Job Title: Senior Systems Administrator Job Duties

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JVA # 16-07-40823

Job Title: Senior Systems Administrator

Job Duties:

  • serves as a technical expert on systems administration in a large and complex computing environment

  • serves as a staff specialist on multiple operating systems and platforms supporting enterprise-wide or large scale computing

  • applies significant professional experience and training in information technology to the most complex assignments

  • installs, configures and implements operating system software, telecom applications and integrated systems

  • modifies operating systems, performs analysis, database maintenance and management, security administration, and manages data storage

  • Supervises assigned Systems Administrators

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or related field) or equivalent experience

Work Experience: Five or more years of progressively responsible experience in administration of data communication networks in LAN and WAN, Operating systems (Wintel/Linux), network, systems security, Vmware/Hyper-V virtualization based infrastructure and applications

Certification: CompTIA A+, Network+, Server +, Microsoft Certifications
Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

    1. Telecommunications standards and practices

    2. Computer systems, computer hardware and software applications.

    3. LAN/WAN architecture

    4. Advanced knowledge of Windows Server (2003/2008 R2/2012 R2) Hyper-V /desktop Operating Systems (XP,7,8,10)

    5. Administering Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010

    6. Managing VMWare Infrastructure (Vmotion, DRS, Storage Vmotion and VM Clustering)

    7. Data administration, database application programs, networking concepts, enterprise storages appliances such as ISCSI/FCoE SAN, DAS and NAS.

    8. Call control platform and Prepaid Mobile, SMS and MMS environment

    9. Operating systems and application migration

Work Location: Susupe, Saipan

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