Toshkent Davlat Transport Universiteti see-2 guruh talabasi Mamatov Dilshod

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SEE-2 Mamatov Dilshod
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Toshkent Davlat Transport Universiteti SEE-2 guruh talabasi Mamatov Dilshod
Tashkent metro is the first underground transport in Central Asia. Uzbekistan currently has 3 metro lines: Uzbekistan line, Chilanzar line and Yunus-Abad line and consists of 29 stations. The metro service is available daily from 06:00 to 00:00.
The city entrance to the metro station on the ground is marked with the logo “metro”. Metro jetton can be purchased at the entrance to the station.
Today Tashkent metro is the main attraction of the capital for tourists, and for residents the most convenient type of transport, especially in the hours of morning and evening city traffic jams.
For the safety of passengers traveling in the subway, at the entrance to the metro representatives of the security service of the subway inspect the bags of passengers carrying large luggage.
Tashkent Metro is one of the most beautiful in the world, but it’s not its only uniqueness. Building of the underground system in seismically active regions with a hot climate was a daring idea, which eventually resulted in the artfully construction.
Construction of the underground in Tashkent began soon after the destructive earthquake in 1966, and actually was in the years of 1968 -1970. The population of the city increased rapidly, and people needed comfortable public transport system. The work on the laying of underground tunnels was hard and had to overcome a lot of obstacles, one of which - ground water and underground rivers. When designing and building the underground specialists took into account the peculiarities of climate and seismicity of the region and the result of their work was the underground system, which is able to withstand an earthquake up to 9 on the Richter scale.
The first was Chilanzar line, which includes 12 stations. Then the construction of the Uzbekistan line began; now there is "Tashkent" station (railway station in Tashkent) and "Chorsu" (the oldest market in Tashkent). Today, Uzbekistan line consists of 11 stations and its length is 14.3 km.
During the days of independence there was started the construction of the third line of Tashkent underground - Yunusobod, which connected the center of the city with the district of Tashkent TV tower. It is planned to build the fourth line - Sergeli line. Today, the total length of the three existing lines of Tashkent Subway with 29 stations is 36.5 km.
In June 2012, Tashkent Metro celebrated its 35th anniversary, and nowadays it is a source of pride and an artistic sight of the capital. It is worth noting the elegance and uniqueness of each station for the design of which the best artists and decorators from all over the Republic were invited. The main finishing material of the stations is marble and granite, art glass, glazed ceramicsganch were used for decoration. Solemn columns, great bas-relieves, colorful murals, magnificent chandeliers - this all can be seen when entering Tashkent Metro.
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