Jiovanny Saldana

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Jiovanny Saldana

5 CobbleWood Drive  Mount Pocono, PA 18344  570-216-6003 


  • Highly organized, time efficient and multi-task oriented. Excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

  • My objective is to obtain a challenging growth position where I can utilize the skills I have acquired from various positions in order to excel and be a valuable asset to my employer.

Core Competencies

  • Cisco Phone Systems

  • High Degree of Technology Savvy

  • Customer Service

  • Micro Computer Operating Systems

  • Speech Communication

  • MS Office Suite

  • KAIVAC and HOST Certified

  • Info Genesis POS Systems

  • Persuasive and Effective Communicator

  • Strong Analytical Skills/Detail Oriented

Technical/Computer Proficiencies: C++, HTML, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Pocono Mountain East High School Swiftwater, PA

High School Diploma 2004-2008

GPA 3.0
Northampton Community College, Tannersville, PA

Working on Computer Degree September 2012 to Present

Core Studies: Intro to Stat, Intro to psychology, Intro to Computers, English 1 and 2, Speech Communication, Intro to computer Hardware and Networking, Computer Technology 1, and Micro Computer Operating Systems.
Professional History
2013 to present: United State Navy Reserves- Logistics Specialist

  • NTTC Naval Air Station, Meridian Mississippi “A” School.

Logistics Specialist Certification

  • Responsible for ensuring all repair parts, general supplies, services, and other logistical requirements for small units such as Special Forces and expeditionary units.

  • How to properly fill out and submit requisition forms, for materials needed. How to properly handle HAZMAT materials.

2010 to 2013: Mount Airy Casino Resort, Mount Pocono, PA – Fine Dining Attendant & Server

  1. Selected by Management to be Dining Room Attendant/Server for this fine dining establishment; assist and guide the work of the serving teams and provide guidance for escalated customer service issues.

  2. Address and resolve customer complaints as needed; leverage strong leadership, communication and dedication to customer satisfaction to ensure the quality of the dining experience.

2007 to 2010: Great Wolf Lodge – Floor Technician

  1. Responsible for maintaining hotel rooms using KAIVAC and HOST machines, and Ecolab chemicals, Polishing Wooden and Hard Floor Tiles.

  2. Used Phone Systems and walky-talky systems to coordinate maintenance crews in an organized manner.

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