The use of technology of teaching technology in the lectures

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Falsafa 728, Документ(2), musiqa nazariyasi fanidan oraliq nazorat uchun test topshiriqlari toplami, Assignment 1, THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY OF TEACHING TECHNOLOGY IN THE LECTURES, 2 5332776959745196748, lab 6 9-variant chala, ingliz tili, 1. Мукофот варақаси, Олигосахаридларнинг синфланиши, nafas tiriklik, iqtisod 10-20, O'zb tarix 2-oraliq, arab valyuta fondi

Rustamova Gulshoda Alimjanovna .Kozimov Rahmatullo

Assistant of Andijan Institute of Mechanical Engineering

   Annotation: This article discusses how one of the most modern pedagogical technologies is the technology of problem education, its components and how it can be used in teaching processes in higher education.
   Keywords: Education, Problems, Lectures, Technology, Situation, Psychologist, Pedagogue, Modern Staff, Expression Techniques, Practice, Experience, Solution, Hypothesis.
"The only way to get knowledge is through activities."

Bernard Show-English playwright

     Forming an independent person, upbringing a socially useful workforce in the interests of society and the state is a multi-faceted and complex process. In this regard, it is worth recalling the words of our first President Islam Karimov: "Training is a long process and it requires hard work, diligence and hard work from each of us." In fact, on the one hand, all government agencies and social organizations place a heavy responsibility on education officials. This included the improvement and deepening of the education system, as well as many organizational and educational activities. On the other hand, it is a huge social responsibility for the state and society to create a reserve of educators who are directly responsible for this task and prepare them for professional activities in line with modern requirements. That is why we need to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific innovations, in addition to using modern pedagogical technologies to educate qualified teachers. Teaching lecture technology helps to master science and subject matter.

    One of the ways in which words are presented in word-for-word expressions is the oral presentation of quality knowledge, with its complexity of logical construction, complexity of figurative proof and generalization.

It uses pedagogical methods such as verbalizing the knowledge provided during the lectures, keeping the students' attention for a long time, and activating, proving, explaining, systematizing, summarizing their ideas.

The first ideas of problem education were founded by American psychologist and educator J.D. (1859-1952). It was founded in 1894 in Chicago, a school based on game and labor rather than on the curriculum.

The following areas are identified as the basis for J.D.:

1) social;

2) constructive;

3) artistic expression;

4) research.

The author used the following tools to organize learning in the following areas:

1) word;

2) works of art;

3) technical devices;

4) games;

5) cocktail

In the 60s of the last century problem education was further developed on the basis of the views of such researchers as L. Rubinstein, MI Mahmutov, V. Okon, and IJ Lerner. Rubinstein's idea that "Thinking begins with a problem situation" is accepted as the psychological basis of problem education.

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