Summary of Qualification

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Candice Matisse Turnage


Summary of Qualification _______ __________________ __________ _______________________________


  1. Boulder College of Massage Therapy - 700 hour Massage Therapy Program

  1. Howard Community College, Columbia, MD - Associates of the Arts

Work experience ____________________________________________________________________­_____

March 2013- July 2013 BCMT Alumni Outreach - Chair massage events

February 2013- July 2013 Inca Bars, LLC, Longmont, CO - Production of nutrition bars in a commercial kitchen

2012-2013 Boulder College of Massage Therapy Clinic

    1. Cleaning and organizing, Longmont, CO

  • Deep cleaning and sorting through items to make use of space efficiently

  • Located local organizations and facilities to donate or recycle unused items

2005-2009 YMCA, Ellicott City, MD
Parent Night Out Supervisor

  • Provided snack, craft, movie and games to children while their parents went on ‘date night’

Rock Climbing Instructor

  • Taught rock climbing classes to 6-9 year olds, belayed gym members when the wall was open to the gym

  • Organized binders; created fliers and tables to make it easier for members to sign up to climb

Fitness Center Attendant

  • Set members up on a computer program linked to machines, that personalized workouts to reach goals

  • Instructed how to use equipment correctly and adjusted each machine to fit each individual

2002-2004 Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia, MD

Fitness Instructor and Front Desk Associate

  • Front desk duties-greeting members, tours, answering phones, computer based work

  • Taught people how to use workout machines and a program that tracked their progress

Volunteer Experience________________________________________________________________­­_______________

2012 Ronald McDonald House - Provided therapeutic massage to families receiving treatment

2012 Boulder Veterans - Provided therapeutic massage to men who served in war to facilitate relaxation

2012 Acorn Preschool - Taught children the benefits of massage and provided light massage to assist with naptime

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