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November 16, 2005





PLEASE NOTE: The HPC agenda is subject to change any time after printing or during the commission meeting. Please contact the Historic Preservation Commission at the number above to obtain current information. If your application is included on this agenda, you or your representative is expected to attend.

  1. HPC WORKSESSION - 7:00 p.m. in Third Floor Conference Room

  1. HISTORIC AREA WORK PERMITS - 7:30 p.m. in MRO Auditorium

    1. Anand Devadas for house painting and window replacement at 509 Albany Avenue, Takoma Park (HPC Case No. 37/03-05MMM RETROACTIVE) (Takoma Park Historic District).

    1. Christopher Rogers (Ankie Barnes, AIA) for loggias, underground parking structure and other accessory buildings and structures at 11231 River Road, Potomac (HPC Case No. 29/06-05A) (Master Plan Site # 29/06 Marwood).

    1. Lorena Checa for lower level window and door replacement at 7007 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park (HPC Case No. 37/03-05NNN) (Takoma Park Historic District).

    1. Arnie Sorenson (Ankie Barnes, AIA) for new addition at 5810 Warwick Place, Chevy Chase (HPC Case No. 37/36-05D) (Somerset Historic District).

    1. Tim and Monica Tinker for garage relocation and extension at 10935 Montrose Avenue, Garrett Park (HPC Case No. 30/15-05D) (Garrett Park Historic District).

    1. William and Judy Karas (Eric Gronning, Agent) for demolition and new construction at 10009 Menlo Avenue, Silver Spring (HPC Case No. 31/07-05I) (Capitol View Park Historic District).

    1. Timothy and Kathy Lynch (Robert Lach, Agent) for new construction at 3807 Williams Lane, Chevy Chase (HPC Case No. 35/77-05A REVISION/

CONTINUED) (Master Plan Site #35/77, Frank Simpson House).

    1. Andrew Steele and Katja Toporski for railing, stairwell, window, door and other basement alterations at 7105 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park (HPC Case No. 37/03-05OOO) (Takoma Park Historic District).

    1. Neil and Angleika Stablow for shed installation at 3912 Washington Street, Kensington (HPC Case No. 31/06-05S) (Kensington Historic District).

    1. Mark Rockman for shed installation at 7105 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park (HPC Case No. 37/03-05PPP) (Takoma Park Historic District).

    1. Lawrence Ruggeri for fire reservoir installation at 26200 Frederick Road, Hyattstown (HPC Case No. 10/59-05E) (Hyattstown Historic District).

    1. Aries Investment Group (Ajay Patel, Agent) for accessibility ramp and front porch alterations at 23329 Frederick Road, Clarksburg (HPC Case No. 13/10-05B) (Clarksburg Historic District).

    1. Victor Peeke (Tom Taltavull, Architect) for revisions to previously approved rear addition at 23310 Frederick Road, Clarksburg (HPC Case No.13/10-05A REVISION) (Clarksburg Historic District).

    1. Tom Haley for revision of materials on a previously approved driveway at 4810 Cumberland Ave, Chevy Chase (HPC Case No. 35/36-03B REVISION) (Somerset Historic District).

  1. PRELIMINARY CONSULTATION - 9:00 p.m. in MRO Auditorium

    1. Melih Cakmak for new construction at 8704 Oakmont Street, Gaithersburg (Locational Atlas Resource #21/05, Oakmont Historic District)

    1. Sharon Marcil and Tom Monahan for landscape alterations at 7401 Brookeville Road, Chevy Chase (Master Plan Site # 35/73 End Lane/Bradshaw House)


A. October 12, 2005


    1. Commission Items

    1. Staff Items


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Revised 10/31/2005 18:44 a10/p10

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