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January 12, 2016

Department: Public Services


Subject: Presentation, Review and Discussion - Administration Building, Ramp Rehabilitation and Expansion, Parking and Site Improvements

[X] Concept Plan, Ramp Reconfiguration Concepts, Building Floor Plan, and Building Elevations

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Prepared by:

Approved by:

Department Head - Keith D. Riger, P.E.

City Manager - Michael Pleus

SUMMARY/HIGHLIGHT: The concept of an aviation “terminal” at DeLand Municipal Airport has been included in various airport master plans since 1995. The current Master Plan Update, completed in 2014, contains a project entitled “New Terminal, Ramp, and Fuel Farm.” This Master Plan was discussed in detail by the Airport Advisory Committee during meetings in February, March, April and May 2014.
Since that time, it has been determined that the “terminal” will primarily serve as an administration and welcome center for airport’s airside and industrial park tenants and users. The building is therefore now referred to as the “Administration Building.”
In June 2015, the City Commission authorized airport consultants Passero Associates to provide professional services required to design and permit the Administration Building, to master plan the related site and to provide bidding and grant administration services for the project. At this same meeting, the City Commission also approved a Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to provide grant funding for this design and permitting effort.
At their December 7, 2015 meeting, the DeLand City Commission authorized another JPA with FDOT to provide funding for professional design services necessary to rehabilitate and reconfigure part of the existing asphalt ramp and construct a new 90,000 square-foot paved ramp to provide aircraft parking for the proposed Administration Building.
Discussion of this project was included on the agenda for the October 13, 2015 meeting of the Airport Advisory Committee and a report on the status of the design of permitting was given by staff. At their November 10, 2015 meeting, the Airport Manager presented a Power Point Presentation and the Airport Advisory Committee provided some input on the conceptual design. Staff indicated that the design process was ongoing and that the Committee would have the opportunity to comment further on project plans.

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SUBJECT: Presentation, Review and Discussion - Administration Building, Ramp Rehabilitation and Expansion, Parking and Site Improvements
The latest iteration of the Administration Building floor plan and elevations, the latest site master plan depicting the building, ramp, parking area and space for future improvements are attached. Also included are sketches depicting reconfiguration of the existing apron and tie downs. Overall, we do not anticipate a major loss of existing tie down spaces on the existing ramp. Additional tie downs will be provided on the new ramp to offset those removed while providing aircraft access to the proposed Administration Building.
The DeLand City Commission has approved design of this project and has expressed support for its construction, primarily for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed Administration Building will provide a much needed “point of arrival” to the City from the air side of the Airport. It will serve as a welcome center and allow the DeLand Airport and City staffs to provide services to our clientele both on the air field and within the business park.

  2. FDOT plans to provide funding for this project because of the great success they have had at other Florida airports where buildings of this type have provided a significant increase in customer satisfaction with the associated airport.

  3. The latest JPA with FDOT will provide funding to design a rehabilitation project for the existing western portion of the general aviation ramp which is deteriorating and showing signs of major cracking, heaving, and water intrusion. If not addressed, this portion of the ramp will continue to deteriorate to an unacceptable level.

  4. Construction of an additional 90,000 square-foot general aviation apron south of the existing ramp will not only provide access to the new administration building, but will also serve future business hangars.

FISCAL IMPACT: The Administration Building, ramp and parking lot project, when all phases are complete, is expected to cost approximately $2,000,000 to $2,500,000, of which 80% will be eligible for reimbursement by FDOT. The balance of costs will be borne by the Airport Enterprise Fund.
RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the Airport Advisory Committee review the plans, narrative, and presentation by staff and consultants at this meeting and provide comments. All comments received at this meeting will be recorded in the meeting minutes. Staff also requests that Committee Members and other Airport stakeholders who are invited to this meeting provide us with any additional comments, in writing, no later than January 22, 2016. Comments may be sent by email to, hand delivered to the Airport office, or sent by U.S. mail. Due to potential Sunshine Law issues, members of the AAC should not copy other AAC members with their correspondence or emails. All written comments received will be compiled and appended to the minutes of the January 12, 2016 meeting.
BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION: Staff will prepare a report of all comments and design changes requested by the Airport Advisory Committee and other stakeholders, identify those

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SUBJECT: Presentation, Review and Discussion - Administration Building, Ramp Rehabilitation and Expansion, Parking and Site Improvements
changes which staff does or does not support, and provide a written explanation for these items. This report will be provided with the agenda to the Airport Advisory Committee for discussion at their February 9, 2016 meeting. At that meeting, staff will formally ask the Airport Advisory Committee to accept the analysis of the changes recommended (and possibly not recommended) by staff.
At the February 15, 2016 City Commission meeting, staff will agenda a discussion of the report of AAC and stakeholder changes and comments as well as staff’s recommendations and ask the City Commission to approve or conditionally approve staff’s recommendations. The design consultants will then be instructed to incorporate necessary changes and complete the project design and permitting to a bid ready state.
In order to construct this project, two buildings will need to be removed. These include the metal building located at 1050 Terminal Drive, currently leased on a year-to-year basis to the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum, and the “Hex Building” located at 1075 Terminal Drive, also leased to SimCheck Training on a year-to-year basis. Both of these buildings are in poor condition and have reached the end of their useful lives. Tenants in these buildings were made aware of future demolition plans when they leased their facilities. The schedules for project design, permitting, and construction will allow ample time for the tenants of these buildings to relocate to other facilities.
The ramp project will be constructed adjacent to the west side of the Airport Restaurant, but it will not encroach on the restaurant’s leasehold. Since customers of the restaurant currently use both paved and unpaved parking (off the current leasehold) to the west and south of the restaurant, staff anticipates making additional parking available in the area for use by restaurant customers and the general public.
Members of the Airport Advisory Committee have expressed concern that the proposed Administration Building and the site master plan which includes space for a future fuel farm will compete with airport businesses currently providing fueling, ramp rental, and other FBO services. Staff has stated in meetings of the Airport Advisory Committee, at a meeting with the current FBO Operator and at City Commission meetings on November 16, 2015 and December 7, 2015, that it is not the intent of City government to compete with these businesses at present or with these or other viable businesses in the future. Staff has recommended, however, and the Commission has accepted, that the Airport has an opportunity to provide a very nice welcome center and administrative facility due to grant funding which has become available and that this facility should be constructed to better serve current and future airport users.

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