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TO: Phil Colvin
Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency

FROM: Kyle Overly, Project Manager

SUBJECT: Lancaster County Hazard Mitigation Plan – Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting Minutes

DATE: October 18, 2012

On October 17, 2012, a stakeholder kick-off meeting was held at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center at 10:00 a.m. The following were in attendance:



Jeremiah R. Ely

Sadsbury Township

Thomas Stauffer

Caernarvon Township

Val Keene

Bart Township

Randy Gockley

Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency

Bob Lamb

Lititz Borough/Warwick Township

DeeDee McQuire

West Lampeter Township

Jim Walsh

West Lampeter Township

Nancy Harris

Ephrata Borough

Bill Harvey

Ephrata Borough

Dave Boucher

Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency

Ernie Szaba

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Francis Zimmer

Mountville Borough

Alysse Stehli

Millersville University

Mike Graham

Hempfield School District

Kathy Norris

Caernarvon Township

Terry Martin

Caernarvon Township

Linda Swift

Sadsbury Township

James Kerstetter

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Michael Corcoran

Clay Township

Jim Grube Jr.

Providence Township

Jackie Johns

Pequea Township

William Shirk

Terre Hill Borough/East Earl Township

Margaret DeCarolis

Little Britain Township

Ron Criswell

Little Britain Township

Phil Mellott

Manheim Township

Dennis Coleman

Penn Manor School District

Adrian Borry

Manheim Township

Tess Grubb

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Sara Gibson

Rapho Township

Stacie Gibbs

Mount Joy Borough

Ken Barto

Mount Joy Borough

Scott Hershey

Mount Joy Borough

Joe Ardini

Mount Joy Borough

Rick Hamm

Mount Joy Borough

Craig Eshleman

Conestoga Township

Earl Kreider

East Earl Township

Ralph Hutchinson

East Lampeter Township

Jeff Helm

Columbia Borough

Sue Barry

Lititz Borough

Jeffrey Manning

Lancaster General Hospital

Kenneth Barton

West Lampeter Township

Les Houck

Salisbury Township

Kristen Peachery

Salisbury Township

Lori Shenk

Rapho Township

Herb Mattern

East Petersburg Borough

Neal Walsh

East Lancaster County School District

Jeffrey Butler

East Donegal Township

Michael Tuscan

Manheim Borough

Richard Potts

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13

Justin Evans

Penn Township

Jody Shaffner

Marietta Borough

Jeff Lightly

Marietta Borough

Glenn Orr

Marietta Borough

Mark Heckaman

Donegal School District

Diane Garber

East Hempfield Township/East Petersburg Borough

Steve Gochenaur

Lancaster County Geospatial Information Services

Harry Morgan

Mountville Borough

Lisa Boyd

Strasburg Borough

Duane Hagelgans

Manor Township

David Kratzer

Penn Township

Bob Krimmel

East Hempfield Township

Jessica Cerutti

Delta Development Group, Inc.

Kyle Overly

Delta Development Group, Inc.

The following summarizes the key determinations:

  1. Introductions - Randy Gockley welcomed participants to the Stakeholder Kick-Off meeting. Mr. Gockley then proceeded to give some background regarding hazard mitigation planning and previous efforts.

  2. Project Overview – Kyle Overly reviewed the principles of hazard mitigation, the objectives of the hazard mitigation planning process, and the local requirements for participation throughout the planning process.

  3. Review of the Planning Process – Following the project overview, Mr. Overly reviewed the six-step planning process that is used for hazard mitigation planning in Pennsylvania.

  4. Review of Mitigation Plan Components – Jessica Cerutti discussed the components that will be inserted in the Lancaster County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

  5. Review of the Stakeholder Participation Requirements – Next, Mr. Overly asked the meeting participants to think of hazards to their communities face. The participants came up with the following list of hazards:

  • Flooding

  • Winter Storms

  • Severe Storms

  • Vulnerable Populations (Non- English Speaking, Amish Community)

  • Environmental Hazards/Transportation Incidents

  • Nuclear Incidents

After population of the hazards list from meeting participants, Mr. Overly asked the group to review and complete the hazard survey reviewed the surveys used to collect municipal information regarding hazards.

  1. Review of the Planning Process Timeline – Next, Mr. Overly reviewed the timeline, pointing out important dates in the planning process, such as upcoming public meetings and review periods. He also noted that the planning website,, was available for public review. He also noted that all documents and drafts will be posted online for review.

  2. Additional Comments from FEMA – Tess Grubb from FEMA took time to address the group. She reiterated that hazard mitigation planning is a community effort. She encouraged the meeting participants to work with the planning team.

  3. Question and Answer Session – The meeting concluded with an open discussion about the planning process. One question regarded what types of projects are considered mitigation projects. Mr. Overly explained the difference between the tactical and strategic portions of the emergency management cycle, and provided an example of structural reinforcement as a mitigation project for severe winter storms. Another question was asked regarding funding and mitigation action items and concerning ability of local government to address and implement such plans. Ms. Grubb explained that actions are ranked according to various factors, including cost, public support, etc. and that

The meeting concluded at 11:30 a.m.

Enclosures: Agenda, Sign-in Sheet

cc: M. Frey

D. Boucher

S. Gochenaur

J. Cerutti

R. Ross

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