Student’s Responsibilities

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Welcome to Mrs. Sutera’s Computer Enrichment Class
Over the next 20 weeks you will be introduced to some popular applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You will learn effective research techniques using the Internet and will be able to effectively find resources on the Internet.
Student’s Responsibilities

1. Students will respect classmates, teacher and school property at all times.

2. Students will line up outside the classroom in a quiet double line until instructed to


3. Students are responsible to follow the New York City Department of Education IAUP.

The Internet Acceptable Use Policy will be reviewed in detail during class.

4. Quiet conversation in class is allowed amongst partners when discussing class work.

Once the teacher addresses the class all conversations must stop.

5. Student must obey the computer rules set forth for this computer lab. (separate sheet)
Grades will be based on Class projects that will be completed entirely in the computer lab. Details of the projects will be given at the assigned time.


1 folder - some sheets of loose-leaf within folder - 1 pen
Attached to this form is a list of computer lab rules, please read them carefully and sign the form. The form is to be kept in your folder at all times.
Mrs. Sutera can be reached at


(Detach here and return this slip to Mrs. Sutera)

I have read the requirements and agree to all terms and conditions.

Student name: ______________________________ Class_______________
Sign here: _________________________________ Date: ______________
Parent(s)/guardian(s) name: ____________________________________________
Sign here: ___________________________________ Date: _______________

Rules to follow when in the Computer lab

  • Keep your hands off the keyboard until you know what we're doing.

  • Work quietly and stay on task. Make every effort to do your best.

  • Get permission if you want to use the Internet for anything other than the day's assignment.

  • Downloading or uploading is prohibited unless otherwise instructed.

  • Entering Chat rooms, checking personal emails, or instant messaging is prohibited.

  • Respect the hardware and software.

  • Have all necessary applications open and active.

  • Never touch another students’ computer unless instructed.

  • Do not try to steal another student’s password.

  • Do not attempt to visit any inappropriate websites. (If you think it might be inappropriate then it is.)

  • Do not surf the Internet or read e-mail when you're supposed to be listening to the teacher or working on an assignment.

  • Stay out of other people's files.

  • Do not bring food or drink, lotions, or combs near the computers

  • All printing must be approved by the teacher.

  • Do not alter any screen settings (icons, background, etc.)

  • Do not fool with any files on the hard drive.

  • Boot correctly and follow established log-on procedures.

  • Respect yourself -- don't give out your log-on name and password.

  • Get organized -- have your task at hand and use your time wisely.

  • Report malfunctions and glitches -- it saves time and energy.

  • Take responsibility for your actions – mistakes occur so let the teacher know what happened.

  • Turn the computer off and return to computer cart at end of period.

  • Never make a change to any files that do not belong to you.

  • Shared files are for viewing only.

Mrs. Sutera has reviewed these rules with me. I understand and will abide by them.

Student’s Name______________________________________

Student’s Class______________________________________

Student’s Signature____________________________________

Parent’s Signature_____________________________________

These rules should be kept in your folder

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