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Professor Patrick Zou (Bio for ANZSIG as at 11 March 2013)


Professor Patrick XW Zou, PhD UNSW, is Chair of Building and Construction Management and Fellow of ANZSOG Institute for Governance at the University of Canberra (UC) in Oct 2011. Prior to joining UC, Dr Zou was Associate Professor and Program Director of Construction Management and Property at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), where he obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering in 1999 and served for more than a decade in various capacities including lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, director of construction management and property program and director of research students. Patrick is Supervisory Chair of Construction Management at College of Civil Engineering Hunan University and Guest Professor in Shenzhen University. Professor Zou was visiting academic at Tsinghua University, University of Florida, National University of Singapore, and Renmin University of China. Professor Zou is an award-winning researcher and teacher in Risk Management, in which he has published extensively, provided 40+ invited lectures/seminars, keynote presentations, and considerable consultancies to governments and industries as well as taught at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. Professor Zou has developed a wide collaboration network with both academic colleagues and industry and has successfully undertaken many collaborative research and consultancy projects. 


Professor Zou is an award-winning researcher and teacher in Risk Management including theory development and applications with a focus on construction business and management, such as Safety Risk Management, Sustainable/Green Building Life-Cycle Risk Management; Complex Infrastructure Project Life Cycle Risk Management and Risk and Opportunity Management in the Chinese Construction Market and Management. Professor Zou’s current research and practice is Enterprise Risk Management for Government Organisations, NGO and Construction Enterprises.

Professor Zou has published 50+ articles in leading international journals (most of them are A+ or A ranked by ERA); 70+ papers in international conferences (most of them are A ranked by ERA); two books, two book chapters, and two commissioned reports for governments and construction enterprises. He has also been invited to edit special issues of risk management for International Journal of Construction Management and International Journal of Project Organisation and Management. Professor Zou’s new book “Construction Management New Directions 3rd Edition (2013) was recently published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Professor Zou has won many research grants from different sources including ARC, NSFC, government departments, professional bodies and major construction enterprises, totalling over AU$1.5 million.

Professor Zou has successfully supervised many PhD, Master and Honours research students and many of them won awards for their research outcomes and published their research results. Professor Zou has also examined five PhD theses and one Master thesis as an external examiner invited by different universities.

Awards for Patrick’s Excellence in Research

Patrick has received four intentional awards for his excellence in research, including:

  1. CRICOM 2012 Research Symposium Outstanding Paper Award;

  2. UK Higher Education Academy ARCOM 2011 Annual Conference Best Paper Award;

  3. UK Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence Outstanding Paper Award (2009);

  4. UK CIOB International Innovation and Research ICPMA Award (2008);

Professor Zou also has several papers which are top-downed and being highly cited by peer researchers (details in Publication section).


Professor Zou has a [2+3] teaching philosophy as “Student-centred & Inspirational” + “Research-led, Innovative & Traditional” and he has undertaken research and published 30+ papers and one guideline on innovative teaching and educational technology (which includes graduate attributes, team and group learning, e-learning, assessment, and student satisfaction. Based on his research Professor Zou has develop a ASK (Attitude, Skill and Knowledge) model to guide students learning, and has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Postgraduate courses

  • Risk Management

  • Principles and Practice of management

  • Construction Management Applications

Undergraduate courses

  • Tall Building Construction

  • Construction Techniques

  • Building Structures

Awards for Professor Zou’s Excellence in Teaching:

  1. University of New South Wales (UNSW) Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2007);

  2. UNSW Faculty of Built Environment Dean’s Teaching Award for Fulltime Staff (2006);

  3. UNSW Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology (ITET) Fellowship (2003)

  4. Australian Institute of Building NSW Chapter Professional Excellence in Building High Commendation Award (2003).


A Scholarly Books

  1. McGeorge D and Zou P.X.W. (2013), Construction Management New Directions 3rd Edition, Wiley-Blackwell, UK, 300 pp.

This research-based text discusses the contemporary issues including culture in construction industry, strategic management, benchmarking, reengineering, partnering and alliancing, enterprise risk management, total safety management, total quality management, value management, constructability.


  1. McGeorge D., Palmer A. and Zou P.X.W., (2003), “Construction Management in a Market Economy”, (in bilingual English and Chinese), China Architecture and Building Press, Beijing China; 200 pp. (ISBN: 7 112 06028 1).

Commissioned Reports

  1. Zou P.X.W. (2013) Building Professionals’ and Homeowners’ Perceptions of the NSW Building Sustainability Index (BASIX), funded by and report for NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructures, The University of Canberra, ISBN: 9781740883603, 200 pp.

  2. Zou P.X.W. (2010) An Investigation Into Return On Investment (ROI) Of The Incident & Injury Free (IIF) Safety Program, funded by and report for Bovis Lend lease, 74 pp.


  1. Zou P.X.W. and Yang R.J. (2013) “Guidelines for Group Assignments”, (first edition 2005, revised in 2007 and 2013), (ISBN: 07334 2202 0), 33 pp.

  2. Zou, P.X.W., Scoufis M., Earl G. Uher T., Phua F, Kim J. and Pratt C. (2004) “Achieving Graduate Attributes: University, Student and Industry Perspectives”, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales, 95pp. (ISBN 0 7334 2177 6).

Invited Edited Volumes

  1. Zhang G. and Zou P.X.W. (2011) “Risk Management in Projects and Enterprises” Special Issue of International Journal of Project Organisation and Management”, forthcoming by Dec 2010. This Special Issue includes 9 papers drawing from different countries. 184 pages.

  2. Zou P.X.W. and Newton S. (2009), (Guest Editors), “Construction Management and Real Estate in Developing Countries: Focus on China” Special Issue of International Journal of Construction Management, Vol. 9(2), 131 pages.

  3. Zou P.X.W., Newton S. and Wang J.Y. (Editors), (2007), Proceedings of CRIOCM2007 International Research Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, Coogee Beach Sydney Australia, 8 – 13 August 2007 (ISBN 978 0 7334 2542 4), 1064 pages.

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