School of leadership and mission application form

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Date of Birth: DD MM YYYY Age:
Gender: Male Female
County/Region: Postal Code:
Primary Telephone Number:
Passport Number (Foreign applicants only)
Place of Birth (Foreign applicants only) Address:
City: Region/State/Province:
Single Engaged Married Remarried Divorced

Separated Widowed

Spouse's name:
Names and ages of your children:

(on a separate piece of paper, please give a brief summary of the circumstances, if you have been separated, divorced, remarried, widowed or engaged)



Please type your answers to the following questions. Answer in detail.
We realize that the following questions are very personal. Please be assured that all answers will be read only by Harvest School leadership and will be held in strict confidence.


  1. Outline your conversion/acceptance of Christ and the events and steps leading up to that time.

  1. Describe your spiritual growth since that time.

  1. Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit? If yes, how do you know you were baptized in the Spirit?

  1. Are you meeting your expectations for personal spiritual growth?

  1. Do you attend church regularly? How long have you been attending there? (Include name of church and contact details)

  1. Briefly describe your relationship with your local church. If you aren’t involved in a church, please explain why.

  1. Have you recently left another church? If yes, please include explanation for leaving.


  1. Please describe your relationship with your mother in detail.

  1. Please describe your relationship with your father in detail.

  1. Describe your relationship with the rest of your family including your spouse if you are married.

  1. How does your family feel about your intentions to attend the School?


  1. Have you used any of the following substances? If so, please explain how recently and in what quantities and what you have done to overcome any addictions.

  1. alcoholic beverages,

  2. tobacco,

  3. "soft drugs" (e.g. marijuana)

  4. "hard drugs" (cocaine, heroin, chemicals)

  1. Describe any struggles with depression, mental instability, self harm, suicide etc.

  1. List any eating disorders you have.

  1. List any compulsive behaviours you have.

  1. List any occult or cult practices you have been involved in or exposed to. (Satanism, Witchcraft, New Age, Other Religions etc)

  1. List any heterosexual sin, including pornography or any sexual activity in your life.

  1. List any homosexual activity or same sex attraction in your life.

  1. List any other addictions you have. (gambling, food, shopping, sex, etc)

  1. Please give a summary of any history of abuse. (verbal, physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual)


  1. List any medication you are currently taking.

  1. List any allergies or specific dietary requirements you have.

  1. List any physical disabilities or limitations you have.

  1. Do you have any other comments about your health you would like to mention?


  1. Have you ever been arrested?

  1. Do you have a criminal record?


During the school program, you may do activities which involve working with children /youth / vulnerable adults (e.g. community outreaches, or pastoral training). Because of this, we need you to obtain a certain level of Police Reference Check.

Please include an official Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check (normally available at a nominal fee from your local police station). All students must a current and official Police Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (or equivalent) in order to attend Harvest School Europe. The results of the police record will NOT automatically disqualify you from attending Harvest School Europe.

The Police Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening must be:

  • An original document date stamped, and embossed (where applicable), obtained within three months of the start of the school term,

  • Country-wide, that is, it must be run through the national database.

The references that you provide will also be used as part of the Well Church’s Vulnerable Sector Screening process for working with children or vulnerable adults. All Staff, volunteers and students at The Well Church participate in this process. If you are happy for these references to be used for the screening, please indicate here:

I/We agree that the references submitted with my application can be used for the screening process.
Applicant, Parent or Guardian Signature: ___________________ Date: ________ Signature of parent or guardian, if applicant is under 18 years of age.




  1. Comment briefly on the circumstances that led up to your decision to apply for this school.

  1. What are your reasons for wanting to attend this school?

(Include spiritual and ministry goals which you hope the school will help you achieve)

  1. What are your plans and dreams following the school?

  1. Are you interested in an Internship or further training with us after the school?


  1. What do you believe your spiritual gifts are?

  1. What are you passionate about?

(Regarding ministry, missions and church)

  1. Do you have any special skills or training?

  1. Do you have a particular City, Region or Nation you believe God is calling you to?

  1. Are you interested in an internship or further training with us after the school?



Release of Liability

I do hereby release Harvest School Europe and The Well Church, its staff agents and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss sustained by said persons during the course of involvement with Harvest School Europe and The Well Church.

Applicant Signature: ___________________ Date: ________

Consent For Treatment

In case of emergency, I hereby agree to the performance of such treatment, including anesthesia and surgery, or any other treatment that an attending doctor 
or physician may deem necessary. I/We agree to meet any and all medical expenses that are incurred during the course of involvement with Harvest School Europe and The Well Church.

Applicant Signature: ___________________ Date: ________

Financial Responsibility

I understand that the payment of the required school tuition fees must be made in British Pound Sterling or Euro prior to or upon my arrival. Payment must be made in full. Further, I agree to meet in a timely manner, prior to the completion of school, all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with the Harvest School Europe and The Well Church. I/we understand that graduation from the School of Leadership & Mission is not granted until all outstanding payments have been received.

Applicant Signature: ___________________ Date: ________

Publicity Agreement

I agree that Harvest School Europe and The Well Church can contact us regarding any other related events and programs offered by Harvest School Europe, The Well Church, Partners in Harvest or Iris Global.

Applicant Signature: ___________________ Date: ________

Agreement to abide by School Guidelines & Structure

If I am accepted I, ______________________________________, will abide by the rules, commitments and schedules of the school including:

  1. All book reports, assignments, assessments and exams. 

  2. Arriving at all school functions and commitments on time. 

  3. Practical help around the school and church. 

  4. All training sessions, classes & workshops that are a designated part of my 
course of study.

  1. Personal development of my gifting and talents as related to my course of study. 

  2. All ministry & outreach opportunities I am required to participate in.

  3. Living according to the rules and standards of Harvest School Europe.

Applicants Signature: __________________________________ Date: _________ 

I certify that all the information in this application is complete and accurate.



We require TWO reference form from a Friend, Co-Worker, or peer, and ONE reference from your pastor.
Your application will NOT be processed until we receive all your reference forms. Please ensure that all your references complete and send them into our office as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarification.
Reference - Friend / Co-worker

Please list the people to whom you gave your reference forms.

1. Name
Email Address
2. Name
Email Address

Pastoral Reference

Enclosed is a reference form for you to give to your pastor. We want to invite his/her counsel and input with regards to your application.

Home Church
Pastor's Name
How long have you attended this church?
How would you describe your relationship with your pastor?

FRIEND / CO-WORKER Reference Form (Confidential)

Name of Applicant

The above applicant has applied to attend a leadership training program with Harvest School Europe. Please supply the information requested on this form, in order to aid us in evaluating the applicant's suitability for admission.

Your name

Phone Occupation
1) What is your relationship to the applicant?

2) How many years have you known the applicant?

3) What do you perceive to be the applicant's best qualities?

4) What do you perceive to be the applicant's greatest weakness (es)?

5) How do you think Harvest School Europe will aid the applicant’s development?

6) What ministry or spiritual gifts have you seen in operation with the applicant?
7) Do you have any reservations about the applicant attending Harvest School Europe?

8) Do you know of any incidents or examples in which the applicant compromised his or her Christian faith or moral integrity? If so, please explain, including how it was resolved.

9) Please rate the applicant's ability to get along with his or her peers:

Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor

10) Please rate the applicant's ability to relate to authority:

Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor

11) Please rate the applicant's ability to relate to unbelievers:

Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor

12) Please rate the applicant's leadership skills:

Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor

13) Please rate the applicant's ability to overcome adversity:

Outstanding Excellent Good Fair Poor

Signature Date


Harvest School EU

Ansdell Road North

Lytham St Annes


United Kingdom

PASTOR Reference Form (Confidential)

Name of Applicant:

Please supply the information requested on this form, in order to aid us in evaluating the applicant's suitability for admission.

Pastor's Name

Home Church



Phone Fax
1) How long have you known the applicant?
2) What is your position in the church? Pastor Elder Other:
3) How well do you know the applicant? Very well Well Casually
4) Were you aware of the applicant's intention to participate in Harvest School Europe prior to receiving this form? Yes No (comments)

5) Are you happy with his/her intentions?

6) In what activities has the applicant participated since attending your church?

7) Has he/she shown effectiveness in these activities?

8) Upon your observation, do you see the applicant as financially responsible?

Yes No Unsure (comments)

9) In your association with the applicant, what has been the level of commitment you have seen?

Faithful Inconsistent Other (comments)

10) This is an evaluation of the applicant's overall characteristics.

Please tick one for each category.

Responsiveness to others

Leadership Ability

slow to sense how others feel

leads naturally

unusually sensitive

tries but lacks ability

reasonably responsive

has some leadership promise

understanding and thoughtful

makes no effort to lead

Physical Condition

Willingness to serve

excellent health

eager to serve as needed

average health

co-operative when asked

frequently ill

reluctant to serve



excellent intellectual capacity

works well with others

average mental ability

reasonably cooperative

learns and thinks slowly

insists on having own way

PASTOR'S Reference Form (Confidential)



sought out by others

takes initiative

liked by others

meets average expectation

tolerated by others

starts but does not finish

Christian experience

Ability to follow

mild but genuine


relatively superficial

follows blindly

rich and growing


over emotional

resistant to direction

How does the applicant usually react to trying situations?

Evaluation of applicant’s emotional maturity


outstandingly mature

gets discouraged

has a proven ability to operate under stress and pressure

gets angry

more mature and emotionally stable than average

meets constructively

possesses adequate emotional stability and maturity

accepts patiently

experience has shown that the applicant might not be able to handle trials

other (explain)……

other (explain)……

PASTOR'S Reference Form (Confidential)

11) Please comment on areas of weakness you might be aware of.

12) To your knowledge, has the applicant ever been arrested for any offense?

Yes No If yes, please explain:

13) Has the applicant proven on any occasion to be unreliable, dishonest, or of questionable character?

Yes No If yes, please explain:

14) Please comment on the family background.

15) Overall, what do you consider to be the applicant’s strong points? (Include special abilities)

16) What could the Harvest School Europe do to aid the applicant's development?

17) Do you recommend this person for admission to this training program?

To the best of my knowledge the above information is correct and I believe that he/she possesses the qualities indicated above.
Signature Date

Submit to:



Harvest School EU

Ansdell Road North

Lytham St Annes


United Kingdom (+44)1253 739043

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