M1635 Height: 5’9” Weight: 165 lbs Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue theatre

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Height: 5’9”

Weight: 165

lbs Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue


War of the Worlds & Other Radio Plays Richard Peirson/Dr. Huselius/Johnny Workshop Theatre

The Apple Kingdom
 Actors Collective Theatre

The Raven: A New Musical Lord Edward Warwick Hornberger Productions

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Sam the Snowman Centre Stage Theatre

The Mousetrap
 Christopher Wren Toronto Truck Theatre

A Chorus Line
 Mark Silver Lining Productions

Man of La Mancha Muleteer Thousand Islands Playhouse

Health Spell
 Mike Ministry of Health, Ontario

Mouse Tales
 Puppeteer Waterwood Productions

The Threepenny Tiger Brown Queen’s Musical Theatre
Opera Three Sisters Koolyghin Studio 310


Fargo Season 1
 Bus Driver Noah Wyley/John Cameron

Hell on Wheels Season 3 & 4 Otis Spong (recurring) John Wirth/Mark Richard/Jeremy Gold
 Stand In for Kiefer Sutherland Bill Marks/Kevin DeWalt

 Mr.Douglas (recurring) JewelleColwell/JudyNorton

TS Spivet
 Stand In for Callum Rennie Jean-Pierre Jenet/Frederic Brillion

Love Me
 Bill O’Dowd/Anthony Leo/Jennifer Webb

Lloyd The Conqueror Juggler Mike Peterson/Brendan Hunter


Alberta Federation of Labour Pensions: Bully & Bulldoze Now Communications

Calgary Int’l Film Festival Birth BabyTrailer
 Mike Peterson

Scan2Go (animated series) Beri the Hot-Blooded (recurring) Daizo Suzuki/New Boy

Ram Truck Sky The Richards Group

Eagle Ridge Condos Christmas Campaign Scout Productions
General Motors Merry Holiday Six Degrees Music & Prod’s
660News (CFFR) News Anchor Roger’s Media


Music: AdvancedTenor (belt, pop, classical, choral, sight read)

Sports: Intermediate-Advanced Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Curling, Baseball, Football, Hockey

Accents: Advanced

Southern, Minnesotan, British, Scottish, Australian, French, etc.

Other: Vocal imitation, juggling, basic dance moves, raise one eyebrow, cello


Restriced and Non-Restricted Gun Safety Course Brian Kent Calgary AB

Improv (The Howard)
 Phil Burke Calgary AB

Intro to Stage Combat
 Laryssa Yanchak Calgary AB

Acting and Scene Study Anson Mount Calgary AB

Audition Workshop
 Rhonda Fisekci Calgary AB

B.A (Honours) Drama & B.Ed. Queen’s University Calgary AB

Vocal Training
 Marie Moir Kingston ON

Puppet Training Dan Wood Waterwood Theatre, Toronto ON

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