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Ancient History: Chapter 5.2 New Kingdoms of Kush (M) Period: ________

Time Line Directions: Number the sentences in the order the events occurred.

p. 180, ¶ 1

p. 179, ¶ 4

____3______ King Kashta’s son Piye conquers Lower Egypt, and all of Egypt is under Kushite rule.

____6_____ Egypt is invaded by the Assyrians, and the Kushites retreat to Napata.

p. 179, ¶ 6

____5_____ The Pharaoh Taharqa rules the Kushite dynasty and directs many building projects, including temples.

p. 179, ¶ 1

____1_____ The Kushites build a new capital city, called Napata, where they are free from Egyptian rule.

p. 180, ¶ 3

____8_____ The Kushites establish a new capital city, called Meroe, near the sixth cataract of the Nile River.

p. 182, ¶ 2

____10_____ The Kushites are defeated by the Axumites, and by the end of the fourth century AD, the Kushite civilization has fallen.

p. 179, ¶ 3

____4_____ Piye’s brother Shabaka rules as pharaoh, beginning Dynasty 25 in Egypt.

p. 180, ¶ 2

____2_____ In 750 BC, Upper Egypt is captured by the Kushites, led by King Kashta.

____7_____ Napata is attacked by the Assyrians after Taharqa’s death.

p. 182, ¶ 1

____9_____ Meroe’s importance as a trading center is weakened over time, and the Axumites begin to attack Kushite towns.

Ancient History: Chapter 5.2 New Kingdoms of Kush (M)

Short Answer Directions: Answer the following questions.

p. 179, ¶ 6-7

1. How did Pharaoh Taharqa and other Kushite pharaohs of Dynasty 25 help bring back the glory of Egypt?

p. 180, ¶ 1

They rebuild old temples and also built new ones

2. How did the Kushites lose control of Egypt to the Assyrians?

They could not compete the with large Assyrian army.

p. 181, ¶ 6

p. 182, ¶ 1

p. 181, ¶ 1-2

3. Why was Meroe important? How did it lose its importance?

The Kushites built Meroe as a center of trading and its location made it successful while the Greeks built port on the Red Sea; however, sea trade became more important and Meroe was no longer important.

4. What role did women play in ruling Meroe?

The right to rule was passed through the Queen and her family. Some women were powerful rulers and led armies in war, such as Queen Amani-Shakete.

p. 181, ¶ 3

p. 181, ¶ 3

5. Why did the Nubians create a written language? What do historians know about the written form of this language?

The Nubians created a written language to help them keep trade records. The written language had 23 sound symbols. It has not yet been deciphered.

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