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DATE: Nov 7, 2011

Contact: Crystal Davis Hutchins

deputy director of

communication services

(614) 540-4000


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Local school board member earns prestigious statewide honor

COLUMBUS — John L. Boyer, vice president of the Waverly City Schools Board of Education, is among five public school board members named to the Ohio School Boards Association’s (OSBA) 2011 All-Ohio School Board. The board members will be recognized with OSBA’s most prestigious honor on Nov. 16 during the 56th annual OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show in Columbus.

The other honorees and the districts they serve are: Walter S. Armes, Whitehall City Schools; Donna J. Myers, Northwestern Local Schools (Clark County) and the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center; Roger L. Samuelson, Champion Local Schools (Trumbull County) and Trumbull Career & Technical Center; and David Spridgeon, Arcadia Local Schools (Hancock County).

OSBA Executive Director Richard Lewis will recognize the All-Ohio School Board members on the final day of the Capital Conference, a four-day convention attended by more than 10,000 Ohio school board members, superintendents, treasurers, business officials and other school leaders.

Every year, OSBA names one board of education member from each of its five regions — Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest — to the All-Ohio School Board. The award recognizes outstanding service to public education and represents the dedication shown by thousands of board members across the state.

All-Ohio School Board candidates are nominated by their respective school boards; OSBA regional committees then select the five winners.

Boyer, who has been a school board member for 10 years, represents OSBA’s Southeast Region.
All-Ohio School Board 2/2/2/2/2/

The veteran board member, a graduate of Waverly City Schools, is extremely dedicated to his district. He volunteers with the Waverly Athletic Boosters; serves as a judge for Waverly Junior High School science fairs and spelling bees; and is a volunteer timer and starter for school track meets.

Boyer is active with OSBA, where he belongs to the Rules Committee and serves as his district’s student achievement liaison to the association. His commitment to professional development and volunteerism has earned him multiple OSBA Awards of Achievement, as well as Master Board Member status, a lifetime distinction.

His dedication to his community is reflected in his membership with Orient Lodge #321 of the Free and Accepted Masons and the Atomic Credit Union Board of Directors. Boyer also is a member of the Pike County Career Technology Center Tech Prep Advisory Committee and basketball ticket coordinator for the Southeast Ohio District Athletic Board of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. In addition, he is chairperson of the Waverly High School Alumni Scholarship Fund and serves on several other local scholarship committees.

Boyer belongs to a number of professional organizations, including the Ohio School Counselors Association; Pike County Retired Teachers Association; Ohio Retired Teachers Association; and Ohio Education Association.

In nominating Boyer, his colleagues wrote, “John has been a pillar of strength and stability on the Waverly board. He is always lending a helping hand and making a difference for children in Pike County.”

Boyer retired from Waverly City Schools after serving the district for 40 years as a teacher, guidance counselor, athletic director and coach. He and his wife Jean Carolyn have three adult daughters and live in Waverly.

OSBA leads the way to educational excellence by serving Ohio’s public school board members and the diverse districts they represent through superior service and creative solutions.

For more information, contact OSBA or your local school board members.
Note to reporters, editors: OSBA’s All-Ohio School Board honorees have been told they are receiving the award. Please feel free to contact them for feature stories, comments or photos. Boyer’s phone number is (740) 947-5317. If you wish to cover the awards presentation in Columbus on Nov. 16, please contact Crystal Davis Hutchins, whose contact information is at the top of this release.

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