South Australian Dressage Association Inc Newsletter January 2016

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South Australian Dressage Association Inc

Newsletter January 2016
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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2016. We are looking forward to an exciting year of competitions and other events with our horses and hope you can all join in.

This year there will be a new look membership card and a brochure with all the general details about how the club is run. We hope you will find this useful. c:\users\jan\appdata\local\temp\preview (2).jpg

There will still be newsletters to keep you up to date with what’s happening, but we would also like to make more use of our facebook page as this is how many clubs now communicate with their members. Make sure you have “liked” our page. Also you can find competition information on the Dressage calendar of as well as on our own website.

Membership fees – there is a new membership form on our website with revised fees. A copy is enclosed with this newsletter – be sure to sign the waiver on the back. Those members who joined after 1st September 2015 will have their membership extended to December 2016 and a new card will be issued.

Moving Forward – for those of you who order their copy of Moving Forward through the club, there is a move to change this to an online publication. As such, we are unsure exactly how this will affect the costs so the amount has remained unchanged. Any adjustments up or down will be sorted out when we know the final details.

Volunteers – this year we will be expecting more help from our members as the committee is finding it too onerous to cover all the tasks to run a competition. Please tick at least one month on the membership form when you are able to help or write down if you can help out on a regular basis, e.g. canteen, pencilling, gear checking, helping to set up arenas the day before (at GRPC only). The more volunteers we have, the less everyone has to do. We plan to set up a roster of duties for each event so that members can add in their names on the day if there is a space to be filled and they will be free to help.

First Aid Officer – this is another area where we need more volunteers. Anyone with a basic first aid certificate can help out by being on stand-by in case there is an incident.

Pencilling - this is an excellent way to learn what the judges are looking for and will hone your skills as a competitor. Obviously you cannot pencil if you are still to ride before a judge, but pencilling after your test is acceptable. Training is available.

Gear Checking – this is an official requirement and not hard to do. Training is available and sheets with the regulations are provided. It is also a fun way to interact with the riders and feel part of the event if you are not riding that day.

Canteen – this is only run at the GRPC events. Only basic items such as toasties are provided plus Subway sandwiches which are brought into the site. Coffee and tea are “help yourself” and drinks are in the fridge. Helping out for an hour or two would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions for mobile services at Mount Crawford are being sought now as we would like to get them booked ahead for the year.

Announcer – we hope to employ the services of a professional announcer for the Mount Crawford competitions where we usually have 3 to 4 arenas running at once. However, if you fancy a go at announcing at GRPC all you need is a clear voice and the ability to use binoculars to check horse numbers!

Tests for 2016

Prep B and C including classes for Standardbreds only

All other levels are 1’s and 3’s

Next Competition

7th February 2016 at GRPC grounds

Closing date 25th January 2016

Please use the new entry form available on the websites.

2016 Committee
President Tara Hall
Vice-President Jess Allan
Secretary Jan Boyd 0408-835-248
Treasurer Jane Berry
Public Officer
Deirdre Wood
Committee: Alex Chapman, Jessica Demczuk, Alex Doddridge, Mandy Gevers, Sheryl James, Carol Lehmann, Narrie Macartney, Lynda Smith, Anita Trenwith, Julie Williams


Jan. No event

7 Feb. Club Day GRPC

6 March Be Active/Competitive/Participant/ FEI/Para-equestrian/Interschool Mt Crawford

(Results from this event count towards SA State Squad selection and ESA Annual awards)

3 April Competitive/Participant/Closed Unrestricted Mt Crawford

1 May State Champs, no event

5 June Club Day GRPC

3 July Barrie Stratton clinic Reeves Plains Indoor Arena

7 Aug. Club Day/critique day Reeves Plains Indoor Arena

4 Sept. Club Day GRPC

2 Oct. Competitive/Participant/Closed Unrestricted Mt Crawford

6 Nov Adelaide 3 day event, no event

13 Nov Competitive/Participant/Closed Unrestricted/FEI Mt Crawford

(To be confirmed)

4 Dec Club Championships & AGM GRPC

We are grateful to the office of Tony Piccolo for providing free photocopies of dressage tests

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