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POSITION: Clinical Manager
REPORTING TO: Executive Director

In the North York Family Health Team (NYFHT), Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Social Workers and Pharmacists work in a collaborative model to offer the very best possible healthcare to patients. Family Health Teams are a key piece of the Government of Ontario’s plan to build a healthcare system that promotes good health, reduces wait times and improves access to care. The NYFHT provides primary health care, including chronic disease management, health promotion, and disease prevention to patients in the local community and surrounding area.

The Clinical Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the North York Family Health Team. Specifically, the CM provides leadership, direction and mentorship through efficient utilization of all human and material resources in the design, implementation and evaluation of NYFHT clinical programs and services. He/she will work with all members of the organization to ensure activities and programs are consistent with North York Family Health Team’s mission, vision, values and strategic direction.
The Clinical Manager is accountable to the Executive Director.
Daily Management:

  • Works collaboratively with all members of management, the interprofessional health care team and office physicians and staff to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness;

  • Leads and manages the clinical staff in the development, delivery and evaluation of programs and services;

  • Monitors and updates the Executive Director on all aspects of daily operations as needed and in a timely fashion;

  • Ensures organizational compliance with relevant practice standards (i.e. human resources, College of Nurses, College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers), legislation (i.e. PHIPA, ESA, OHSA), and organizational policies and procedures;

  • Collaborates with the management team to prepare, submit and provide ongoing oversight of internal and ministry-related reports;

  • Participates in committees as needed;

  • Effectively manages all human resources issues (i.e. hiring, performance management, vacation requests, continuing education requests);

  • Develops and supports a work environment that exemplifies interprofessional and ethical practice; professional autonomous decision making; empowerment; integrative thinking; appreciative inquiry; change management; quality improvement; risk management; and supports professional development and continuing education opportunities


  • Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively communicate with all team members and stakeholders;

  • Comfortable with conflict management and resolution;

  • Ability to engage and relate to others (high EQ);

  • Provides consistent and timely responses and follow up to employees and stakeholders;

  • Liaises and collaborates with internal and external professionals and stakeholders to ensure services are aligned and integrated across and within the populations served;

  • Liaises between the NYFHT and physician offices, making rounds to offices as needed to assess staffing, workload, educational needs, and communicating NYFHT business and initiatives broadly

Quality Improvement:

  • Recognizes opportunities for continuous quality improvement by identifying issues, evaluating programs and services, re-designing processes, and implementing changes;

  • Works collaboratively with the team to prepare and implement the annual NYFHT QI plan;

  • Participates in self-directed learning to ensure practice remains relevant


  • Baccalaureate Degree with a Masters level preparation in Health or Business Management or equivalent preferred;

  • Experience of at least 3 years in middle level management in a Clinical Health environment preferred;

  • Proven leadership/management skills including strong human resource, quality management, change management and utilization management skills;

  • Excellent organizational skills with strong analytical and decision-making skills;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong orientation to staff development;

  • Computer literacy in a Windows environment utilizing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and experience with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs);

  • Ongoing Professional Development;

  • Proven good attendance record with capability of maintaining this same standard;

  • Valid driver’s license, proof of liability insurance, and own vehicle required


  • Group benefit coverage

  • Pension plan

  • Excellent vacation package

  • Professional development opportunities

If interested, please apply at the attention of Human Resources, quoting the Job Posting ID: CM 02-2014 by: Email: hr@nyfht.com by Friday, May 12, 2017.

The North York Family Health Team is committed to equity in employment and encourages applications from all qualified candidates who reflect the diversity of our community, including men and women, aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities and persons with disabilities.
We seek to attract and retain individuals who will work together to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring community. While all responses will be appreciated and handled in strictest confidence, only those being considered for interviews will be acknowledged.

April 26, 2017

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