Mdhi coordinating Committee Meeting Employment Committee Breakout Meeting: June 24, 2016 Notes

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MDHI Coordinating Committee Meeting

Employment Committee Breakout Meeting: June 24, 2016


Attending: Laura Ware, Tom Horton, Courtney Fischer, Alfonso Suazo II, Tracey Monteiro, Heather Seiden, Marcus Harris, James Sanchez, Chris Venable, Tammy Bellofatto, Jessica Stachler

  1. Meeting with Whole Foods- Jess and Laura met with Heather Larabee – marketing/community outreach person from Whole Foods

    1. She will bring together a group of payroll and benefits people to meet with us on July 13th - Belmar, West Colfax, Cherry Creek, Cap Hill, Boulder, Tamarac…

    2. Will host “mini job fairs” for us – our participants could go meet them face to face and skip the online application- (their online app is not a good system!)

      1. For CCH, Alfonso and Ken have typically done the online portion for participants previously, then get the participant to them for an interview.

    3. Do people want for our network to be able to always skip online app for Whole Foods? –yes.

      1. Our work readiness should still teach people how to navigate online systems, but we should clear this barrier for them when possible.

      2. James: Info from online apps feed into other internal systems (payroll, etc.). The info still needs to be entered, so to opt out would be putting the task of entering data on the employer, which is not an attractive request.

    4. What we should propose?

      1. That we bypass a personality test, or get a key, etc., but still fill out an online application, for the participant if necessary.

      2. We should be teaching through the application process then try to get people live interviews.

      3. But we also need to inform employers’ practices- make them understand how big of a barrier this process is so they can improve it.

      4. We should ask Whole Foods: if we can get our participant live interviews what do they want from us? To do the application process, etc.?

        1. Distinguish: job fair vs. hiring fair- Whole Foods would do “mini hiring fairs” for us.

      5. Background policy is case-by-case-depends on the nature of the charge- they would be less concerned with a drug charge than they would with shoplifting or violence.

      6. We want to emphasize the importance of getting into these specific, concrete details.

      7. How can we use these specific details to address barriers to employment? Hiring processes, background checks?

        1. Insurance companies are a huge barrier in this process.

        2. We are moving in that direction, but takes a long time to erode these barriers and we have to build relationships to do it.

      8. Retention: tardiness and absence are Whole Foods biggest reason for termination. We should ask what the turnover rate is? When do new hires most frequently drop off?

      9. We want to deliver our promise- that our biggest work is on the back end- in job retention.

      10. Who can come to Wednesday July 13th meeting ?

        1. We need to be strategic about meeting with Whole Foods P&B people.

        2. Laura and Jess as main spokespersons (?)

        3. Maybe four of us – a few people who are working directly with participants, to give that perspective too -- Tammy, Courtney, and Chris perhaps.

  2. Implementing the work readiness curriculum?

    1. Coordinating trainings- who has a work readiness curriculum that already meets the standards of assessment?

      1. Chris’s is very close (but is lacking participants at the moment!)

      2. James’ is similar but it is voluntary and often has to pare it down to keep participants engaged.

      3. Tracey has a consistent one that is required of participants who are unemployed.

      4. Heather mainly works 1 on 1 with clients.

        1. Tammy’s program, 1 on 1 vs. class preparations vary – in her role she can’t be the one to deliver it to them- her case managers will have to.

        2. Agree: one on one or class preparation should both be options as long as they are supplemented as necessary so as to meet the requirements.

  3. Employer Updates

    1. Laura and Jess met with MV transportation

      1. Subcontractor for RTD Access-a Ride. They are ALWAYS hiring drivers!

      2. Apply at the site on computer -- they won’t let employment specialists fill out the computer test.

      3. Drivers start at $11/hr, health insurance plans are available, have bonuses for attendance, safety, and others.

      4. Also have fuel detailers- overnight shifts.

      5. These are rewarding jobs – helping people who can’t get around.

    2. Marcus has met with Curtis from Lee Point (?) Waste Management- who does recycling on behalf of Bayaud, but thinks they would be a good employer to bring into the network.

      1. Loves hiring felons!!!

      2. Their stats on retention (esp. for felons) are trending up.

      3. Starts at $11/hr. Can be up to $600-$750 a week.

      4. Will go and picks up employees from halfway houses in inclement weather.

    3. Chris- has 2 tentative meeting with Snooze- Tues morning July 5th or 12th.

    4. Heather – Tyco security and Habitat for Humanity- will get meetings set up.

      1. Recruiter at Tycho- wants to hire her participants but gets to HR and it doesn’t go through.

      2. Has good friend in HR at Habitat for HHHumanity.

    5. Chris thinks the best way to recruit is to get employers to come to our committee meetings.

    6. Laura thinks we need to initially meet with employers individually as a base, then invite to our Wednesday meetings .

    7. Agree: we will meet with Whole Foods July 13th, our end of July meeting we will work more on the implementations our work readiness, our 1st meeting in August, we will invite more employers to.

  4. Recap: Rescare and Dynamic Workforce Solutions at DRHES Meeting

    1. Dynamic Workforce Solutions

      1. Has hired 6 workforce navigators.

      2. Has a WAY more concrete ideas of how to serve diverse populations than Rescare.

      3. Alfonso is unsure if they culturally fit, but they did have much more substance to their proposal.

    2. Rescare

      1. They mainly wanted to talk at the meeting, but David is supposed to be answering the questions we submitted.

      2. They are set to implement July 1st, but are about three weeks behind on hiring their staff.

        1. Some OED people are being hired but not those who didn’t have the customer service skills.

      3. Alfonso- They are not up to speed on HR Practices and lack an understanding of people with backgrounds and risk management. We are beyond point of simply being able to use letters of explanation.

      4. Courtney found them disingenuous- they kept using business language- “selling a product to the customer” as opposed to “serving people.”

        1. They do not understand non-profit language or their audience. Do not understand trauma informed care, motivational interviewing, or cultural competency.

        2. We need to reframe “trauma informed care” to business-minded people- explain HOW it’s done to them.

      5. Alfonso can fwd Rescare and Dynamic WF’s proposals –

      6. Don’t have a best practice in place to serve a diversity of pops

    3. Tammy has applied for a position as program manager with Rescare!!!

      1. She urged them to pick someone from our world and they recognize the need for someone who is out in the community.

      2. They need someone who understands diverse populations in order to be effective or simply not to completely fail.

      3. Could connect the workforce system to the needs of our community if given this opportunity! -- won’t be easy – Good Luck!

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