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Инглиз тили

1. Fortunately, I ....working alone otherwise I would have got really bored at the night shift.
A) was used to
B) was to

C) would
D) used to

2. I don't think it was a good idea to intervene, instead, you ....your child to abandon the habit of thumb-sucking gradually, all by himself.
A) could have allowed
B) had allowed
C) must have allowed
D) were able to allow

3. After the voyaging ship was wrecked during a storm at sea, unfortunately, only two of the men on board ....swim to the small island nearby.
A) were able to
B) were supposed to
C) could
D) had to

4. I don't know why she didn't ask me how to do it as I ---- her.
A) could have helped
B) might help
C) should have helped
D) could help

5. Martin ---- my tennis racket without asking my permission. I got really angry with him.
A) shouldn't have taken
B) must not have taken
C) didn't need to taken
D) might not have taken
6. I don't know why Peter is so late; do you think he ---- lost coming here?
A) might have got
B) could get
C) must have got
D) was to have got

7. What ---- to Phil? He said he ---- here at eight o'clock.
A) can have happened / would be
B) should have happened / has been
C) may happen / will have been
D) would happen / is

8. One of the US national security advisers ---- there ---- better intelligence sharing before the September 11 attacks.
A) has acknowledged / could have been
B) acknowledges / might be
C) acknowledged / must be
D) would acknowledge / will have been

9. We all think that Maria ---- an interesting person to meet as we ---- a lot of stories about her so far.
A) would be / have heard
B) can be / heard
C) might have been / hear
D) will be / will have heard

10. As a young woman who had never given birth before, she ---- what the experience of childbirth ---- like.
A) couldn't have known / would be
B) may not know / is

C) must not have known / will be
D) may not know / would be

11. Apple Computers ---- the share of the market held by Microsoft in the late 1990s but unfortunately they didn't have a clear business plan to more ambitiously pursue their business goals.
A) might have captured
B) needn't have captured
C) should capture
D) might capture

12. Many immigrants now agree that they ---- their traditions when they first settled in America.
A) shouldn't have given up
B) don't have to give up
C) may not have given up
D) might not give up

13. Although working conditions ---- in many occupations in the past few years, one can never be safe, particularly in places with higher risk occupations.
A) may have improved
B) can't have improved
C) could improve
D) needn't have improved

14. A good supervisor ---- with people who attempt too much than with those who try too little because hard-working staff contributes much to all aspects of work.
A) would rather work
B) had better not work
C) is not able to work
D) can't work

15. If you want to get a good night's sleep, you ---- any tea or coffee in the evenings.
A) mustn't drink
B) don't have to drink
C) were able to drink
D) could drink

16. Road conditions ---- much in the last fifteen years, since the government hasn't invested anything to renew the roads.
A) can't have improved
B) needn't have improved
C) didn't need to improve
D) ought to have improved

17. A new report suggests that a vaccine that offers at least partial protection against HIV ---- available in the near future.
A) could be
B) used to be
C) might have been
D) would rather be

18. He ---- technical support when his computer broke down because he doesn't know much about computers.
A) must have had
B) needn't have had
C) can't have had
D) didn't have to have

19. The new steam powered and mechanized farm equipment ....the work easier but they couldn't get it to work.
A) might have made
B) can't have made
C) didn't have to make
D) had better make

20. If you plan to take a long trip in the car, you must get a full tank of gas or you ---- out of gas.
A) might run
B) should have run
C) had better run
D) are used to running

21. When I stopped talking, Sam finished my sentence for me as though he ---- my mind.

A) had read
B) has read
C) reads
D) can read

22. If you ----, I would have brought my friends over to your house last night to watch TV, but I didn't want to bother you.

A) hadn't been studying
B) have studied
C) studied
D) didn't study

23. I wish I --- you some money for your rent, but I'm broke myself.

A) could lend
B) can lend
C) would have lent
D) will lend

24. If someone ---- into the store, smile and say, "How may I help you?"

A) comes
B) will come
C) would come
D) could have come

25. "Are we lost?" "I think so. I wish we ---- a map with us."

A) had brought
B) were bringing
C) brought
D) would bring

26. "Here is my phone number." "Thanks. I will give you a call if I ---- some help tomorrow."

A) need
B) will need
C) would need
D) needed

27. If I weren't working for an accounting firm, I ---- in a bank.

A) would be working
B) work
C) will work
D) have worked

28. Ed invested a lot of money with a dishonest adviser, and lost nearly all of it. Now he is having serious financial problems. He --- in this position if he had listened to some of his friends.

A) wouldn't be
B) will be
C) won't be
D) hadn't been

29. The world ---- a better place now if we had known a hundred years ago what we know today about the earth's environment.

A) might be
B) will be
C) was
D) can be

30. The medicine made me feel dizzy. I felt as though the room ---- around and around.

A) were spinning
B) will spin
C) spins
D) would be spinning

31. "I'm really sorry about what happened during the meeting. I felt I had no choice." "It's Okay. I'm sure you wouldn't have done it if you ----."
A) hadn't had to
B) should have
C) had to
D) have to

32. ---- you, I'd think twice about that decision. It could be a bad move.

A) Were I
B) If I had been
C) Would I be
D) If I am

33. "Was Pam seriously injured in the car accident?" "She broke her arm. It ---- much worse if she hadn't been wearing her seat belt."

A) would have been
B) will be
C) was
D) were

34. If my candidate had won the election, I ---- happy now.

A) would be
B) am
C) was
D) can be

35. I wish Janet ---- to the meeting this afternoon.

A) could come
B) has come
C) will come
D) can come

36. I ---- you to the woman I was speaking with, but I couldn't think of her name.

A) would have introduced
B) will introduce
C) would introduce
D) couldn't have introduced

37. "What ---- today If you hadn't come here this weekend?" "I guess I'd be putting in extra hours at my office."

A) would you be doing
B) did you do
C) can you do
D) will you be doing

38. Page 12 of the manual that came with the appliance says," ---- any problem with the merchandise, contact your local dealer."

A) Should you have
B) You should have
C) Do you have
D) Had you had

39. Marge walked away from the discussion. Otherwise, she ---- something she would regret later.

A) might have said
B) will say
C) said
D) might say

40. I would never have encouraged you to go into this field ---- it would be stressful for you. I'm sorry It's been so difficult for you.

A) had I known
B) and I had known
C) should I know
D) but I knew

41. I didn't buy ---- in the end.
A) anything
B) nothing
C) something
D) everybody

42. It's no good if everyone ---- to get ---- own way.

A) wants / their
B) want / their
C) wants / theirs
D) want / theirs

43. He was an only child, so he had to learn how to amuse ----.

A) himself
B) him
C) anybody
D) each other

44. They always defend ----. If you blame one, the other will spring to her aid.

A) one another
B) themselves
C) him
D) them

45. He claimed to be an expert, but he knew almost ---- about it.

A) nothing
B) everything
C) anything
D) something

46. If ---- had called, they would have left a message.

A) anybody
B) nobody
C) everybody
D) no one

47. No one can find Alice and David ----.

A) anywhere
B) everywhere
C) somewhere
D) nowhere

48. Despite her father's complaints, she decided to live ---- in Canada.

A) by herself
B) of her own
C) herself
D) her

49. The music in the house was so loud that everybody had to shout to make ---- heard.

A) themselves
B) oneself
C) herself
D) them

50. There was ---- to help me so I had to do all the cleaning myself.

A) no one
B) anybody
C) somebody
D) everyone
51. Camera footage shows that illegal goods ---- into the warehouse last week.
A) were smuggled
B) smuggled
C) are smuggled
D) are being smuggled

52. Millions of tons of coal ---- every day to produce energy.

A) are burnt
B) are burning
C) burnt
D) will burn

53. According to studies, single women often lack satisfactory life Insurance coverage and 64 percent of American women --- life insurance at all.

A) don't carry
B) aren't carried
C) weren't carried
D) didn't carry

54. The taste of the coffee ---- by how and where the coffee bean is grown.

A) can be affected
B) has to be affected
C) should have affected
D) could affect

55. Many teachers agree that one's language skills ---- by listening to others.

A)can be improved
B) can improve
C) used to improved
D) could have improved

56. The board ---- to consider a range of options by many, including Microsoft raising its offer in an attempt to break the stalemate between the companies.

A) was expected
B) is expecting
C) will expect
D) has expected

57. New methods of dating ancient footprints show that the first Americans --- there at least 25,000 years earlier than thought.

A) may have settled
B) should be settled
C) can settle
D) must be settled

58. The CSU team today ---- an updated forecast that predicts eight hurricanes - four of them with winds exceeding 110 miles.

A) has released
B) may be released
C) had released
D) is released

59. There are many factors behind the sharp increase in the oil price, which ---- most of the time.

A) have been overlooked
B) had been overlooked
C) are overlooking
D) will overlook

60. The hundreds of millions of people who live on the border of poverty ---- with the threat of starvation now.

A) are faced
B) had faced
C) had bee faced
D) faced

61. Today, ---- people who enjoy winter sports is much greater than that of twenty years ago.

A) the number of
B) many
C) a great deal of
D) a number of

62. According to the studies, dolphins, whales and ---- other sea creatures use highly sophisticated navigation systems.

A) many
B) a little
C) any
D) much

63. The dietary habits of a child often have ---- to do with that child's eating habits as an adult.

A) little
B) whole
C) every
D) a great amount

64. In the United States of America, there are literacy classes for workers, ---- of whom never graduated from high school.

A) many
B) much
C) any
D) a little

65. In the first ---- months of life, an infant learns how to lift its head, how to smile and how to recognize its parents.

A) few
B) a lot of
C) any
D) the number of

66. Serving ---- terms in Congress, Shirley Chisholm became an important United States politician.

A) several
B) plenty
C) a lot
D) much
E) whole

67. Although the language learning abilities of apes have surprised ---- scientists, they generally agree that apes do not progress beyond ---- linguistic abilities of a two-year-old child.

A) many / the
B) a little / the
C) few / a
D) each / a

68. The storm continued for ---- of the days when we were in New Orleans,·but fortunately there wasn't ---- damage in the city.

A) most / much
B) several / a lot
C) all / a little
D) a few / many

69. Heavy fines and jail sentences have made ---- difference in preventing elephant poaching for their tusks.

A) little
B) a few
C) the number of
D) many
E) none

70. Although ---- species of fox are reddish in color, ---- Arctic fox is often pure white.

A) most / the
B) any / the
C) plenty / the
D) all / an

71. Supposedly, digital voice discs, or DVDs as they are called, are ---- resistant to scratching ---- records.

A) far more / than
B) so / as
C) such / that
D) much / than

72. I don't have ---- much time for reading ---- I would like to.

A) as / as
B) more / than
C) so / that
D) too / that

73. English is today the third ---- native language worldwide after Chinese and Hindi, with some 380 million speakers.

A) most spoken
B) the more spoken
C) much spoken
D) the least spoken

74. My students' sleepless nights became ---- as the finals approached.

A) more frequent
B) so frequently
C) as frequent
D) much more frequently

75. It is often said that the hyena is an aggressive animal, but in fact it is not ---- many people believe.

A) so vicious as
B) so vicious that
C) as viciously as
D) more vicious

76. The cupboard was ---- big ---- fit through the door, so we had to take it apart first.

A) too / to
B) more / than
C) so / that
D) enough / to

77. The roots of the old tree spread out ---- thirty meters in all directions and damaged nearby buildings.

A) as much as
B) too much
C) so much
D) so many as

78. According to the recent election's results, the Democrats are ---- of the four main political parties.

A) the smallest
B) smallest
C) much smaller
D) smaller

79. Ever since the use of natural gas became widespread, London isn't ---- a polluted city ---- it was ten years ago.

A) such / as
B) as / as
C) so / that
D) more / than

80. The plot of the novel was ---- it was completely incomprehensible.

A) so complicated that
B) such complicated
C) more complicated
D) much more complicated than

81. The Vaal River is one of the major rivers in South Africa but the runoff is not constant which means that large dams have to be built ---- store water for use.

A) so as to
B) regardless of
C) notwithstanding
D) thanks to

82. Due to ---- a lack of production ---- increasing housing prices, Liverpool is now ranked as one of the least affordable cities countrywide.

A)both / and
B) no sooner / than
C) scarcely / before
D) neither / nor

83. Mike has been told he will have to pay the fine ---- his high rank in the military.

A) despite
B) furthermore
C) on grounds that
D) even if

84. Some people believe vaccines overload our immune system, making it less able to react to other diseases ---- meningitis or AIDS, which are now threatening our health.

A) such as
B) lest
C) with the aim of
D) whereas

85. Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous ---- it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

A) as
B) so that
C) however
D) no matter although

86. They like to keep their old houses rather than building the new ones ---- it is very hard and expensive to maintain them.

A) even though
B) because
C) on the contrary
D) on account of

87. The inhabitants of our village claim that pedestrians have no choice but to risk their lives crossing the dangerous road as there is ---- a pedestrian bridge ---- a crosswalk.

A) neither / nor
B) both / and
C) not only / but also
D) no sooner / than

88. ---- the Oscar Reward, the Cannes Film Festival is the biggest event which takes place in May in the South of France.

A) Except for
B) Such as
C) Lest
D) Unless

89. ---- vaccination has eliminated naturally occurring polio in North and South America, rare cases continue to occur in developing countries of Africa.

A) Although
B) However
C) As a result of
D) Hence

90. The economy in China is booming; ---- many foreign investors are planning to enter China's market.

A) that's why
B) even if
C) so as to
D) in addition to

91. Johnny Pacheco has a creative talent as a composer; ----, he is a successful arranger.

A) moreover
B) now that
C) though
D) owing to

92. ---- how long you've been using tobacco, you can still overcome your addiction to smoking.

A) No matter
B) Although
C) Regarding
D) However

93. ---- they tried hard, the students could not complete the project in time as they were lacking in skills and knowledge.

A) Although
B) As
C) Since
D) Despite

94. All the soldiers had to take their masks with them ---- there was a gas attack.

A) in case
B) so
C) nevertheless
D) so that

95. He should not have used office property ---- he ought not to have been in the building at all outside office hours.

A) furthermore
B) owing to
C) so that
D) in addition to

96. She feels like giving up her job ---- the consequences she will face.

A) regardless of
B) much as
C) as a result
D) although

97. Smaller companies were merged into the parent company ---- creating a single organization.

A) thereby
B) as a consequence
C) though
D) in order to

98. ---- you fail, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried.

A) Even if
B) Unlike
C) Provided
D) But for

99. ---- a person tries very hard to suppress the obsession, it continues to reoccur in an uncontrollable fashion.

A) Even though
B) Besides
C) No matter
D) Therefore

100. ---- motor vehicles are the most preferable way of transport, they are also the major contributor to global warming.

A) Whereas
B) On the other hand
C) On the contrary
D) Whenever

101. As I have just had a tooth ----, I am not allowed to eat or drink anything for three hours.

A) taken out
B) tried on
C) crossed out
D) run out

102. You need to ---- your essay for spell-check before you hand in your exam paper.

A) go over
B) point out
C) cut off
D) hang out

103. It is not easy for many civil servants to ---- on their salaries as the inflation rate is extremely high.

A) get by
B) turn up
C) wear out
D) run over

104. You'd better ---- your cigarette as it is dangerous to smoke at a gas station.

A) put out
B) pull through
C) get through
D) hang up

105. Jane found it hard to get up from the bed after the alarm clock ---- at seven.

A) went off
B) took out
C) sent out
D) broke in

106. There is an easy way to ---- four species of wild cats living in this region by their tail patterns.

A) tell apart
B) see to
C) clear up
D) back up

107. I thought the party was going to be boring, but it ---- to be the most unforgettable evening of my life.

A) turned out
B) looked around
C) passed away
D) fell back on

108. I find it hard to ---- with the other students in the Italian class as they have been attending the classes more regularly than I do.

A) catch up
B) call in
C) do away
D) fall through

109. The first National Food and Nutrition Survey was ---- in 1980 and the most recent one in 1992.

A) carried out
B) dropped out
C) figured out
D) brought about

110. The summit was earlier to be held in March but was ---- due to the tsunami disaster that hit India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
A) put off
B) crossed out
C) paid off
D) dropped in

111. We arranged to meet at ten o'clock last Sunday but John didn't ---- on time.

A) turn up
B) look up
C) put out
D) give in

112. I had better leave, I don't want to ---- my welcome.

A) wear out
B) go off
C) run down
D) give up

113. It was a mistake that I didn't ---- the contract before signing it.

A) look through
B) called out
C) come by
D) get up

114. John is a rich man because he ---- a lot of money last year.

A) came into
B) checked in
C) fell behind
D) went through

115. Liz decided to ---- jogging as she needed to lose weight urgently.

A) take up
B) go against
C) run into
D) hand in

116. I will buy this bag since it is exactly what I have been ----.

A) looking for

B) giving away

C) taking after
D) making out

117. As we have been informed that the weather will get worse soon, we have decided to ---- the tennis match.

A) put off
B) take out
C) make up
D) go by

118. Before ---- for Los Angeles, it is urgent that I get my car serviced today.

A) setting off
B) letting down
C) giving out
D) finding out

119. I am trying to ---- from my roommate since I don't want him to be infected as I am.

A) keep away
B) take on
C) clear up
D) turn down

120. A lot of plant and animal species are in danger of --- at the moment.

A) dying out
B) paying off
C) turning on
D) setting out

121. I have to ---- my notes once again to make sure I have learned all important details before the exam.

A) go over
B) put up with
C) take after
D) pull down

122. My check-up results indicate that I have to ---- all my bad habits at once.

A) give up
B) let down
C) keep on
D) put across

123. We haven't been able to decide on who is going to ---- our baby while we are on the business trip next week.

A) look after
B) come to
C) get by
D) fall out

124. Today, there is a tendency in our culture to ---- the people who haven't been to a university.

A) look down on
B) show off
C) turn over
D) take off

125. The soldier will be brought to trial because he is thought to have ---- state secrets to the enemy.

A) given away
B) backed up
C) broken out
D) turned off

126. In order not to lose its market share, our company must ---- the latest technological developments.

A) keep up with
B) drop in
C) fall apart
D) wear out

127. It is obvious that the new law has ---- some revolutionary changes in the current tax system but there are still some points to be revised.

A) brought about
B) broken away
C) taken in
D) pulled out

128. If it weren't for the loan I got from the bank, it would have been impossible for me to ---- my own business.

A) set up
B) cross out
C) drop off
D) take down

129. Though he loved his fiancée very much, the boy acted in accordance with his parent's wishes and ---- with her.

A) broke up
B) turned out
C) made up
D) set out

130. The fact that the inflation rate has ---- in recent months indicates that the government isn't following a reliable economic policy

A) gone up
B) come down with
C) given off
D) put forward

131. Tom had had enough of school, ---- is why he decided to join the Marines.

A) which
B) what
C) whom
D) where

132. If you are planning to drive a long distance, you should drive during the time of the day ---- you are normally awake.

A) when
B) whom
C) which
D) whose

133. In areas ---- many elderly live alone, the police may visit their homes to make sure they are all right.

A) where
B) which
C) whose
D) whom

134. Canada is one of the few forested nations ---- forests are mostly public property.

A) whose
B) that
C) whom
D) which

135. In 1851,---- an international tournament was organized by the great English player Howard Staunton, the modern competitive age of chess began in London.

A) when
B) that
C) which
D) where

136. I have always found that it's helpful to have a few wise and trusted people to ---- you can turn for information and advice.

A) whom
B) that
C) whose
D) who

137. While starting your own business the first principle is to select people ---- you have trust and confidence.

A) in whom
B) whose
C) on which
D) where

138. Jack London, ---- works deal romantically with the overwhelming power of nature and the struggle for survival, was a prolific American novelist and short story writer.

A) whose
B) which
C) where
D) what

139. Parents can learn to create an environment ---- their child can grow and thrive in a more resourceful and less stressful manner.

A) where
B) what
C) which
D) that

140. Many foods ---- we consume today are all military creations and were first designed for soldiers.

A) that
B) of which
C) where
D) when

141. Prague,......many beautiful historical and architectural monuments have made it a tourist attraction, is also a favorite location for historical films.

A) whose
B) which
C) where
D) what

142. Joseph Conrad was a Polish seaman ......became famous as an English writer.

A) who
B) whose
C) when
D) which

143. It is difficult to predict......will happen politically if Turkey is refused entry to the European Union.

A) what
B) which
C) when
D) how

144. I'd like to have an apartment of my own ......I can invite my friends around whenever I want.

A) to which
B) into what
C) in that
D) which

145. As anyone........has ever watched The Apprentice knows, business is a tough game to play.

A) who
B) when
C) whom
D) what

146. As a university student, you should know......to use a library very well.

A) how
B) what
C) that
D) who

147. No one to......I have spoken is able to answer my question. 

A) whom
B) whose
C) that
D) what

148. No one knows......the Indian custom of sati—widows burning themselves on their husbands' funeral pyres—began, but it has now become very rare.

A) how
B) whose
C) that
D) which

149. The Tibetans,......claim to be descended from a god in the form of a monkey, seem to have anticipated Darwin.

A) who
B) whose
C) where
D) when

150. Everyone was upset by the mysterious stranger—no one knew...... he had come or......he was going to do.

A) why / what
B) that / how
C) who / whom
D) how / why

151. The scouts in my school were sure to visit the flooded town, the condition ---- was not known.

A) of which
B) where
C) whose
D) that

152. My sister Ann had always wanted to go to a place ---- she could speak her native tongue.

A) where
B) whom
C) whose
D) which

153. Human food may be very harmful for some animals, ---- is why they won't let us feed the animals at the zoo.

A) which
B) why
C) when
D) whom

154. I am from a suburb in Chicago, ---- many successful companies such as Boeing and McDonald's are headquartered.

A) in which
B) whose
C) why
D) who

155. The 19th century artist, ---- name I could not remember, was one of the best I had ever seen.

A) whose
B) which
C) that
D) who

156. Marine excavation is a race not only against time and the sea but also the looters --- want history's treasures for themselves.

A) who
B) whom
C) when
D) where

157. He came for the weekend wearing only so me shorts and a T-shirt, ---- was a stupid thing to do in such a cold weather.

A) which
B) that
C) where
D) what

158. Virginia, ---- is said to be quite beautiful, is the home of many senators and representatives now.

A) which
B) where
C) in which
D) that

159. The large limousine ---- was loaded with students up to the limit was stopped by the police.

A) which
B) for which
C) when
D) in which

160. Crossing Death Valley, ---- temperatures reach well above 110 Fahrenheit, was a near insurmountable task for the early pioneers.

A) where
B) that
C) when
D) whom

161. Early signs of the rebirth of civilization in Western Europe ---- to appear in the 11th century as trade ---- again in Italy.
A) began / started
B) were beginning / will start
C) would begin / starts
D) begin / was starting

162. When a group ---- to a new country, its members ---- that they have to modify their way of life, including their celebrations of significant events.
A) immigrate / find
B) immigrated / would find
C) are immigrating / will be found
D) will immigrate / find

163. When he ---- that his nomination would mean competing with his closest friend he ---- to withdraw.

A) realized / decided
B) realized / was deciding
C) will realize / decides
D) would realize / decided

164. Computers that once ---- up entire rooms ---- now small enough to put on desktops and into wristwatches.
A) took / are
B) were taking / would be
C) will take / will be
D) are taking / will be

165. The immune system ---- by distinguishing between the body's own materials and things that ---- foreign to the body.
A) works / are
B) works / would be
C) will be working / are
D) is working / were

166. Despite the multiethnic nature of the Balkans it ---- that most inhabitants of the peninsula ' ---- common ancestors.

A) seems / share
B) will seem / will share
C) seemed / will share
D) seems / were sharing

167. The minute we ---- his gift we ---- him a note of thanks.
A) received / wrote
B) receive / would write
C) are receiving / wrote
D) will receive / would write

168. Women and children ---- a right to live their lives free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society ---- a duty to recognize and defend this right.

A) have / has
B) would have / has
C) will have / had
D) will have / would have

169. As soon as there ---- even a temporary break in the weather the climbers ---- their attempt to reach the summit,

A) is / will renew
B) was / renew
C) will be / renewed
D) is / renewed

170. She said she ---- late at the office that evening and that she ---- home till about eleven.
A) would be working / wouldn't get
B) would work / isn't getting
C) was working / gets
D) is working / got

171. Grace keeps hoping the bird that she ---- in the pet store yesterday ---- her birthday present.
A) saw / will be
B) will see / was
C) sees / will be
D) sees / would be

172. The author ---- quite annoyed when she ---- that the publisher was very dishonest.

A) was / determined
B) was / determines
C) would be / will determine
D) will be / will determine

173. He and his family ---- at our home in Canada when he ---- to a conference, and that was a great experience, too.

A) stayed / came
B) will stay / came
C) stayed / would come
D) are staying / will come

174. She ---- for her pen when she discovered that she ---- it in her handbag all the time.

A) was looking / had
B) is looking / has
C) looked / would have
D) was looking / will have

175. We ---- warm clothes on the field trip because it was cool outside but we ---- take any of the m out of the suitcase.

A) took / didn't have to
B) were taking / won't have to
C) will take / will have to
D) are taking / don't have to

176. She ---- very well but her sister cooked much better when i ---- her.

A) cooks / knew
B) was cooking / know
C) cooked / would know
D) is cooking / know

177. For a long time people ---- that the world was fiat and that people could fall off the edge.
A) thought
B) may think
C) are thinking
D) are thought

178. The robber --- sure that no one ---- before he crept through the window.

A) made / was looking
B) made / is looking
C) makes / looks
D) will make / is looking

179. Many people in the energy industry ---- natural gas will play a bigger role in electricity production as the demand for electricity ---- in the future.

A) believe / increases
B) will believe / would increase
C) believed / would increase
D) believe / increased

180. Because anxiety often ---- more than one cause and is experienced in highly individual ways, its treatment usually ---- more than one type of therapy.

A) has / requires
B) will have / was requiring
C) had / will require
D) had / will be requiring

181. Vegetables . . . in hot-houses are not so rich incolour and taste as vegetables . . . in natural

A) grown / growing
B) growing / to grow

C) having grown / grew

D) being grown / grew

182. Aunt Polly made Tom . . . the fence, but shedidn’t expect him . . . it so soon.

A) whitewash / to finish

B) to whitewash / to finish

C) to whitewash / finish
D) whitewash / finish

183. Rachel saw Franklin . . . to the cabinet and . . .the diamond.

A) come up / take out

B) coming up / took out

C) to come up / to take out

D) to have come / to take out

184. My mother wouldn’t like me . . . so much make up, she says it makes me . . . vulgar.
A)to put on / look
B) put on / to look

C) putting on / looking

D) putting on / looked

185. Thank you for the invitation. What time wouldyou like us . . . to your party?

A) tocome
B) coming
C) come
D) came

186. Mother made the children . . . the furniture andwash the floor. They also were made . . . the

A) dust / to water
B) dusting / watering

C) dusted / watered

D) to dust / to water

187. The doctor gave Mr. Franklin laudanum as hewanted to make him . . . in medicine. The doctor

expected Mr. Franklin . . . well that night.
A) believe / to sleep
B) to believe / sleeping

C) believing / having slept

D) believed / slept

188. Mr. Murdstone didn’t want David . . . in thehouse and made Mrs. Copperfield . . . him to a

boarding school.
A) tolive / send
B) to live / sent

C) live / send

D) that he lived / to send

189. George often saw his master . . . his sister andthis made him . . . and wish he didn’t live in his

A) beat / suffer
B) to beat / suffering

C) beat / suffered

D) beating / to suffer

190. - Are you sure Bob locked the front door?

- Yes, I noticed him . . . it with his own keyand . . . the house a few minutes ago.
A) lock / leave
B) have locked / leaving

C) tolock / to leave

D) to lock / leaving

191. He just sits there and ............... television most of the time.

A) watches
B) observes
C) glances
D) gazes

192. I'm going to take a(n) ............. abroad next summer.

A) trip
B) nap
C) map
D) look

193.By the way, that ............... me something I was supposed to be doing this afternoon.

A) reminds
B) remains
C) remembers
D) memorizes
194. There are many more television ............... today than there used to be twenty years ago.

A) viewers

B) onlookers
C) spectators
D) passers-by
195. We had to leave the ............... of them just where we had found them.

A) rest
B) back

C) backwards
D) remain
196. Don't forget to let me know if anything unusual ............... on the way.

A) happens

B) presents
C) obeys
D) provides
197. ............... your arms together and make a circle.

A) Link
B) Distribute

C) Reverse
D) Protect
198. As a child, he used to be ............... of the dark.

A) frightened

B) astonished
C) wondered
D) suspected
199. His uncle was ............... in a car accident.


B) died
C) wounded
D) crashed
200. His girlfriend was ............... in an airplane ............... .

A)killed/ crash

B)dead / landing
C) injured / fare
D) wounded / fall
201.A journey by ship for pleasure…

a.cruiseb. b. voyage c. trip d. expedition

202.Is it better to go on a package …

a.tour b. travel c. cruise d.journey

203.One of the most difficult decisions is choosing what to do for a …

a.living b. salary c.work d. employee

204.Mary stopped swimming and just … on the surface.

a.floated b. dived c.pouredd. d.sank

205.Jack turned the last corner and … for the finishing line.

a. headed b. waited c. arrived d.approached

206.David was trying to … another cyclist when he crashed.

a. overtake b.overpassc. c.overcharge d.overcome.

207.You have to … the person with the ball until you catch them.

a. chase b.rushc. c.jump d. drop

208.The fans climbed over the fence to … paying.

a.avoid b. prevent c. abandon d. refuse

209.I fell over while skiing and my sister had to … a doctor.

a. fetch b. carry c. taked. d.bring

210.It is very easy to … over when the snow is hard.

a.slip b. slide c. skate d. skid

211.Don’t … the road until all the runners have gone by.

a. cross b. pass c. across d. pass by

212.The swimmers … forward as they waited to begin the race.

a.leaned b. rolled c. crawled d. fell

213.When I was hiking in the mountains , I … on a snake.

a. stepped b. surprised c. carried d. tripped

214.Someone once said that there are three kinds of people who are … in sport.

a. interested b.succeed c. really d. playing

215.The test lasted two hours.It was …

a. a two-hour test b. two-hour test c. two-hours-test d.a two-hours test

216.In the USA … is called the national pastime.To play it,you need …and a bat.

a.baseball/a baseball b.baseball/baseball

c.a baseball/a baseball d.a baseball/baseball
217 .-Did he steal anything?-Yes, he … some things.

a.stoleb. b.would steal c.stealsd. d.will steal

218.-How about dinner and a movie on Friday?-Sorry I can’t I … … to London on Friday.

a.am going to fly b. will fly c. would fly d.flew

219.She sat her desk … a letter.

a.writing b.to writec. c.writed. d.written

220.I regret … you that your loan application has not been approved.

a.to inform b.informing c.informed d.inform

221.Take an umbrella with you in case it …

a.rains b.will rain c.is going to rain d.is raining

222.. When was the last time you … to the theatre?

a.went b. have gone c.had been d.would go

223. The baby’s hair … like silk.She …..the baby’s forehead .

a. feels/is feeling b.feels/feels c. is feeling/is feeling d.is feeling/feels

224 .-That author is very well known,isn’t she? –Yes she ….. twenty novels so far.

a.has written b.is writing c.has been writing d.was writing

225 .-Sorry I’m late –Where have you been? I … you an hour ago.

a.expected b.have been expecting

c.am expecting d.have expected
226. Alexendar Graham Bell … the telephone.

a. invented b. had invented c.used to invent d.would invent
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