Listed alphabetically) 0 = lowest, 10 = highest Use partial scores (i e.. 25 or. 5) as appropriate

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(listed alphabetically) 0 = lowest, 10 = highest

Use partial scores (i.e., .25 or .5) as appropriate

Name of City Name of Grant Score


Summer Youth Employment


Mayor's Education Initiative


Basketball, Soccer, Football supplies & coaching aids

Atlantic Beach

Council of Aging; Dial-A-Ride Cultural Events

Bowling Green

Back to School Walk with Mayor

Bowling Green

The Depot Reading Program

Bowling Green

Bowling Green Fall Festival

Bowling Green

Sports Equipment Funding

Bowling Green

Fence Grant Funding


Soccer and Football equipment

Cape Coral

Youth Football mouth guards


Expression Swing


Campaign to Restore AmTrak service

Dade City

Dade City Wildcats

Daytona Beach

Heritage Preservation Trust Landscaping


Candlelight Oaks Subdivision


Bicycle safety Boys & Girls Club & Police

Fort Myers

Pickup the Ball Youth Leaders

Fort Myers

Community Garden


Creation of Veterans Memorial


City Cemetery - Fencing

Holly Hill

Neighborhood Watch Program

Holly Hill

YMCA Swim Lessons

Holly Hill

Smoke detectors for seniors & low income

Jacksonville Beach

Beaches Dial a Ride

Kenneth City

BikeKenneth City

Kenneth City

Kenneth City LED Information signs

Lake Clark Shores

Little Libraries in Parks

Lake Wales

Tai Chi Classes for the public


Mayor's 3K Run/Walk & Health Fair

Mount Dora

Serenity Park Clearing

New Port Richey

Youth Fitness Camp


Veterans Memorial Monument Restoration

North Bay Village

Senior Game Nights

Ormond Beach

Buddy Cop Safety Show Expansion

Ormond Beach

Community Garden #2


Palatka Pride

Palm Bay

Driskell Heights Community

Palm Bay

Port Malabar Unit 2

Palm Springs

Mosquito Control Initiative

Name of City

Name of Grant


Palmetto Bay

Ken Robinson Meditation Garden

Pembroke Pines

Children of Veterans – R & R Village

Pinellas Park

Wounded Warriors Ranch

Port St. Lucie

Traffic Utility Cabinet Art


Veterans' "Ring of Honor"

South Bay

Project South Bay Youth

South Daytona

Arts in Public Places Initiative

South Pasadena

Health Education Event


Sweetwater Elementary School

West Melbourne

Space Coast Field of Dreams at W.M. Park

Yankeetown & Inglis

South Levy Marketplace

Yankeetown & Inglis

Community Garden

Zolfo Springs

Pavilion for Mentoring & Homework Assist

2016 League of Mayors/Florida Business Watch City Catalyst Grant Scoring Sheet

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