Lucy Fleming

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Lucy Fleming @lcyflmng +1 (609) 216-1011

——————————————— EDUCATION ———————————————

Yale University · B. A. English · magna cum laude · New Haven, CT

Class of 2016

Awards & Honors

  • Winner of the university-wide Field Prize, given for “a work of poetic, literary or religious scholarship” and rarely awarded to undergraduates

  • Winner of the John Hersey Prize for a Longer Work of Nonfiction for creative thesis, Four Wombs, advised by Anne Fadiman and Cynthia Zarin


  • Coursework included nonfiction writing (Verlyn Klinkenborg), literature, religious studies, and political science (David Brooks) with an overall GPA of 3.94

  • Danced the part of Charlotte Brontë in a dance-theater piece in conjunction with academic English thesis on Brontë’s juvenilia


  • Studied acting with James Bundy, playwriting with Sarah Ruhl

  • Lead roles in 13 undergraduate productions, including This Is Our Youth (Jessica), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena; dir. Steven Kaliski), The Tempest (Caliban; dir. Toni Dorfman) and the world premiere of Ruby Spiegel’s Dry Land (Ester)

  • First full-length play, Desert, selected for workshop and reading at Yale Playwrights Festival under the mentorship of Donald Margulies and Andrea Thome

British-American Drama Academy · Midsummer Conservatory · Oxford, UK


Accepted by audition into Yale School of Drama-affiliated program in classical and contemporary acting, hosted at Magdalen College, Oxford

Performed in Julius Caesar (dir. Peter Francis James) and Tanika Gupta’s Sanctuary (dir. Leo Wringer)

——————————————— EXPERIENCE ———————————————

Director · Whim ‘n Rhythm · worldwide ·


Performed on four continents at embassies, local health centers, orphanages and international schools. Audiences have included Gloria Steinem, Dame Stephanie Shirley and Secretary Hillary Clinton

As director of Yale’s most selective all-female vocal ensemble, worked with 800 students in 14 countries during 8-week world tour during summer 2016

Managed leadership team, directed rehearsals, wrote original vocal arrangements and budgeted over $80,000 in nonprofit funds while still enrolled as a full-time student

Single-handedly edited, produced, and assisted in professional mastering of Time and Tide: Whim Live, now available on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services

Writing Partner · Yale College Writing Center · New Haven, CT


Chosen from a competitive pool of professor-nominated applicants to train as a peer tutor, proofreader and ESL tutor; one of only 4 freshmen to be accepted to the team of ~40 tutors

Edited all genres of academic and creative writing with an emphasis on structure and helping students develop sustainable writing strategies and skills

As an ESL tutor, mentored fellow Yale undergraduates in one-on-one sessions; multiple clients requested to continue sessions even after the typical one-semester tutoring assignment

One of 3 Writing Partners featured with student reviews on the new Center for Teaching and Learning webpage

Apprentice · The CRY HAVOC Company · New York, NY

Summer 2015

Workshopped Desert with professional new-play development company

Appeared in Lincoln Center Originals, a series of new plays in brand-new Lincoln Center spaces

Read and critiqued plays as an apprentice in the company’s literary department

Managing Editor · Yale Daily News Magazine · New Haven, CT


Fielded pitches, assigned stories, and edited personal essay/culture submissions

Streamlined the Magazine’s print edition and oversaw the transition to an online platform

Playwriting Intern · The Cape Cod Theatre Project · Falmouth, MA

Summer 2014

First intern ever featured in an acting role (Susie in Hamish Linklater’s Just Lean Out Your Window and Shout, dir. Hal Brooks)

Oversaw ticketing, fundraising and graphic design for nonprofit play-development workshop

Bunk Counselor · Acting Manitou · Oakland, ME

Summer 2013

Mentored campers ages 11-17 at progressive theater arts camp while also assistant-producing six end-of-session shows

Taught workshops in playwriting, improv and musical theater

Web Editor · Markus Wiener Publishers · Princeton, NJ

Summer 2012

Restructured webpage and wrote web content for independent academic press

Worked closely with web developer colleague to design a new site that would be intuitive for non-technical senior management members to edit on their own

————————————— AWARDS & HONORS —————————————

First Prize, Norman Mailer National College Writing Awards, 2016

Kingsley Trust Association Postgraduate Grant, Fall 2016

Charles M. Babcock Travel Fellowship, Summer 2015

Bloch Prize for Outstanding Essay, 2013

J. Edgar Meeker Prize in Fiction, 2013


SKILLS · Copy-editing, Adobe Creative Suite, social media, theater & dance criticism

LANGUAGES · Advanced French, basic German

208 Ewing St., Princeton, NJ 08540 digital résumé at

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