Jimmy sutherland

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Jimmy Sutherland HAIR: Sandy

917-723-8792 HEIGHT: 6’

JimmyTapz@yahoo.com EYES: BROWN



Grand Street Pub Owner Lex Sidon

Sleepwalkers(w/ Donald Sutherland) Feet Doug Aitken and Friends

Escort Escort Alex Bradleys Martocellos

West Canal Street Grey Lupine Pictures

Americana Jason James Washington

Addiction Smoker Five Alive Productions

Sounds Of The Underground Jimmy Cinematik

Maggieville Henry NYU


Spoon River Anthology Various Roles Adam Roebuck

The Devil And Ben Jones Pug CCCP

Guys And Dolls Sky NY Youth Theatre

Ruddigore Ensemble Days Gone By Productions

The Sound Of Music Fredrich BR Little Theatre


The Box NYC Jimmy Tapz Simon Hammerstein

Sonnets On Tap Soloist Novisi Productions

From Hoofin’ 2 Hittin’ Principle Dancer The Supper Club NYC

Platinum Taps Tappin’ Tommy Producers Club

City Kids Rep. Rep. Member City Kids Rep. NYC

Performs internationally with percussion/tap shows at live industrials for companies such

as Tee and Jam, Inc., Rhythm Rox, MRK/Kaiman Records and more

COMMERCIAL: Conflicts available upon request.

Back To School Gregory Steve & Barry’s


ACTING: Maggie Flannigan; Scott Hudson; Stephen Michaels; Roger Hendricks Simon

VOICE: Alyssa Ciccarello; Lester James Ottinger; Ninfa Caruso; Andrew Cooke

DANCE: Henry LeTang; Charles Goddertz ; Skip Cunningham ; Cathy DeFrances

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