The following instruments are unique to the mmrc on the Caltech Campus

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The following instruments are unique to the MMRC on the Caltech Campus

  1. XPS/ ESCA: Surface Science M-probe with attached inert atmosphere box and UPS,LEED and Auger capability & Phi-XPS

  2. SQUID: Quantum Designs Magnetic Properties Measurement System. The Krischvink group has a two-axis Superconducting Technology, Inc. cryogenic moment magnetometer that they use in conjunction with our SQUID. The Heath group has a Quantum Designs system that they use as a liquid helium cryostat.

  3. Light Scattering: Dynamic and Static Precision Detector Expert Light Scattering instrument

  4. High Speed Electro Chem with Quartz Crystal Micro Balance: ElChema Electrochem Quartz crystal nano-balance EQCN-701, Potentiostat PS-705 with Voltscan 5.0

  5. Contact Angle: Goniometer

  6. Stark Spectrometer: Home made

  7. Optical Tweezers: Home made

The following instruments have some similarities with other instruments on the campus as noted below.

  1. Microtome: Leica Reichart Ultracut S Microtome with an EMFCS cryo-attachment. Grant Jensen’s lab also have a microtome to ours.

  2. FTIR: Nicolet 6700 with ATR (for Si), ATR, reflectance and transmission accessories Dr. Rosman has an FTIR, Nicolet Magna, that is older and does not have the surface specific attachments. There is also a Bruker Vertex 80 FTIR in Dr. Heath’s Lab.

  3. STM & AFM: Digital Instruments Nano-Scope III. The Atwater lab has a Park Scientific AFM and the Collier lab has Nano-scope III also. Also both the Atwater group and the Heath group have UHV AFMs

  4. NSOM: Witec -SNOM. The Atwater group has and Omicron Instruments but they are presently also using ours due to it unique capabilities

  5. Ellipsometer: Gaetner L116C. The Atwater group has a Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and the Micro/Nano Facility in Applied Physics has a single wavelength Rudolph Focus FE III Ellipsometer.

  6. Profilometer. The Heath lab also has a profilometer.

List of other Instruments on the Caltech Campus that relate to the MMRC.

George Rossman Lab

FTIR Spectroscopy: Nicolet Magna 860 with microscope Optical Micro-Spectrocopy Instrument Raman Spectroscopy

Micro/Nano Facility

Mask Aligner (Karl Suss MA6/BA6 & MJB3)

Optical Microscope (Nikon Optiphot-300)

Stylus Profilomerer

Single Wavelength Microspot Ellipsometer (Rudolph Focus FE III)

Atomic Force Microscope (thermomicroscopes AutoProbe CP)

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (Hitachi S­4100)

E-Beam Lithography using FESEM (Hitachi S-4100)

Inverted Optical Microscope ( Nikon TE 200)

Veeco Metallization Chamber

Oxygen Plasma System

CV and IV Measurement Station

Harry Atwater Lab

Molecular Beam Epitaxy systems for Group IV (Si, Ge) and Oxides HV Sputtering System (SRO:Er) UHV Hot Wire CVD Cluster Tool Silicon Tetrachloride CVD Reactor Metal Evaporator UV Ozone Cleaning System Plasma Asher Optical Photolithography Facility Molecular Bean Epitaxy Sulfide, Phosphide, Gallium Nitride

Ambient Atomic Force / Electrostatic Force Microscopy(Park Scientific)

UHV Variable Temperature Atomic Force / Electrostatic Force Microscopy (Omicron Instruments) Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (Nanonics) Spectroscopic Ellipsometry


Scanning Electron Microscopes (FEI Quanta & FEI Sirion) Ion-Beam/Electron-Beam Systems (FEI Nova-600 & Nova-200) Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI Tecnai F-20 & F-30) Electron-Beam Lithography (Leica EBPG-=5000) Kavli Nanoscieence Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching Systems (ICP-RIE) (Oxford Institute Bosh/Cryo & Oxford III-V Metal Etcher) Plasma-Enhanced Cemical Vapor Deposition Systems (Oxford Dielectric PECVD-ICP & Oxford PECVD)

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