The Deland m-t bottle Collector’s Association, Inc. Deland, Florida

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The Deland M-T Bottle Collector’s Association, Inc.

Deland, Florida

Presents Their
47th Annual Antique Bottle, Insulator & Table Top Collectible Show & Sale

Information and Show Contract

  1. Place - In the Bill Hester building at the Volusia County Fairgrounds, 1/4 mile east of Interstate I-4 on SR 44. exit 118 (old 56) in Deland, Florida or 12 miles west of I-95 exit 249 (old 84)

  2. Date – Set up will be on Friday March 24th from 1 – 6 PM.

Saturday March 25th show time will be from 8 AM – 3 PM

*Early buyers will not be let into the show without a name tag Friday or Saturday. Early buyer’s fee will be $20. Early buyers allowed in 3 - 7 PM on Friday and before 8 AM Sat.

  1. Table top collectibles are encouraged by the committee. If any item is damaged, repaired or a reproduction, it shall be identified and marked as such in order to sell the item.

4. All 160 sales tables are 8 foot long X 30 inches. All sales tables will be $40 for each one. All tables will be filled on a first come- first serve basis. Tables will be covered with a covering of your choosing to enhance your saleable items.

  1. To reserve your table(s), full payment must accompany your contract. Make your Check/Money Order payable to:

M-T Bottle C.A., Inc.( or M T B C A ), and must be received no later than March 11th, 2016 in order for us to have proper time to set up the show room floor for your enjoyment.

  1. EXHIBITS – An 8 ft. Table or space will be provided for free. Various Awards will be given. 3 will be available.

  2. Security – Will be provided by the M-T Bottle C.A., Inc, who will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Please work together with your neighbors to help each other watch your tables. This benefits all of us.

  3. R. V. Parking is available in the lot south of the Bottle Show Building. Please contact the asst. show chairman regarding any R. V. Parking. No pets or firearms (hand guns/pistols/rifles-Working or Not) will be allowed.

  4. Lodging available in the local area:

Best Western Deltona Chimney Corner Days Inn

(386) 860-3000 (386) 734-3146 (386) 775-4522

Comfort Inn Howard Johnsons

(386) 775-7444 (386) 736-3440

10. Air Conditioned or Heat – All walls have white enameled metal panels and electrical outlets. SPECIAL NOTE: The Volusia County Fairgrounds does not allow anyone to hang anything on the walls, signs, advertisements, etc. You will be asked to take it down or we will be fined $100. So please do not hang anything on the walls.

  1. Food vendor(s) will be outside the east entrance during set up Friday and all day Saturday.

12. Please mail your bottle show contract to: Brian Hoblick, 11721 N.W. CR 236, Alachua, Fl 32615. Any additional Information or questions concerning the 46th Annual Show, please call or contact by EMAIL:

Brian Hoblick, Asst. Show Chairman: (386)804-9635

Dwight A. Pettit Jr., Show Chairman: (386) 956-8033

I HAVE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AND CONTRACT AND UNDERSTAND THAT MY SIGNATURE INDICATES MY UNDERSTANDING AND WILLINGNESS TO ABIDE BY THIS. Please be advised, no animals (dogs or Cats) except Seeing Eye dogs and no real guns/rifles/pistols will be allowed into the show for sale or showing at all. Thank you.
Dealers/Table Renter’s Signature__________________________________________
Mailing Address:___________________________________
City, State, Zip Code________________________________
Emergency Phone #_________________________________
Emergency Contacts Name:__________________________

Please Reserve in my name___ Sales Table(s)___ Display Table(s)
Name(s) Attending__________________________________

**Only 2 name tags will be given per dealer **


We Thank You for your SUPPORT!!!!

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