Priest-King a different Kind of Priesthood

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A Different Kind of Priesthood


Genesis 14:17-20

Big Idea: As quickly as Melchizedek appears and disappears from the scene with Abram, you would think that he is an insignificant character. However, the Psalms and Hebrews pick up on Melchizedek as a telling type for Jesus’ ministry as priest-king. In doing so, the point is made that God is faithful to his promise.

Following the Flow:

  • The Person (14:18a)

  • The Feast (14:18b)

  • The Blessing (14:19-20a)

  • The Tithe (14:20b)

  • The Contrast (14:21-24)

  Reading Forward:

  • The Messianic King REIGNS over God’s Kingdom (Psalm 110)

  • The Messianic Priest REPRESENTS humanity before God (Hebrews 7)

What’s the Point:


Questions for Conversation:

  1. Sometimes casual encounters may have a profound impact on our lives. Is there anyone in your life who had a decidedly disproportionate influence on your life relative to the amount of time they actually played a part in it? Who was it? How did they impact you?

  2. What did you know about Melchizedek before today’s message? Would you have been able to reference where he is mentioned in Scripture prior to today?

  3. Psalm 110 relates Melchizedek to the Messiah who rules God’s kingdom over all the kingdoms of the earth. What does it mean to live with Christ being ruler? How might you betray his authority and rule in your life during an average day?

  4. Hebrews 7 speaks of the permanence of Christ’s priesthood. How does his “everlastingness” shape how we should see our salvation? What does this passage say to people who feel the need for a human priest to represent them before God?

  5. “What’s The Point” states two points: 1) God can be trusted; and, 2) Our salvation is sure. Which is the message that you most needed to hear today? Why?

  6. God can not lie. He is faithful to what he says. Yet, sometimes we confuse what God said with our interpretation of what he said. How can that cause us to doubt his reliability?

  7. Our salvation is sure because of the one in whom we place our trust to represent us before God. What happens if we remove our trust from Jesus as our faithful high priest (Hebrews 10:26-27)?

Points of Application:

  1. God is faithful. He does not lie. We can count on him to keep his word.

  2. Jesus represents those who trust him before God as our eternal representative so we can be assured of our salvation.

  3. Jesus is granted the authority to rule our lives.

Reading: Follow-up on today’s message by doing the daily reading below.


Genesis 14:1-16

Abram to the rescue


Genesis 14:17-24

A study in appreciation opposites


Genesis 15:1-6

Abram’s covenant restated


Genesis 15:7-20

Abram’s covenant confirmed


Genesis 16:1-5

Abram pushes God’s plan (scene 1)


Genesis 16:6-16

Abram pushes God’s plan (scene 2)

Download 496 Kb.

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