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The South Venice Beach Endowment Trust (SVBET) is accepting Independent Contractor’s bid proposals for the operation and maintenance of the South Venice Beach Ferry, located at 4800 Lemon Bay Dr., Venice, FL 34293.

The South Venice Beach Endowment Trust is requesting proposals from interested parties for the attached services. Questions regarding the current operation, or about the proposal can be sent to, or call 941-493-0006. The office is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9:00-1:00.

Closing Date: All bid proposals must be received in writing by October 31, 2016 at 5:00 pm to:

South Venice Beach Endowment Trust

720 Alligator Dr.

Venice, FL 34293
Please be sure to include the following information:


Name of Company:



Bid Amount:

Your own personal Captain License information, resume and references. Be sure to include your expertise in every area of the proposal.

The Independent Contractor must provide insurance documentation (or be able to obtain – if selected), and hire qualified, properly licensed Captains with a Master License in accordance with Coast Guard rules.

Current Ferry Operation: Ferry operates Thursday through Tuesday for passengers. Wednesday is used as a maintenance day and the ferry is closed to passengers. The ferry currently runs from 9:30 to sunset. Boat capacity 22 + captain – no mate required by Coast Guard. No ferry Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

Captains are responsible for the complete operation and maintenance of the ferry and the ferry grounds. Ferry passes for passengers must be checked for every passenger on every trip.

Captains may be required to sell ferry passes and keep proper documentation of sales (forms provided).

The Independent Contractor (Main Captain) has overall responsibility to the SVBET for the safety, day to day running and financial management of the ferry and ferry house/grounds, which includes crew, equipment and any other issues related to the ferry and ferry house. For the goal of 100% serviceability of the ferry.

The ferry and ferry house/grounds to include:

1) Provide qualified, properly licensed Captains with a Master License for all hours of operation, with proper supervision by the Main Captain.

2) Maintenance and servicing of all the ferry equipment onboard and keeping records up to date.

3) The ferry must at all times be operated in compliance with Coast Guard regulations and inspections need to be scheduled in a timely manner. All necessary paperwork and logs must be kept, maintained, and be ready for inspection at all times.

4) Arrange for the ferry and ferry house to be restocked with supplies and/or repaired up to $200 without prior SVBET approval. Records of cash spent require records kept on a weekly basis and receipts submitted on a monthly basis.

5) The Main Captain is responsible for the running, maintenance and repair of all equipment onboard the ferry and ferry house (see Maintenance Schedule below). To include identifying possible developing issues noted in the logs or communicated to the Main Captain and dealt with immediately. Also reoccurring past repair items set up on a preventive maintenance schedule.

6) The cleanliness, appearance and running of the ferry/ferry house/grounds and her captains.

7) The Main Captain must submit reports (listed below) to the SVBET or their representative as to the condition of the ferry and ferry house/grounds and sales, as follows:

Reports to be submitted to the South Venice Beach Endowment Trust on the following schedule:

Passenger Counts (monthly)

Copies of Maintenance Logs (monthly)

Sales Records (Weekly)

8) Ensuring that all routines and disciplines described herein and additional ones promulgated by the SVBET are adhered to.

Maintenance Schedule for Ferry and Ferry House/Grounds

Not to be limited to the following:


Lights, horn, pumps, blowers Daily

Motors functions, preservers Daily

Clean boat Daily

Clean bathroom Daily

Clean ferry house/grounds Daily

Empty Trash Daily


Batteries - water, cables, voltages Weekly

Water test 3 times a week

Motor connections Monthly

Blowers Weekly

Tilt & trim Monthly

Inspect/clean hull Quarterly

Hoists Lube & spray Quarterly

Ramp Inspection Quarterly

Motor change Quarterly

(check all connections next day after motor change)

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