Parental Consent Form For iLaunch Club Visit to Mongodb hq in nyc a brief Exposition: On Thursday November 10th

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Parental Consent Form For iLaunch Club Visit to MongoDB HQ in NYC
A Brief Exposition:

On Thursday November 10th, 2016 (No Homework 4-day weekend), PHS iLaunch will be travelling to New York City to have a tour and talk with Senior VP of Engineering Andrew Erlichson of MongoDB Inc at the MongoDB Headquarters. MongoDB is a well established company created in 2007. It is worth over $1.2 billion and has clients ranging from Google to Buzzfeed who use its services for database optimization. For the trip, the company has prepared a presentation for iLaunch, will give the club a tour of their office, and will hold a discussion panel with company engineers and executives for students to interact and ask questions. This trip is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about computer science, entrepreneurship, and business; what MongoDB does (iLaunch will be teaching students how to use MongoDB databases later in the year); network with engineers and professionals for future jobs, mentorships, and internships; and become more independent individuals.

Means of Transportation:

Parents or guardians are responsible for dropping off their student(s) at the Princeton Junction Train Station on November 10th at 11:30 am. Make sure to be on time, as the club must leave together as a group on the NJ Transit train. Parents are also responsible for picking up their student(s) upon return at the Princeton Junction Station around 6:00 pm. The club will travel by train from Princeton Junction to NY Penn Station and return via the same route. From Penn Station, the club will walk to the MongoDB HQ as a group.

No subway or other public transportation will be taken that day, as the MongoDB HQ is only a 0.6 mile walk from the NY Penn Station.

All students are responsible to pay for their own transportation costs (the train). They will need to turn in $32 non refundable in cash (since train tickets are not refundable) by Monday and their tickets will be bought and given on the day of the trip. These tickets will be round trip tickets bought by the club leaders and given at the Princeton Junction Train Station. No other costs are necessary. However, students can bring any additional money for souvenirs or food if they wish. The tickets will be bought by club leaders Tuesday evening, so message us before then if you need to cancel.


Once this permission slip is turned in, students will be added to an attendance roster, which will be checked often during the trip:

1-Before departing Princeton Junction 2-On the Train to Penn Station

3-Arriving at and leaving Penn Station 4-Arrival to MongoDB HQ

5-Leaving MongoDB HQ 6-Arriving at and Departing from Penn Station

7-On the Train to Princeton Junction 8-Arrival at Princeton Junction

This will ensure that students will not get lost in the city. All round trip train tickets are bought beforehand by us, so that students do not have to worry about buying tickets at the station. Students are also encouraged to bring their phones so that every member can remain in contact with us using the contact information provided below. We will add their number to our contact list upon the return of this form.

We will also aim to take chaperones on the trip. It is highly encouraged that you volunteer as a chaperone, as it will be an excellent experience, will increase student safety, and you can find out more about our club as a whole.

*If you are chaperone, submit an extra $32 with this slip. Do not pay for your own ticket. You will have no extra responsibility other than to just serve as an extra watchful eye on everyone.
What Students should do to Prepare for the trip:

Since there will be a discussion panel held with MongoDB engineers and executives, students should come prepared with questions about the company (entrepreneur, business, computer science related). They should be knowledgeable about what the company does to make the most of their time.

Contact Us:

iLaunch Club President: Robert Zhang   Cell: 6094239774 (SMS please. Do not call.)

iLaunch Email:
To find out more about the club and what we do, be sure to check out our website:

To find out more about the trip:


Cut Out and Submit along with $32 in cash by Monday, November 7th at the iLaunch meeting
Student Printed Name Signature Cell Phone Number
_____________________________ _______________________ _______________________

Parent Name Signature Cell Phone Number
_____________________________ _______________________ _______________________

Would you like to volunteer as a Parental Chaperone? (If yes, submit $32 more for your ticket)
Yes No

Note: Sign this consent form as soon as possible. We are only allowed to take 16 students on the trip. This is done on a first come first serve basis. If a student turns in money and we already have 16 students attending, they will be completely refunded the cost of the trip at the earliest convenience.

Download 142,16 Kb.

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