Unesco world-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006

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UNESCO World-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006

July 2-10, 2006

In the Baden-Württemberg capital Stuttgart and region
On the occasion of the 2006 FIFA World Cup TM

Information about the UNESCO World-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006

A time to make friendsTM in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is looking forward to being a venue for the 2006 FIFA World Cup GermanyTM and to being a host to visitors from all over the world.

We are planning an unique international event in the period of the FIFA World Cup GermanyTM in Stuttgart – The UNESCO World-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006. We want to invite 2006 teenagers from all over the world in order to implement the official motto of the World Cup “A time to make friendsTM”. The teenagers will stay at the houses of German guest families and participate in a sports and cultural program. Here, they get the chance to meet young people from all around the world.

That`s why we want you to help us. We need you to distribute the application forms for the youth in your country. Doing this, you give many teenagers in your country the chance to participate in the UNESCO World-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006.
Your partner in Germany informed you and gave you this information including the official application form. Please contact as many organizations, firms, clubs, membership corporations and other partners in your region. All these institutes can distribute the application form. Please ensure that as many teenagers as possible have the chance to apply. All application forms should be sent at your office so that you can send them all together to your partner in Germany.

Please regard the following plan:

  • Please write your contact address on the application form, all applications should be sent at your office.

  • Use several ways to distribute the application form. (organizations, firms, clubs, other partners in your city or country) Also you can place a link on your Homepage.

  • In the period of June and October, 17 (2005) teenagers can apply.

  • Please collect all applications at your office.

  • Please send all applications till October, 24 (2005) to your partner in Germany.

  • Your Partner in Germany will prove the applications and invites the participants of the UNESCO World-Youth-Festival Stuttgart 2006.

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