Lesson Grammar: Complex object The aim of the lesson: Educational

Katia: Well, Paul let me think about that one.  Paul

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Katia: Well, Paul let me think about that one. 

Paul: OK. Thank you. 


A) Main Points: Answer the following questions about the interview. 

1) When would Katia lend money?  

a) Anytime b) In an emergency c) Never 

3) What did his friend do? 

a) Bought a car b) Lended Paul money c) Lost his car 

2) How does Paul feel about lending money?  

a) It’s no big deal. b) He enjoys doing it. c) He tries to avoid it. 

4) Who would they prefer to ask for money? 

a) Friends b) Family c) A bank 


B) Phrase Match: Match the phrases on the left with the example on the right. 

1) affect a friendship   

a) eventually; later on 

2) a bad experience   

b) cause it to change 

3) a very close friend   

c)an unpleasant situation 

4) a big effect  


d) strong relationship 

5) in the end   


e) significant result 


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