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I. Course description

Introducing and containing important institutional material focusing on the financial environment, discussing the major players in the financial markers, provide an overview of the types of securities traded in those markets, and explain how and where securities are traded, discussing in depth mutual funds and other investment companies, which have become an increasingly important means of investing for individual investors, addressing how financial markets can influence all aspects of the global economy are the main points to intended to teach in this investment course. Furthermore, learning, analyzing, discussing modern portfolios related to the investment, discussing risk and return, and examining the distribution of stock returns, looking through various types of security valuation, dealing with several equity securities, and analyzing several essential topics for portfolios are provided in this course, investment.

In this course, students study the theoretical, legal and organizational basis of investment and investment environment, taking into account the features of the organization of investment in various funds and companies. Moreover, the nature and importance of the correct organization of investment, objects and subjects of investment, basic principles, portfolios, and methods of investment , investment balance, sequences, and its structure are will be taught.

II. Course objectives:

- the study of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the organization of Investment;

- familiarization with the content, nature and structure of investment;

- the study of investment rules and principles of organization of the investment

- methods of asset classes and financial instructions in investments as well as securities;

- familiarization with mutual funds, investment of companies, portfolio theory, and practice in investment;

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