Task# 6. Answers risk

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Investment 19OFI ANSWERS — копия
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Topic-16: “Investment risks and ways to reduce them”

Task# 16.1



  1. Investment risk
    is a danger, probability of a loss.

  2. reef
    is the probability event , resulting in which participants of investment activity will not get their planned profit completely or lose both the profit and the initial investment.

  3. Pure risk
    A Word “risk” comes from the Spanish-Portuguese and means ”.

  4. Speculative risk

    Currency risk

    Credit risk
    imply the possibility of a negative or no results. These risks include the following risks: force majeure, environmental, political, transportation and part of the commercial risks (economic, industrial, commercial). are expressed in the opportunity to receive both positive and negative results. These risks include financial risks, which are part of commercial risks. is the risk of foreign exchange losses related to the change of one currency against another, during the foreign credit and other foreign exchange transactions.

  5. Interest rate risk
    - the risk of non-payment by the borrower of loan and interest owed to the lender. Also, it is a risk in which the issuer of debt securities will be unable to pay interest on it or the main amount of the debt.

  6. Force major risk

    is the risk of losses by commercial banks, credit institutions, investment and other financial institutions as a result of higher interest rates paid by them on borrowed funds then interest rates on loans granted. Probability of losses owing to earthquakes, floods, a tsunami, etc. belongs to .

  7. is a method distribution of investments by various objects of investment, by increasing the range of products, the expansion of credit or financial portfolio, the distribution of investments in different sectors of the economy, the recipient countries.

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