Mel: what we need are special governmental policies to reach such youth at risk group

ann moderator workshop: I don't ask easy questions! ;-)

Boris: Mel is probably right

Susana: That is the real issue, mel

Boris: again, I'll be the capitalistic pig :-)

Boris: youth doesn't make money

ann moderator workshop: go for it!

Mel: don’t say that pls

Boris: get industries and business involved

Boris: Mel, err I don't mean to offend anyone

ann moderator workshop: to do what?

Mel: organizations and government should find links to empower policies

Susana: My organisation has a link with the city hall, which means politics is involved, and it is really hard right now to give access to youth at risk

Susana: To these kinds of European dimension activities

ann moderator workshop: so politics can help but it is not the key element?

ann moderator workshop: what is the key then?

Mel: I think it is the key element because all governmental decisions made by politics

Susana: How to explain to the political power that this is fundamental for youth and consequentely for our development

ann moderator workshop: good question!

Susana: First: it is really hard to communicate with them because of all the hierarchy and burocracy envolved

Boris: apart from getting a "youth party" in the government it's pretty much impossible

ann moderator workshop: but the young people are the electors of tomorrow aren't they?

Boris: haha

helene moderator: and of today actually

Boris: good one :)

Mel: that's why we need to empower youth policies and the role of young leaders and youth orgs in political life

Susana: Second: their main concern, nowadays, is the economic sustainability, which makes them organize priorities and, unfortunately, they don't find these

helene moderator: we are mostly talking about over 18 years old

ann moderator workshop: so maybe politicians are sensible and understand they need ot take care of their future electors?

Susana: young people as a priority!

Mel: off course they are

Mel: imagine without young people how these politicians come to power

Boris: err

Boris: bribes?

Mel: that’s why we need to work on effective youth policies

Susana: in my country they try to convince older people

Susana: like seniors

Susana: with supposedly good pensions and so on...

Susana: and leave the young people at their own

Susana: imagine what happens to young people with less opportunity...

Boris: that's because seniors have money and credibility

Susana: exactly

ann moderator workshop: so how can we make young people more appealing?

Boris: young people are just kids playing in the backyard

Mel: they have no place at all in the society

Boris: we can never get to them with the age thing

ann moderator workshop: they should!

Boris: they'll always be older ;-)

Mel: that's why we need to show the importance of young people

Boris: but we can gain credibility

Susana: the difference is actually about how politicians and governments look at youth

Boris: and I think this is the generation gap, we should speak their languages

Susana: a problem... or a solution?

ann moderator workshop: so our conclusion was to remove the big obstacle of young people not being appealing to politics

Mel: thanks for all, cheers

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