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The April meeting of the Jefferson Township Historical Society will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 10:00 am in the White Church located in Eldersville on Fire Road across from the fire hall. You can key into your GPS the address of 11 Fire Road, Burgettstown, PA 15021.
Guest speaker for our April meeting is Lynn Hill, Local Sports Historian. He will tell us about faith in the community, public schools and the local Sports Hall of Fame located at the Burgettstown Community Library. Lynn Hill of Weirton, WV was named the winner of the Burgettstown Community Library’s 2012 Stunda Memorial Good Egg Award. At that time Lynn Hill was honored for his years of service in promoting and coaching youth athletics, raising scholarship funds for the children of the Burgettstown Area School District and honoring local standout athletes. Come to the meeting and learn more. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be available.
UPCOMING PROGRAMS On May 16, Susan Guy will be our guest speaker talking about “Mobsters, Madames and Murderers in Steubenville.” On June 20, John Ratkovitch and Carl Patsche will be our guest speakers talking about “Kidd’s Mill.”
PLANT SALE will be Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs. If you have plants to donate, please bring your plants to the White Church Building on Thursday, May 7. If you need someone to pick up your plants, please call Dave Choman at 724 947 2116. This date of Mother’s Day weekend was purposely selected so you have a place to buy your Mother a plant. See the enclosed flyer for a partial listing of plants that will be available.
HANDCRAFTED BIRD HOUSES made by Dave Choman from lumber from the White Church when it was re-sided this past summer will be for sale for $10 each at the Plant Sale and also the monthly meetings and at Twisters in Paris. Buy your Mother a plant and a bird house.
BAKE SALE will be Saturday, May 23rd from 10:00 to 2:00 Memorial Day weekend at the Walmart in Weirton, WV. Please put the date on your calendar and plan to bake and help us sell the baked goods.
MEMORIAL DAY CEREMONY will be held at the Memorial on Monday, May 25th at 8:30 am. Diane Huggins and Judy Cooper are planning the Ceremony. Refreshments will be available at the White Church.
YARD SALE The annual Yard Sale will be Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27. You will be able to bring your donations into the White Church for the Yard Sale following our June 20 monthly meeting. If you need your donations picked up during the week of June 22, please call Dave Choman at 724 947 2116. Furniture, toys, tools, books, dishes, pictures, etc., all in good and saleable condition will be accepted. No clothing or shoes will be accepted for the Yard Sale. The White Church is air conditioned and handicapped accessible. Plan plenty of time to browse and buy.

RADA CUTLERY An ongoing fundraiser is the Rada Cutlery which we will be accepting sales through August 1st. They offer a lot more than just knives. There are specialty Cookbooks, No-bake Cheesecakes, Pound Cakes, Dips, BBQ Sauce, “Souper” Soups, and Cheeseballs. If you do not have a catalog and would like to see one, please contact Jean Baltich at 304 748 6376. The Historical Society gets a percentage of all sales. In other words, if you make a purchase, you are helping the Historical Society. Dorothy Muzopappa is our high sales person for Rada Cutlery and she does not even drive.
PENOWA BOOK “PENOWA” book was authored by Frank Muzopappa. This is also an ongoing fundraiser for the Historical Society. Frank has graciously donated $10 to the Historical Society of every book sold. The books sell for $20 and may be purchased by calling Dorothy Muzopappa (Frank’s sister-in-law) at 304 748 2503. She wants to hear from you. You will enjoy the book.
WEB SITE The dates of all of these fundraisersthe Plant Sale, Bake Sale and Yard Sale – are posted on our web site which we invite you to visit regularly. The web site address is www.jeffersontwphs.com. You may want to read “Mr. Coffee” which is an article written by Frank Muzopappa and it is posted on the web site.
WHY SO MANY FUNDRAISERS? By reading the following, it is hoped that you will understand the need for so many fundraisers.
PRESERVING its MUSEUM ARTIFACTS Under its By-Laws, the Jefferson Township Historical Society is committed to protect and preserve all its Museum Artifacts which have been donated over the past 20 years. All of these Museum Artifacts have been numbered, photographed and logged into the permanent records of the Museum. These Artifacts are housed on the second floor of Heritage Hall. The concern is that Heritage Hall has been deemed an unsafe building and an astronomical amount of money would be needed to restore it. The Board has come up with the following solution:
The Board has voted to purchase a two-story Storage Building from Yoder’s Backyard Structures. The building could be placed on its property on Fire Road across from the White Church near its storage shed. It is believed that all of its Museum Artifacts could be placed in the building so that visitors could walk through and see the Artifacts.
Help will be needed to physically box up and carry the Artifacts out of the Museum and transported to the Storage Building. Financial help will also be needed and this is why we are having so many fundraisers. If you care to donate to this worthwhile project, please make checks payable to Jefferson Township Historical Society and mark your check for “Storage Building.”
HELP with GENEALOGY From time to time, we get asked for help with genealogy. Peggy Strain was contacted by Cindy Paul from Mountain House, California. She is looking for information on relatives that had lived in this area and is trying to locate tombstones. Some of the names are Edward Metcalf Sr. and Jr.; John Metcalf, John Cole Metcalf, and Margaret Meneely. If you can be of any help, her email is cingrapaul@msn.com. Her mailing address is 669 W. Las Brisas Drive, Mountain House, California.
DUES are DUE If you want to be a part of the Historical Society the dues are $15.00 for individual and $20.00 for family and can be paid anytime. Frank Malardie is our new Treasurer. If you choose to send in your dues, please make your check payable to Jefferson Township Historical Society and mail to the Historical Society at Box 383, Burgettstown, PA 15021.

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