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August 13, 2013
A regular meeting of the Commission convened on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the office of GERPDC, 3000 West DeYoung Street, Suite 800B-3, Marion, Illinois.
COMMISSION MEMBERS PRESENT: Donna Sue Bozarth, Mike Rolla (Franklin County); Don Gass (West Frankfort); Robert Hopkins, Julie Peterson, John Rendleman, (Jackson County); Kevin Baity (Carbondale); Steve Damron, Curt Grothoff (Jefferson County); Jim Epplin, Fred Kelly, Brian Otten, Sam Robb (Perry County); Eric Pflanz (Du Quoin); DarRen Pulley, Jeffery Robinson (Williamson County); Mark T. Krones (Carterville); Brian Chapman (Herrin).
COMMISSION MEMBERS ABSENT: Elizabeth Files, William Stark (Franklin County); Gary Kraft (Benton); Robert Clodi (Rend Lake Conservancy District); John Keele, Robert White (Jefferson County); Ron Neibert (Mt. Vernon); August Kellerman (Pinckneyville); Ron Ellis, Brent Gentry (Williamson County); Robert Butler (Marion).
STAFF PRESENT: Cary Minnis, Executive Director and Margie Mitchell, Program Director.
Mr. Damron, Chairman, called the meeting after finding that a quorum was present. Margie Mitchell recorded the proceedings of the meeting.
Motion was made by Mr. Grothoff and seconded by Mr. Robinson to approve the July 18, 2013, Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Commission, as received. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Copies of the July 31, 2013 Treasurer’s Report was distributed. Motion was made by Mr. Grothoff and seconded by Mr. Robinson to accept the July Treasurer’s Report as received. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Executive Committee Report
The Executive Committee did not meet.
Update on Local Fund CDs
Mr. Minnis reported that the Local Fund Certificates of Deposit were renewed at best quoted interest rate of 1%. The $100,000 CD was renewed, the $98,000 CD was cashed and a $50,000 CD was purchased for the Fund Policy (Stabilization Agreement), and a $48,000 CD was purchased. Term of CDs is 1 year. The First National Bank and Trust Company requires that resolutions be adopted to purchase the new CDs. Mr. Minnis read the resolutions and requested approval for officials to sign.
Motion by Mr. Grothoff and seconded by Mr. Baity to adopt the First National Bank and Trust Company resolutions to purchase CD 22191 for $50,000 and CD 22192 for $48,000 and for the authorized officials to sign the resolutions. Mr. Hopkins “ABSTAINED”, all other members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Staff Report to the Commission
Motion by Ms. Bozarth and seconded by Mr. Grothoff to accept the July Staff Report to the Commission. All members present voted “AYE”. Motion carried.
Water Quality Management Planning
No Report.
Mr. Minnis reported the EDA planning grant agreement hasn’t been received; the project start date was July 1. We will be able to charge expenses from July 1 to the grant when it is received.
Good news regarding Stadium Grille, attorney received correspondence from the Morgans that they will provide information requested. The Executive Committee will meet to review the information when received and make a recommendation to the Commission.
Mr. Minnis reported that twelve applications were submitted to DRA from the Commission area, seven were new and five were carried over from last year. There were 17 other applications submitted from the other planning districts in southern Illinois DRA area. There was a meeting this morning with Mr. Stanhouse, the Governor’s designee to DRA, Kim Watson, the alternate Illinois designee, the other planning commissions, and additional committee members to review the applications. There were 29 applications submitted for a total of $3.2 million. There is $450,000 available to fund the projects. Review criteria included job created or job retention; are there other funding sources available; what happens if a project isn’t funded; does the project have a regional scope. DRA decisions should be made soon. All the projects submitted from our area were deemed eligible. Received two projects in the early funding round: West Frankfort-$47,250 for the incubator sprinkling system, and Carterville-$175,000 for water and sewer to the cancer center.

Transportation Planning
Mr. Minnis reported work is focusing on transit needs within our five counties, services they provide, and infrastructure that may be needed. Staff met with the Transit Authorities today. The report should be out next month. Report will discuss locations in the five counties for transfer and pick up points and what infrastructure is now available. They are now picking up people in parking lots. Report should provide information and justification for the transit districts needs to apply for regional funding.
Mr. Minnis noted that Friday, August 16, is the deadline for the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Multi-Modal Transportation System Assessment to be submitted. Cost of the contract will be $125,000-$150,000. The study is for the assessment of all areas of transportation in the Southern Illinois Metropolitan Area; essentially along highway 13 from Murphysboro to Marion will be reviewed. The Technical Advisory Committee will review the RFP’s on August 20. Interviews will then be scheduled.
Assessment is to include list of future studies, projects to be implemented and information for the transportation plan to be prepared in 2016. The plan will address modes of transportation and identify project needed in the future.
Hazard Mitigation
The five counties have submitted pre-applications to IEMA for the five-year update of their Hazard Mitigation Plans. We have been working with SIU on the pre-applications. When the counties are invited for a full application, meetings will be held with the counties, SIU, and IEMA to complete the full application.
The Rend Lake Conservancy District has submitted a new application for Hazard Mitigation Project for the installation of emergency water supply bypasses around large swamp/river crossings and the purchase of emergency bypass components to use for smaller swamp and river crossings. The main bypass is just north of West Frankfort and serves West Frankfort, Marion, Herrin and other communities. Rend Lake is taking a pro-active stance.
Mr. Minnis announced that Beau Henson was hired as the new Economic Development Specialist. He lives in Carbondale and is an SIU student completing his Masters Degree in Business Administration. He completed his BA in Georgetown. Staff is happy to have him on board.
Rural Development Programs
Mr. Minnis reported the 502 and 504 Rural Housing Loan Programs are available to rural areas in the United States which included all of southern Illinois until the 2010 Census data was released. The Census results are making it likely that these programs will no longer be available in much of Jackson and Williamson Counties. The 2010 Census population figures for the two counties resulted in a new Urbanized Area and a Metropolitan Statistical Area being designated by the Census Bureau along the Illinois Route 13 corridor, which includes the communities between Carbondale, Herrin and Marion. In the past there have been considerations to allow areas that have been considered rural for many years to retain their eligibility for certain programs such as the RD 502 and 504 programs.
The 502 Single Family Housing Loan Program allows for 100% loans to eligible rural individuals and families to purchase a home within the eligible rural areas without paying mortgage insurance. Loans can be extended up to 38 years. Between 2009 and 2012 there was an annual average of 186 loan guarantees totaling $16,908,842 per year in Jackson and Williamson Counties.
The 504 Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants Program is to provide loans and grants to very low-income homeowners to repair their homes or to remove health and safety hazards. Between 2009 and 2012 there was an annual average of 9 loans and 8 grants totaling about $45,000 and $39,900 respectively in Jackson and Williamson Counties.
If members are involved in the housing market, and are so inclined you may wish to contact your legislator’s office regarding grandfathering these programs to communities under 35,000.
Mr. Baity announced that IDOT is having a meeting on September 18, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at John A. Logan College. IDOT will present their five-year program for southern Illinois. Plans are to be presented for a six-lane highway from John A. Logan College to Carbondale.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

July 2013 Treasurer’s Report

Copies of all background documents furnished to the Board are on file at the Commission office located in Marion, Illinois.

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