Russia 110201 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 110201

Basic Political Developments

  • Law ratifying new Russia-U.S. arms pact comes into force in Russia

    • Law on START ratification comes into force

  • Russia's Ryabkov on U.S.-Russia relations: 'We can offer tangible results, and we will do more in the future' - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, who daily oversees relations between Moscow and the United States, last week provided interesting insight on Iran, Afghanistan and arms control, among other topics, in an appearance at the Nixon Center in Washington.

  • SCO summit to be held in Astana on June 15 - Kazakhstan

    • SCO jubilee summit to be held in Astana

  • Azerbaijan and Iran to establish joint venture related to construction of Gazvin-Rasht-Astara railway - On January 31, next trilateral meeting (Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran) on the realization of North-South international transport corridor was started in Tehran.

  • Sukhumi regime acquired two planes - The puppet regime of Abkhazia has acquired two planes for development of civil aviation. Planes were delivered by Russian special design office Interavia. As it was stated by representative of the company Vladimir Maryan it is planned to establish production of these palnes directly on the territory of Abkhazia.

  • Occupants conduct military exercises in the Tskhinvali region - According to the defence ministry of the puppet regime in Tskhinvali, five-day exercises aim at combat coordination of military units and law enforcement agencies. In addition to army units, soldiers of the border service of the Russian FSB and KGB of Tskhinvali are involved in exercises.

  • Abkhazians will not be able to cross the Russian border using Soviet passports - From February 1st it will not be possible to cross the Abkhazian part of the Georgian-Russian border using passports with Soviet symbols. The decision was taken following negotiations between Sukhumi and the Russian Federation.

  • Workers Trickle Out of Restive Egypt - Some other Russian companies that have offices in Egypt, such as software company Softline and satellite tracking firm Russian Navigation Technologies, rely on local staff and won't need to arrange evacuations, their spokespeople said.

  • Egyptian Unrest Likely to Affect Moscow’s Position in North Caucasus, Markedonov Says - But on the other hand – and Markedonov’s language suggests that he views this as the more important factor at least relative to the Egyptian events – the attack on Domodedovo is intended to show to the world that “the Caucasus jihad” has gone over to a general attack and that it has “the forces and resources needed to do every more.”

  • Russia mulls direct flights to Kenya - Visiting Parliamentarians from Russia on Monday pledged to push for the introduction of direct flights between Nairobi and Moscow in a bid to boost bilateral trade.

  • Medvedev unveils statue of ‘decisive’ Yeltsin

    • Dmitry Medvedev unveils monument to Yeltsin

    • 80th Anniversary Of Boris Yeltsin's Birth

    • Medvedev, Naina Yeltsin attending monument unveiling ceremony

    • Yeltsin: epitome of 1990s Russia remembered

  • Medvedev urges to develop non-profit organizations helping kids

  • British embassy says 'no comments' on Luzhkov residence permit - A number of media sources earlier reported that Luzhkov had filed a request for a British visa and residence permit. In late October, Luzhkov was allegedly spotted lining up for a visa at the British Embassy in Moscow.

  • Nezavisimaya: Moscow and Delhi are interested in a high-tech partnership

  • Russia's first Graney-class nuke attack sub to begin sea trials in May

  • Ambitious programmes underline future of HAL - In what is likely to result in HAL's most ambitious programme to date, India and Russia in December signed a preliminary design contract for India's fifth-generation fighter aircraft, a variant of the Sukhoi PAK FA demonstrator, which first flew in January 2010. Nayak values this initial contract at $295 million. During its 18-month term, Indian designers will work with Sukhoi designers in Russia, building in Indian requirements for the variant.

  • Russian crime gangs discussed during Asia-Pacific summit - A delegation from the Russian government took part in a conference of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, which opened last week in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. It brought together parliamentarians from 27 countries of that region. The sessions highlighted issues of politics and security in the region, as well as economic cooperation and integration.

  • Russia's Black Sea Fleet, South Stream and Somali Pirates - Based on its shipbuilding plans, Russia no longer considers the US an opponent. Instead of ships aimed at destroying US attack submarines and aircraft carriers, Russia plans to build smaller multipurpose ships such as frigates and corvettes.

  • Bombs planted six months ago found at hydro dam - Engineers repairing the Irganayskaya hydropower plant in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan have discovered two improvised explosive devices. They may have been planted last September and failed to detonate.

    • Attack on Irganayskaya HPP prevented in Dagestan – two bombs defused in one of the turbines

  • 2 fighters wiped out in special operation in Dagestan

  • Anonymous bomb scare false - Moscow law enforcement - "Several calls were received about bombs allegedly planted in the Botkinskaya Hospital, State Duma and the Aktyor Gallery on Pushkinskaya Square,"

  • Washington 'troubled' by arrests of protesters in Russia - Vietor said the latest events run counter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's recent comments on widening the political spectrum and urged Russia to "act to safeguard the fundamental freedoms of expression and assembly for all citizens."

    • US raises concern over arrest of protesters in Russia

    • Police releases detained in Moscow opposition leader Limonov

    • In Moscow, a victory for protesters' rights - "Revolutions are not for Russia," said Nemtsov, who spent 15 days in jail after being arrested at a similar demonstration on New Year's Eve. "Our main aim is free elections. We want Putin to go away - peacefully."

    • Hundreds of Russians protest against Putin

  • Patriarch anniversary marked - Celebrations are underway in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral marking two years since Metropolitan Kirill became Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

  • Naomi Campbell interviews Vladimir Putin

  • Women tells of her ordeal at hands of terrorists behind the Moscow Airport bomb attack

  • Russian Press at a Glance, Tuesday, February 1, 2011

  • Gagarin's daughter wants to register his trademark


    • BP Russia arm eyed deals in sanctioned states: cables

    • WikiLeaks: BP's new Russian partner sees Godfather films as 'manual for life'

    • WikiLeaks: BP boss Bob Dudley blamed new Rosneft partner Igor Sechin for 'black' plot against him

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