Is situated by the Sedeli River, at Mawai Lama, north of Kota Tinggi town. It is designed by Singaporean architect, Mr Tay Kheng Soon, a former Commissioner of the Singapore Scouts

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2D1N Eco Exploration @ Mawai & Sedili

Accommodation @ Tg Sutera Resort

24-25 Nov 2012 (Sat – Sun)
Mawai Eco Camp is situated by the Sedeli River, at Mawai Lama, north of Kota Tinggi town. It is designed by Singaporean architect, Mr Tay Kheng Soon, a former Commissioner of the Singapore Scouts. The camp was built and completed in late 1998 by the Orang Asli (aboriginal people from Endau, Johor). It is built over a freshwater swamp and entirely of materials from the nearby forest. What’s unique about the camp is that there are no walls to obstruct your view of the surrounding forest.
The forest at your doorstep is home to the Oriental Pied and Black hornbills, which are often sighted daily. Changeable Hawk-eagles and Crested Serpent-eagles nest near the camp. Maroon and Orange-backed Woodpeckers and Straw-headed Bulbuls also seen at the forest edge. Savanna nightjars plus a resident Barn owl and the Spotted Wood-owl come alive at night.
The jungle here includes extensive freshwater swamp forests along the Sedili River near camp. This forest is yet to be studied for its flora and avifauna. Otters and wild pigs are abundant in it, and the Malayan elephant is also evident from dung droppings around and along the camp’s tracks. An adult tapir had wandered into campsite! Fireflies abound in the forest along the river’s edge. Evening river cruises can be organised to watch their starry wonder.
The renowned botanist E J Corner has written an excellent chapter on this particular area of Malaysia in his 1917 book, "Mangrove and Freshwater Swamp Of South Johore". His private jetty (not far from the camp) still stands, next to the 90-year-old fig tree mentioned in his book. Oriental Pied hornbills have been seen feeding on this tree during the fruiting season.
This campsite is a wonderful place for ecology, flora and fauna studies as well as watching birds…or simply just to be close to nature. Go on the river cruise at night and watch fireflies light up the vegetation along the river banks like Christmas trees in the night. A truly fascinating sight!
Victoria School has been conducting Student Leadership Training Camps at Mawai for the past 10 years !

Crossing Sg Sedili Besar Entering Mawai Eco Camp MPH Mawai

Mawai Eco Camp ( 2 hrs from Singapore )

Mawai Eco Camp

Tg Sedili Sutera Resort is a peaceful getaway with a touch of kampong ambience. Serenity amidst the swaying coconut trees. The resort is 40 m above sea level is located in the East Coast of Johor. It spans a hilly area of more than 20 acrs of land, once a coconut plantation. The resort overlooks the true blue South China Sea with its wave beating against the dramatic rocky coast. The resort has 35 air-con chalet rooms with attached toilet and hot water shower. The campsite is within the Resort which can accommodate 1000pax at a time.
Victoria School organize their Sec 3 Level Camp at Sutera Campsite !

Overlooking South China Sea , air-con chalets, coconut trees and kampong setting

All Accommodation are air-con with attached Bathroom/WC & Hot Shower

Standard Chalet Twin-Share

Family Suites 5 – 8 pax (types) with a Living room & 2 attached bathroom

Activities @ Mawai Eco Camp

Aslis’ Animal Traps Demo Asli Water Obstacles Challenge

Activities @ Tg Sedili Sutera Resort

Tg Sutera: Coastal Walk

Sedili Fishing Village Exploration

DAY 1 24 Nov (Sat)
07.15am Assemble at Victoria School (attendance taking & admin, Register for Free Parking)

Briefing on travel procedure & immigration checkpoint clearance

08.00am Air-con Coach set off to 2nd Link

09.30am Breakfast at Gelang Patah R&R

10.00am Proceed to Mawai Eco Camp

11.30am Arrived at Sg Sedili, crossover to Mawai Eco Camp

12 noon Geographical & Terrain Orientation of Mawai

01.00pm Kampong Lunch

02.30pm Asli Animal Traps Demo

03.00pm Mawai Peat Swamp Forest Walk led by Professional Nature Guides and the Orang Aslis

(Prepare to get Muddy !)

04.30pm Asli Water Obstacles Challenge

(prepare to get Wet !)

06.00pm Wash up

07.00pm Dinner

08.00pm Fire Flies Cruise along Sedili River

09.00pm Transfer to Tg Sutera Resort

09.45pm Check-in

10.30pm Night Snack at Resort

Happy Hours! (drinks at own expense)

DAY 2 25 Nov (Sun)

06.30am Watch sunrise over the horizon of South China Sea (optional)

07.30am Bird Watching led by Nature Guide

08.30am Breakfast

09.30am Tg Sedili Coastal Walk

10.30am Kampong appreciation (Sedili Fishing Village)

12.00pm Lunch

01.00pm Depart for Singapore

02.30pm Stop by Jusco Shopping Plaza

04.30pm Depart for Singapore

06.00pm Back in Victoria School

Note: Programmes & activities are subjected to changes due to weather, timing & or scheduling.

Our package charges are

For OVA members & immediate family

S$155/adult (0% GST) and S$130/kid under 12yr (0% GST)

For Non-OVA members

S$175/adult (0% GST) and S$150/kid under 12yr (0% GST)

Package includes:
Licensed Malaysian Air-con Coach with Tour Guide

All meals (Halal) as stated

All logistics stated in program i.e. Life jackets

Professional Nature Guides

Orang Asli Guides

Safety Instructors

Powerboat and boatman

Fire Flies Cruise

1N Accommodation at Tg Sedili Sutera Resort (Twin-Share or Triple-Share / Family Suite of 5-8pax)

Single Chalet room extra charge of S$40/pax

Group Travel Insurance (P.A. $10000.00, $1000.00 Medical Claim, Unlimited Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation)

24 hrs emergency transport (Clinic 15mins away, Hospital 40 mins away)


Registration Procedure:

Provide (1) Full Name as in Passport (2) Passport No. (3) Date of Birth (4) Gender F/M. Indicate how many OVA members and immediate family, prefer type of accommodation, any vegetarian meal ?, allergy and Email to

Payment Procedure:

Cross Cheque payable to : Edu Outdoor Activities Pte Ltd

Mail Cheque to : 61 Puay Hee Avenue Singapore 348161
For enquiries:

Leong KK 90221730 or email to

Closing Date : 15 Nov 2012
About the Organiser Edu Outdoor Activities Pte Ltd
Edu Outdoor Activities Pte Ltd was established in 2001 specialising in Outdoor and Nature Education. In 2004, Edu branched into Corporate Training & Development programs i.e. Edu Professional Training, specialising in programs such as Natural Innovations, Ecohesion, and Eco Action Learning. In 2006, Edu established Sun-City Travel & Tours Pte Ltd T.A. 1308, a STB licensed Travel Agent, specialising in both inbound and outbound Eco-Tourism. Sun-City is also one of the 23 Travel Agents selected by MOE under the framework agreement to conduct Overseas Educational Learning Journey to China, Hong Kong & Macau.
Edu is the appointed Operator for Ministry of Education Dairy Farm Adventure Centre since 2004 providing outdoor educational programs for educational institutions in Singapore. Edu also operates 4 other Eco campsites exclusively in Johor i.e. Mawai Eco Camp, KOREF Eco Camp, Tg Sutera Campsite and Tiram Indah Campsite. for more info.
Both Edu Directors Mr Leong Kwok Peng and Leong Kwok Khuen are Victorians from the 70s and 80s.

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