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North York Family Health Team


Applications are invited from interested community members to serve on the Board of Directors for the North York Family Health Team.

Family Health Teams are a key piece of the provincial government's plan to build a healthcare system that promotes good health, reduces wait times and improves access to care.
The North York Family Health Team brings together physicians and other health care providers to coordinate and deliver the highest level of quality care and services to our patients and their community.

The Board Selection Committee is seeking community members to join their current team of Directors to direct, guide and provide oversight of the North York Family Health Team. Currently, they are looking for individuals with experience in strategic planning, information technology, nonprofit agencies, public relations and/or communications. Community members bringing a patient’s perspective are welcome to apply. Previous Board experience is an asset.

Please forward your letter of intent and a resume no later than Sunday, May 15, 2016 to:
Attention: Board Selection Committee

North York Family Health Team

240 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 301

North York, Ontario

M3B 3S6

Fax: (416) 623-7425

Further information regarding the North York Family Health Team can be found at

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