Race Results, Participating Fire Depts, & Interesting Information Finishing Line

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NJ Firefighter’s Bicycle Race 2012

To Benefit the St. Barnabas Burn Foundation

Sponsored by the Stirling Volunteer Fire Co.

Race Results, Participating Fire Depts, & Interesting Information
Finishing Line
1st Place Female Firefighter Racer: Denise Klymec, Flemington FD

2nd Place Female Firefighter Racer: Jamie Bergan, Cedar Knolls FD

3rd Place Female Firefighter Racer: Ronni Stein, Stirling Vol. FD
1st Place Team of 4: North Branch FD – Team #1: Jay Hennessey, Doug King, Rick Schwarz, and Raj Srivastava.
1st Tom English, Berkeley Heights FD

2nd Castro Dawher, Stirling Vol. FD (the sponsoring FD)

3rd Peter Aprahamian, Liberty Corner FD

4th Jeff Hodges, Dunellen FD

5th Richard Owens, Wilkes-Barre (PA) FD

6th Richard Freyer, Dunellen FD

7th Chris Rutishauser, Paramus Rescue 1

8th Curtis Meaney, Hampton FD

9th Adam Klymec, Flemington FD

10th Matthew Gerecht, Millington FD

11th Jay Hennesy, North Branch FD

12th Dennis Cronin, Applegarth FD

13th Andrew White, Fairlawn FD

14th Moe Valasquez, Perth Amboy FD

15th Raj Srivastavac, North Branch FD

16th Scott Dubarry, North Branch FD

17th Dan Hamlin, Paramus Rescue 1

18th Sean Greene , Dunellen FD

19th Frederick Gaghan, New Providence (age 74)

20th Tim Walczak, South Amboy FD

21st Michael Elias, Bloomfield FD

22nd Ramiz Klobocusta, Perth Amboy FD

23rd Roy Rotz, North Branch FD

24th Robert Anderson, Perth Amboy FD

25th Matt Byrum, Three Bridges FD

26 Rick Schwartz, North Branch FD

27 Steve Ference, North Branch FD

28 John Massari, North Branch FD

29 David Gillmartin, Flemington FD

30 George Manis, Cedar Knolls FD

31 Christopher Hurst, Liberty Corner FD

32 Denise Klymec, Flemington FD

33 Richard Pfluger, Stirling Vol. Fire Co.

34 Doug King, North Branch FD

35 Daniel Palmer, Flemington FD

36 Douglas Larson, North Branch FC

37 Curt Leindecker, North Branch FD

38 John Richards, Green Brook FD

39 Scott Noonan, Fair Lawn FD

40 Tim Yuskaitis, Fair Lawn FD

41 Anthony Grigollo, Paramus Rescue 1

42 Jerry Putruele, Green Brook FD

43 Brian Russoniello, North Branch FD

44 Mike Nittoli, North Branch FD

45 Richard Brown, Bloomfield FD

46 Jamie Bergan, Cedar Knolls FD

47 Chris Fisher, East Franklin FD

48 Troy Savarino, Green Brook FD

49 John Borchert, Liberty Corner FD

50 Scott Hanna, North Branch FD

51 Bill Covgitan, Green Brook FD

52 Robert Anderson Jr., Perth Amboy FD

53 Robert Fueizelida, Dunellen FD

54 Steve Wall, South Wall FD

55 Jarrid Ruban, South Wall FD

56 Fred Donatelli, Fair Lawn FD

57 Al Gallo, Stirling Vol. Fire Co.

58 Alan Curtis, Green Brook FD

59 Ronni Stein, Stirling Vol. Fire Co.

60 David Breen Sr., Green Brook FD

61 Keith Larson, Green Brook FD

62 Michael Anderson, Perth Amboy FD

63 Craig Hopkins, Clifton FD

64 Mack Russell, South Amboy FD

65 Gabe Dinella, North Branch FD

66 Don Russonillo, North Branch FD

67 Sueanne Traynon, Three Bridges FD

68 Mare Sieka, Whippany FD

69 Sue Frost, Liberty Corner FD

70 Joe Kegen, South Amboy FD

71 Tim Wolksack, South Amboy FD

72 Jake Williams, Applegarth FD

73 Christine Walczak, South Amboy FD

74 Bill Cougitan, Green Brook FD

75 Mike Torris, South Amboy FD
Last Place – the dreaded “Dragging Ass” trophy went to Mike Torris, South Amboy FD. Yes, he got a big round of applause and a lot of kidding! But he finished this grueling race, which is more than some can say! Congratulations to all the racers!
Fire Departments with active members in the race were:

Applegarth FD, Bayway Refinery FD, Berkeley Heights FD, Bloomfield FD, Cedar Knolls FD, Clifton FD, Dunellen FD, East Franklin FD, Fair Lawn FD, Flemington FD, Forked River FD, Green Brook FD, Hampton FD, Liberty Corner FD, Millington FD, New Providence FD, North Branch FD, Paramus Rescue 1, Perth Amboy FD, South Amboy FD, South Wall FD, Stirling FD, Three Bridges FD, Whippany FD, and Wilkes-Barre (PA) FD.

There were a total of 75 firefighters in the race. They raced in their full firefighting gear less boots, which weighs up to 40 pounds! It is a two mile race that is followed by a picnic luncheon in the firehouse hosted by the Stirling Volunteer Fire Co. members and then the trophy awards ceremony. The was much camaraderie after the race as the racers and their guests watch the pre-race and race photos taken that day on a large screen TV in the firehouse.
This year the St. Barnabas Burn Foundation video taped the race and interviewed several of the racers and the firefighters sponsoring the race. It will be used as a promotional piece by the Foundation.
Stirling Fire Co. volunteered more than 350 hours to make this unique race another huge success. The race was co-chaired by Frank Reilly and Troy Pytel and more than 25 firefighters assisted in producing this event. The Bicycle Race Committee also consisted of fire company president Al Pepe, Chief Emeritus Lou Aroneo, and firefighters Richard Pfluger, Ronni Stein, and Mike Batog.

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